With the lights off: Thoughts on what happened when RAW's cameras stopped rolling



Last night on RAW, we were treated to an excellent show all around. Some segments fell a little flat, but that happens all the time. After last night's "Rock Concert", fans were treated to a little more after the tape stopped rolling. Here's some scoops from Rajah (warning: pop-ups galore) on what went down once the show faded to black:

After Monday's RAW from Cleveland, Ohio went off the air, The Rock thanked the live crowd for their support and began reading some of the signs in the audience. Rock found a girl in the crowd with a sign asking The Rock to sing to her because it's her birthday. Rock called the girl down to the ringside area and sang her happy birthday. After The Rock left, the dark match main event begun.

John Cena defeated Kane in five minutes after dodging a chair shot from Kane and hitting him with the Attitude Adjustment.

After the match, The Rock grabbed the microphone and was booed heavily. Cena said he was happy to finally see the "real Rock" and he thought it was funny when Rock sang about having sex with him mom.

After the jump, come read some of my thoughts about the post-RAW show that fans were given.

  • Kane, you lost to John Cena in a dreadful pay-per-view main event. Please quit. Just lose to Randy Orton at Wrestlemania and do your mask thing and get out of here.
  • MGK, follow Kane. Exit left, please.
  • The real meat of this belongs to The Rock and Cena, unsurprisingly. First off, I have been highly critical of The Rock's segments each week. The only ones I've been legitimately laughing at were his Boston history promos. Otherwise, you just get a bunch of "lady parts," homophobia, and cheap pops. The first paragraph is the cheapest pop you can get.
  • I am going to assume that The Rock grabbing the microphone and getting booed is a typo. That said, I would love to see "hollywood heel" Rocky return. If you are trying to put Cena over for Wrestlemania, that's the way to go. People still cheer you unless you are Rocky Maivia or leading a black supremacist pro wrestling faction, so why not? That way, you have the personality suitable to give us "lady parts" and anus jokes.
  • Cena's promos are doing good week after week. They seem to be a little better when Rock is face-to-face, so I'm wondering how this one went. It would serve the WWE well to put this video up instead of Cena kissing up to the Cleveland crowd and touting MGK as someone with talent and The Rock singing "Happy Birthday" to some girl. If I wanted cheap pops, I would ask that Mr. Socko be involved.

In one final tidbit that wasn't shared up there, C.M. Punk and Chris Jericho are tweeting back and forth and selling this feud. If there were two folks who can carry a serious feud like this, it would be these men. Here is the exchange for you that are not much on Twitter:

CM Punk ‏ @CMPunk

I don't want any sympathy. Save it for Chris. Shit just got next level. I will hurt you.

CM Punk ‏ @CMPunk

Everybody has skeletons in the family closet. Keep my father out of it.

Chris Jericho ‏ @IAmJericho

Hmmmm @cmpunk did I strike a nerve? Told you I was the Best In The World..... #norulesinwar

The fact that the WWE is putting up good stuff after the bell make me salivate for more and gets me excited for each show. I can dig it, folks.

What are some of your thoughts about what went down off the air?

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