Cageside Fave Five: A rose by any other name? No way! Pay-per-views need great names!

Quick, what WWE pay-per-view (PPV) comes after next week's WrestleMania 28 event?

Give up? Had to run to Google? Don't sweat it, Cagesiders. I write about wrestling every day and even I had to look it up.

I have no idea why WWE keeps changing the name and order of their shows but it's reached the point where they no longer have brand value. They've kept the Big Four -- Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series -- which are the only PPVs fans will order without much hesitation. Usually, those cards are decent while shows like Bragging Rights or Breaking Point can be skipped over.

Whatever to PPVs with cool names? And why are those kids on my lawn? Okay, I may sound like an old man but there were a few shows who names I absolutely loved from WWE, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and even Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

Sorry TNA, you didn't make the cut. It's not my fault your PPV names suck.

Honorable mention: Clash of the Champions - Since it wasn't a PPV, it's not technically eligible for the list but damn if that isn't a cool name. Much better than the Night of Champions garbage WWE trots out every once and a while.

5. King of the Ring - As any of you longtime Cagesiders might know, I'm a sucker for rhyming. It's my inner Lupe Fiasco coming out, I suppose. And not only does this rhyme, the name itself is evocative. KING of the RING. Even a non-fan would realize, "Okay, whoever wins here is the top dog, right?" While that's not exactly true, the tournament was usually used as a stepping stone for Superstars making their way from the midcard to headlining spots. I do recall some guy named Steve Austin winning it in 1996, after all. I think he ended up doing decent for himself in the business. Plus the winner got a crown and a scepter.

4. World War 3 - When I was a kid, I was terrified of war. It seemed so much bigger than me, so obtuse that I was unable to wrap my mind around. Especially both World Wars since, hell, the entire freakin' planet was supposedly involved in those bad boys or so the name would have us believe. So when WCW started running World War 3, I was simultaneously terrified and intrigued. Okay, I wasn't terrified. I was a bit older and even had a couple of hairs on my chest but I still thought the name was cool as hell.

3. November to Remember - There's that ol' rhyming thing again. Except this time, it has the mad genius of Paul Heyman and an awesome Guns n' Roses song behind it.

That's another reason I loved ECW. They're straight up using clips from the actual video and not giving two craps. You'd never see any promotion worth their salt doing that nowadays. But back to the name. Like, King of the Ring you know exactly what you're getting with this ECW event. Even the abbreviation -- N2R -- is pretty awesome.

2. Halloween Havoc - A Halloween themed pay-per-view? Do I really need to say more?

1. WrestleMania - Of course, first place goes to the first PPV, the biggest and the baddest. People from around the world travel each year to wherever WrestleMania is and the show regularly does over a million buys. What makes the name even more cool is that if Vince McMahon tried to pull it off today, he'd probably name it something stupid like XtremeFest or something without the word "wrestling" anywhere near it. Hell, they nearly screwed it up with WrestleMania 17 and 18 with that X-"numeral" business.

What say you, Cagesiders? Which others do you like more and how stupid am I this week?

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