Move over Daniel Bryan, CM Punk is vegan now too

Well, this takes the whole "voice of the voiceless" thing to the next level.

Joining the ranks of World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, CHIKARA fan favorite UltraMantis Black and your favorite Cageside Seats writer -- no, not Geno... me, you jerks -- CM Punk has gone vegan. Combined with his long-held straight edge beliefs, it seems the only vice Punk may have now are comic books.

He announced his new dietary philosophy last week when he appeared on Canada's MuchMusic. Think MTV but slightly cooler with references to Matthew Good Band and DeGrassi. Co-hosting the program "The Wedge" with host Damian Abraham, the two talked about a variety of subjects beyond wrestling. Topic discussed were Punk's love of hockey and how he handles social media such as Twitter. A bulk of the conversation revolved around music, of course.

The WWE Champion likens his early days as a wrestler, working the indies and being constantly on the road, to that of independent bands.

"It's pretty much the same lifestyle. You jam as many people in the car as you can ... and you get yourself booked and you make the next town. You sleep on friends' floors."

Abraham then lamented WWE's failure to market Punk's WrestleMania 28 bout with Chris Jericho as a "punk vs metal" feud due to the champion's love of three-chord fair and Jericho's role as lead singer in Fozzy. Punk, though, also loves metal but isn't much of a fan of what Fozzy has to offer.

"It's a little glam. It's a lot glam. It's just not my cup of tea."

Eventually the topic of WWE ice creams bars came up and that's when Punk spilled the beans -- and then promptly picked them up because they were his lunch for the day.

"I'm a weird alpha male. I decided to drastically change up my diet and workout simply because I'm bored. It's a challenge and I like to challenge myself."

Much like Bryan who went vegan due to health concerns, Punk is also abstaining from meat and dairy for reasons other than animal rights which is fine by me. Regardless of why, they -- along with UltraMantis who does love the little critters -- serve as examples that being vegan doesn't mean being frail and weak.

While it isn't likely his love of soy-based products will become part of his WWE character due to most of Bryan's villainy stemming from veganism, it doesn't mean I can't be stoked two of my favorite wrestlers eat the same stuff I do.

I'm going to go home and enjoy some delicious tofu stir fry now.

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