Spoilers for episode of TNA Impact set to air March 22, 2012: Sting makes a decision on his future

The fallout from Victory Road spills onto Impact!

After the TNA pay-per-view (PPV) saw Bobby Roode not only defeat but brutalize and embarrass Sting, the World Heavyweight Champion grabbed TNA President Dixie Carter and threw her in the ring so she could get an even closer look at the mayhem.

Now Carter has some serious decision making ahead of her. Can she allow her top representative to act in such a manner? What will be done about Sting and his role as General Manager of TNA?

As they march towards Lockdown next month and a date between Roode and former partner James Storm, the stars of TNA returned to the Impact Zone for a round of tapings.

After the jump, full spoilers on what to expect this Thursday (March 22)!

Dixie Carter opens the show and discussed Bobby Roode's actions at Victory Road. The manner in which she's speaking seems to indicate the World Heavyweight Champion will soon start collecting unemployment but Sting comes out. He tells her firing Roode would be the easy way out and that Storm will handle him at Lockdown. He also says being the General Manager and a wrestler is too much and is stepping down from the GM position. He recommends Hulk Hogan as his replacement. Um...

Bully Ray came out and interrupted a four-way X-Division championship match between champ Austin Aries, Zema Ion, Kid Kash and Anthony Nese to put himself over. One step forward, two steps back.

Eric Young and fiance ODB defeated Mexican America members Rosita and Sarita. The cholas were all about the bearded Young during the match, hitting on the scruffy guy.

James Storm comes out to cut a promo on Roode and their match at Lockdown. The champion's lawyer shows up and says Roode won't be showing up at Impact since he's only contractual obligated to face Storm at Lockdown. The lawyer says both Christopher Daniels and Kazarian would like to face Storm and he can have his pick. He's hardcore like Tommy Dreamer so he's going to take them both. The lawyer eats a superkick for his troubles.

Another Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff match?! Ugh. It went to a no contest after Gunner attacked Baby Bischoff, bringing Jeff Hardy out for the save.

Magnus and Samoa Joe retained their titles against Mexican America. Just like Raw did with Psych a few weeks back, it looks like a Spike TV dude shows up during this match. As a rule, I don't want anything on Spike TV that doesn't have a TNA or UFC logo in front of it. Even then...

Storm defeated Daniel and Kazarian after some arguing between the two rulebreakers allowed the number one contender to get the upper hand.

Carter and Sting bookend the show to discuss the GM position. They bring out Hulk Hogan and Sting puts him over as a great candidate. The Hulkster whispers something in Carter's ear but gives no indication if he takes the job or not.

And that's how the show ends. Well, okay.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Seems pretty uneventful, don't you think?

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