Kurt Angle to wrestle at Lockdown despite upcoming Olympic trials

Kurt Angle is acting strange again. Photo via upload.wikimedia.org.

A few days ago Kurt Angle broke the news via Twitter that he would be wrestling Jeff Hardy at Lockdown, TNA's all cage match show that has traditionally been their second biggest pay-per-view of the year:

Looking forward to My Match Against @JeffHardyBrand at #Lockdown. This Will Be the Best Match Of the Year. #itstrue

It seems that Angle is more focused on stealing the show once again at this annual event on April 15th than preparing for the U.S. Olympic wrestling trials just six days later, causing fresh scepticism about how seriously he is taking those trials and whether he'll even appear at the event. A worked injury would create a perfect get out of jail free card to save Angle the likely embarrassment of getting schooled by a much healthier and younger, determinedly dedicated athlete.

A real injury is far from out of the question either, especially considering his nutty performances the last two years at Lockdown when he took the insane risk of doing a moonsault from off the top of the cage on his surgically repaired neck in matches against Mr. Anderson and Jeff Jarrett, respectively. He'll likely be very tempted to do the same dangerous stunt for the third year in a row in his bid to meet and surpass the expectations he has set for himself. If he truly is resolved to compete in the trials, then he'll turn up regardless of however banged up he gets in his Lockdown bout, just like Bellator's Joe Warren is still set to try out despite one of the most brutal beatings in MMA history at the hands of Pat Curran earlier this month, but it will do his already negligible chances no good.

Another red flag is Angle's bizarre behaviour on Twitter last Tuesday night, where he out of the blue tweeted Jim Ross about the possibility of a future WrestleMania appearance, suggested he might go to UFC and beat their Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and took digs at "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels for not being able to take him in a shoot and taking 14 years longer to get over than he did. This caused some of his followers to make fun of him for being drunk, high or "hacked" again, which prompted a rather rude response. The next day Angle took down all the tweets in question, gave a rather odd explanation for his antics, complained about WrestlingInc covering his meltdown and apologised to Austin and Michaels:

I don't get twitter.I Love tweeting What I feel-or responding to idiots. But I'm Supposed to be"Politically Correct" w/ My tweets?Forget It

Sometimes I have a Blast With My followers. I may Say Crazy Stuff - that's what Makes It Cool. Twitter is not just Promotion,its personality

And if I can't give You All Personality, I don't want to tweet Anymore. Give Me an RT if You Agree! And an Amen!

@WrestlingInc: Wow! That's Your Big Article of the Day? You Guys Need a Life! No worries, I'll give You More to Write About!

I do Want to Apologize to Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin. If it Weren't for them, I Wouldn't Have Had My Opportunities In Pro Wrestling.

All I can say is Angle better hope that Twitter outbursts become an Olympic sport, that's the only way he can win a gold medal in 2012.

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