WWE developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling spoilers for April 1, 8, and 15, 2012

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Man, I love me some Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

I watch a lot of wrestling, probably too much for any man to take in without losing his sanity. I mean, I'm sure Jim Cornette used to watch a ton of wrestling and he's completely crazy now.

But I always make it a point to really pay attention to FCW's show. Week in and week out, it's the most cosistently entertaining wrestling show put on by any company, be it WWE, TNA, or Ring of Honor (ROH).

It helps they aren't subject to the whims of a madman like Vince McMahon -- come to think of it, is there any wrestling head honcho who has been in the business for a long time that ISN'T crazy? -- and can actually present naturally progressing storylines.

This batch of tapings includes that trend, advancing angles between Jack Brisco 15 Champion Richie Steamboat and Antonio Cesaro, Divas Champion Raquel Diaz and Audrey Marie and my personal favorite, Dean Ambrose's rivalry with William Regal.

Oh, and Jim Ross shows up so what's not to love?

Full spoilers courtesy of sPyWareInsider after the jump.

Episode to air April 1, 2012

Newly appointed FCW General Manager Summer Rae started off the show with her assistant, Rob Naylor and Norman Smiley inside the ring. They called out the FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins who said he thinks Mike Dalton deserves a rematch. Out came Dalton who was appreciative of what Rollins said. Leo Kruger busted up the lovefest and demanded a rematch after losing the belt the week prior. Rollins suggest Kruger and Dalton go head to head in a number one contender's match to which Rae agreed.

Kruger defeated Dalton to earn the right to face Rollins in the show's main event.

Jake Carter and Corey Graves were introduced as Abraham Washington's newest clients and it was apparently enough to earn them a title shot.

Carter and Graves beat Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo to win the FCW Tag Team straps. Not much of a reign for Blackjack Mulligan's grandsons.

Backstage, Rae tells Antonio Cesaro his Jack Brisco 15 match against Richie Steamboat next week will be 20 minutes.

The main event saw Rollins retain his title against Kruger. The champ fought through a kayfabe ankle injury to hang onto his belt.

Episode to air April 8, 2012

Kenneth Cameron and Byron Saxton went to a No Contest after the lights went out and Conor O'Brian -- who was in Cameron's corner -- jumped inside the ring the two men laid Saxton out.

Rick Victor and Paige defeated Aiden English and Audrey Marie in a mixed tag match. Queen of FCW and Divas Champion Raquel Diaz came out to brawl with Marie during the bout.

Rollins came out and talked up his injured ankle from the Kruger match. He said he still felt Dalton deserved another shot and admitted the winner of the Steamboat/Cesaro match could be in the mix as well.

Backstage, Rae tells James Bronson his bout with Dean Ambrose next week would be a submission match. William Real and Ambrose end up in Rae's office and exchange some words before leaving.

Kassius Ohno cut a promo, putting over his knockout skills.

At this point, commentator Chris Russo left and Jim Ross took his place next to Regal. Ross and Regal, baby!

The main event saw Steamboat and Cesaro go to a 20 minute draw in the FCW 15 title match after each scored one pinfall. Cesaro nearly won the title after hitting Swiss Death but the champ tumbled out of the ring after the huge European uppercut. Cesaro couldn't manage to get his opponent back inside the ring for the pin before time expired. The challenger attacked a celebrating Steamboat afterwards. I cannot wait to see this match.

Episode to air April 15, 2012

Jim Ross is still in the booth.

Xavier Woods, Jason Jordan and CJ Parker defeated FCW Tag Team Champions Graves and Carter and Brad Maddox.

In singles action, Dalton defeated Sakamoto and Big E Langston beat out Jiro. Ohno took out Benicio Salazar as well.

In the main event and sixth -- yes, SIXTH -- match of the episode, Ambrose forced Bronson to tap to the Regal Stretch. The NXT General Manager left his spot at the announcing both and went backstage once Ambrose applied the hold.

Afterwards, Ambrose cut a promo on Regal.

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