Kevin Nash reveals WWE's original plan for his storyline with CM Punk


When Kevin Nash showed up at last year's SummerSlam and powerbombed CM Punk following the "Straight Edge Messiah's" match against John Cena, everyone was shocked. Then when Alberto Del Rio ran to the ring to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot on the suddenly prone Punk, the shock was multiplied.

But soon enough, everything began unraveling and the once promising storyline devolved into what seemed like a haphazard angle involving Nash and longtime friend Triple H.

How did it go wrong? "Big Sexy" chatted with PWTorch and revealed the particulars of what was supposed to go down.

And it's pretty dang interesting.

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Nash said he had to through the same obligatory physical every newly signed WWE performer goes through but since his father died of a massive heart attack at only 36 years old, the doctors had to dig in deeper to make sure Nash's ticker was up to the challenge.

"I'm on Plavix and Plavix is a blood platelet agulator; they call it a blood thinner. It's not, it stops your platelets from sticking together so you don't get cardiovascular disease and blockages in your arteries and have a heart attack. it's also for stroke. It's very common to take with a statin drug if you have anybody in your heredity who died before 50 let alone having a father who died of a massive coronary at age 36."

Due to the Plavix, Nash wasn't approved to wrestle.

"When the doctor sees I'm on Plavix, I can't wrestle. So now I'm supposed to wrestle C.M. Punk. I can't. They won't medically clear me. Triple H has to take my spot. It screws up the entire angle. That's how all that came about. WWE would never - because that's the class of the program - let that come out, but I need to make sure people realize it wasn't Creative's [fault], it was that a 52 year old guy was on Plavix and I had to go off it."

So what's a "Big Daddy Cool" to do? He had to wait until the medicine was out of his system to get approved. Coincidentally enough, Nash had work on a movie to do so the infamous "is he breathing?" sledgehammer beatdown was filmed which got Nash off WWE cameras until he could get medically cleared. Due to everything, the original story had to be rewritten on the fly. He also revealed what the aforementioned plan would have been.

"It would have been Johnny [Laurinaitis]. It would have been Johnny trying to end around and me trying to say that Paul had changed because he was a blue blood now and he wasn't Clique. He was in the McMahon threshold. We were going to get a Johnny Ace clique of guys to try to take over control of the company, that's when Vince would have gotten fired, and then we would have been after Paul and try to take control of the company. You know, good storyline."

Nash also mentioned he immediately agreed to show up at SummerSlam when the idea was pitched to him. If what he says about the original story is true, who could blame him?

That actually would have been a fantastic yarn.

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