CHIKARA - The Thirteenth Hat DVD review


The 11th season of CHIKARA is here!

After the massive success of the promotion's first internet pay-per-view (iPPV), High Noon, the Philadelphia promotion opened up 2012 with The Thirteenth Hat in Easton, PA.

What can you expect?

Well, a teacher versus pupil match-up between Mike Quackenbush and Green Ant for one. In singles action, Jigsaw takes on The Batiri representative Kobald and Hallowicked of The Spectral Envoy goes one-on-one with "Marchie Archie" himself Archibald Peck who is looking to recover from the loss to Colt Cabana at High Noon.

Gran Akuma made his return at the iPPV to settle his score with Icarus. They met up at The Thirteenth Hat to help the process along. Another case of good friends turned bitter enemies unfolded when Ophidian met former partner Hieracon inside the ring.

Tag team action between 3.0 and the remnants of Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes fill out the undercard while the main event sees The Batiri collide with The Colony.

I've got a full -- and I mean full -- write up of the DVD straight from

Check it out after the jump!

The DVD opens with UltraMantis Black, now in full control of The Eye of Tyr, and fellow Spectral Envoy member Hallowicked entering a cave. Mantis holds up the artifact and beckons none other than Delirious forward. The nonsensical wrestler emerges from the shadows and appears ready and willing to once again obey Mantis' every command.

But Delirious snatches the ancient artifact and absconds with it into the cave. He places it on the ground, picks up a rock and smashes it before running back into the darkness. All that follows is a scream ... "I REMEMBER EVERYTHING..."

Back in Easton, PA we're about to get underway...

Green Ant vs. Mike Quackenbush

The Colony members gets an early takedown but Quackenbush reverses quickly. He might have trained Green Ant too well, however, as The Colony member counters the reversal and gets a modified head scissors locked in. "Lightning" works his way out but an armdrag puts him right back on the mat where Green Ant tries to roll him into a pin.

Quackenbush cleverly bridges his shoulders off the mat. More grappling before Green Ant works over his trainer's elbow before Quack grabs the rope. They circle around before locking up. Quackenbush tries to monkey flip Ant over but the insect latches onto his opponent. He floats over, taking the CHIKARA founder's back and Quackenbush tries to break free by bouncing off the ropes and rolling out.

Green Ant shows off his strength by rolling through and lifting his trainer off the mat straight off the mat! "Lightning" floats over and ties his opponent's arm up with a kimura but Green Ant counters. They reverse each other back and forth until the end up on the mat where Quackenbush sinks in a sleeper hold. Ant reaches the ropes and they break.

They lock up and Ant quickly gets his opponent on the mat, teasing a crossface but soon locking in a modified single leg crab. "Lightning" grabs the rope and they once again break. They lock up, Ant with a headlock. He flips his opponent onto the mat but "The Master of a Thousand Holds" rolls backwards and up, catching Green Ant in an abdominal stretch as he floats over. Wow, that awesome!

He transitions into an armbar but a foot on the rope breaks the hold. Another lock and Green Ant slaps on a wrist lock. Quackenbush to the mat and he boots Ant on the side of the knee, knocking The Colony member to the mat like a Redwood and they begin trading submission attempts. A pin attempt by Quack leads to a deep modified single leg crab of his own and Green Ant is forced to grab the rope.

Working over Green Ant's knees is Quackenbush before he pretzels up Ant's legs and body. Ant counters into a pin but his opponent kicks out and gets a pin attempt of his own. Ant's legs still contorted as he lies on the mat. "Lightning" gives his opponent's chest a huge double slap. Ant returns the favor! They're trading slaps!

They're back on their feet but Quackenbush is unrelenting with his submission attempts. Standing Green Ant on one foot while the other leg is bent sideways and back while his arms torque the neck, Quackenbush is throwing everything but the proverbial sink at his trainee. Ant powers out and sent against the ropes. "Lightning" ducks down but his opponent rolls past him, turns around and delivers a huge kick to the back of Quackenbush's leg.

They're trading moves fast and furious until Green Ant gets a pin attempt and then floats over into an armbar. Very nice movement from The Colony member, who transitions to a heel hook. He then tries for a cloverleaf but Quackenbush pulls himself up and breaks the hold. They're back and forth and "Lightning" looks to hit what I believe is the Quackendriver III but Ant rolls through and locks in a CHIKARA Special Green! Quackenbush taps!

Winner: Green Ant via submission

Out comes Dasher Hatfield. The crowd is happy to see him and he's happy to see them. He uses the time to explain Sugar Dunkerton's absence while also introducing his "stepcousin-in-law" Mr. Touchdown who comes all the way from Texas to follow in Hatfield's footsteps.

"Sup, nerds?" are Mr. Touchdown's first words. Pretty awesome.

Kobald vs. Jigsaw

Headlock by Kobald, he's sent to the ropes and eats an elbow on the way back. A dropkick from Jigsaw sends the little imp to the outside. The Batiri member lollygags on the floor so Jigsaw slides out to meet him. Oh, but Kobald is back in! Jigsaw climbs in and Kobald is out. They can do this all night.

Finally, both Kobald and Jigsaw find themselves int he ring and Jigsaw takes control. It's not until Kobald hits a headbutt to the small of his opponent's back that the tide begins to turn. Jigsaw rolls to the outside and Kobald follows. Chops on the outside before the get back inside the ring. The little guy leaps over the top rope and hits an elbow drop before slapping on a ...

He ties Jigsaw up in the ropes and slaps the back and then BITES it! Nefarious! Kobald then uses an earring from his mask to attack his opponent on the outside. Back in the middle of the ring, The Batiri member is in full control. Abdominal stretch, Rocker Dropper ... Jigsaw is in bad shape.

HOLY HELL! Kobald charges Jigsaw in the corner but the masked man ducks under the clotheslines. Kobald spins around and charges again and Jigsaw starts to leapfrog over but midway through double stomps the back of Kobald's head! Nice!

Jigsaw is feeling it now and is chopping the crud out of his opponent in the corner. He slams Kobald on the mat, nails him with some knees and gets a German suplex. Another suplex attempt is countered by the little guy and Kobald hits a huge spear for two! Now he's on the top rope and sitdown splash for another near fall!

Jigsaw powers out of a suplex attempt and hits a huge kick to his opponent's chest. Kobald rolls out of a top rope double stomp but a powerbomb has him reeling. A superkick smacks The Batiri member right on the chin and Jigsaw covers for three.

Winner: Jigsaw via pinfall

Icarus' ugly mug is waaay too close to the camera. He's talking smack on Gran Akuma, saying he doesn't fear his former partner. "I've beaten the Great Sasuke, who'd you ever beat? DJ Skittles?" I hate you so much, Icarus.

Icarus vs. Gran Akuma

Icarus makes his way to the ring. Everyone hates this guy and for good reason. He is the worst. He's wearing a thick peacoat that I hope against hope won't come off but I know it will. After Akuma comes out, Icarus tries to blend with the audience but he's found out. He kills as much time as possible before the match starts.

Icarus dares his opponent to hit him but Akuma is looking to wrestle. They exchange wristlocks and Icarus sidesteps a dropkick and runs against the ropes. Akuma rolls forwards and knocks his opponent to the mat with a dropkick that doesn't miss its mark. Icarus in the corner and Akuma charges in but the F.I.S.T. member slides out onto the apron and drops his former partner neck-first across the top rope.

Suplex back on the inside and a "Please retire" chant starts as Icarus hits a Russian leg sweep before transitioning into a submission. Akuma escapes and brutalizes Icarus with kicks. Hurricanrana from Akuma who seconds later hits a death valley driver. Icarus rolls to the outside and grabs a steel chair.

Akuma follows him out and they play chicken on the outside. Icarus seems content to let the count run out but before he gets to the back, his High Noon opponent Gregory Iron comes out to block his escape. The referee finally reaches the 20 count but Icarus finds himself between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

But Iron smacks Akuma? Allowing Icarus to escape?? WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!?

Winner: Um, no one? Double countout

The remnants of Die Bruderschaft des Kruezes (BDK), Tim Donst and Jakob Hammermeier, are promising big things for BDK in season 11. We'll see, scheisskopf. Oh, snaps! Hammermeier mentions Ares and gets smacked by Donst! It seems the ballader doesn't want his former leader's name brought up.

Die Bruderschaft des Kruezes vs. 3.0

Seriously, BDK's entrance music is baller.

Shane Matthews and Hammermeier start off and they lock up. Matthews shows off his strength by toss his opponent to the mat. They lock up again and the BDK member eats a chop in the corner. Irish whip to the corner but Hammermeier raises a boot and Matthews eats it. The BDK member bounces off the ropes but is caught by Matthews who flips him over and shoves him down.

Headlock from Matthews, some rope bouncing and a big dropkick sends Hammermeier to the outside. CHIKARA tag team rules apply so Donst is more than welcome to come in but he rolls his partner back in instead. Matthews tags in Scott Parker who embarrasses the BDK member on the mat. Parker calls for Donst to get tagged in.

"YOU DON'T TELL HIM WHAT TO DO! I TELL HIM WHAT TO DO!" replies Donst. Poor Jakob eats a huge hammerfist off an irish whip for his trouble. 3.0 now seem to appear to be taking it easy on the poor Hammermeier, A top rope splash turns into a double anvil across the back for example. Donst finally has enough of it and attacks Parker from behind and basically kicks his partner to the outside.

Ducked clothesline from Parker and chops. Another ducked clothesline and superkick. Donst finally catches up with his opponent and slams him onto the mat. Double team maneuver has Parker reeling and Donst instructs Hammermeier to strangle their opponent with his tie.

Donst is tagged in after the choke job and is firmly in control. He hits Parker with a duo of gutwrench suplex and Hammermeier pleads from the apron, "Let me have the last one!" Donst reluctantly agree and Hammermeier tags in but spends too much time chatting. Parker recovers and nails a gutwrench suplex of his own.

Parker tags Matthews in and he goes ape nuts of Hammermeier. A hurricanarana sends him to the outside. A second sends Donst to the outside as well. 3.0 then go to town with double team moves on Hammermeier. Sweet Taste of Professionalism gets the three count.

Winner: 3.0 via pinfall

Donst is not pleased one iota.

Archibald Peck w/ Veronica vs. Hallowicked

Peck is coming off a pretty embarrassing loss to Colt Cabana at High Noon so Veronica isn't too keen on her man. Peck does his best to push through the pain to take on The Spectral Envoy member. We've got Grand Champion Eddie Kingston as a special guest commentator.

Peck seems unsure what to make of Hallowicked and is keeping to the ropes. A back rack puts Peck in control for about five seconds before Hallowicked grabs a headlock. Peck reverses into a wristlock and nearly rips off his opponent's mask by grabbing the top. Hallowicked returns the favor. "Oh, he's grabbing his bald spot! Oh, I didn't say that..." says Kingston.

Peck hangs onto the wristlock and busts out an Undertaker Old School move but keeps scooped up and onto the mat by Hallowicked. A reference to a wrestler who may or may not be Claudio Castagnoli is made during the commentary but Kingston disavows any knowledge of him. Seriously, though, their feud from mid-2009 to mid-2011 was BOSS.

"He doesn't exist anymore. Not by that name. He decided to become an entertainer."


Hallowicked with a wristlock of his own and he spins his opponent around before sending him to the outside. A suicide dive flattens Peck. As Hallowicked tries to get back inside the ring, Veronica holds his foot allowing Peck to roll in and drops his opponent neck first across the top rope. A suicide dive from Peck, however, doesn't yield the same results and he eats an elbow before he makes it to the outside.

A high knee in the corner from Hallowicked misses and Peck makes him pay. "Marchie Archie" slams the back of his opponent's head on the top turnbuckle. Pin attempt only gets two but Peck continues to work over the neck. The Spectral Envoy members gets to his feet and and runs against the ropes. Sunset flip but Peck counters it and jumps up but meets nothing but canvas on his way down. A Manhattan drop is countered from Peck and he regains control.

A back body drop has the band enthusiast reeling. He regains control momentarily but a hurricanarana puts the masked wrestler back in control. Peck in the corner but he nails Hallowicked with a forearm to the back. He climbs to the top rope and is taken by Hallowicked's sudden vertical emergence. Peck nearly loses his balance but catches himself. So what does Hallowicked do? Kick the top rope and rack his opponent.


Hallowicked is a house on fire! He gets a two count before going for the Go to Sleepy Hollow but Peck counters into an enziguri. Hallowicked regains control and hits an elbow in the corner. Both men off the ropes and they knock each other to the mat.

Back to their feet and Hallowicked misses a yakuza kick but Peck hits one of his own. Up to the top rope quickly but Hallowicked counters into a sitout spinebuster slam for two. Hallowicked goes for a fisherman's suplex but Peck powers out and drops his opponent to the mat. Hallowicked reverses an irish whip and Peck is sent to the corner. Hallowicked eats a big boot so "Marchie Archie" leaps up for a victory roll. He flips over but Hallowicked sits straight down and gets the three count!

Winner: Hallowicked via pinfall

Peck is beside himself and looks to Veronica for comfort. She fights back some tears before making her way backstage with Peck following closely behind.

Ophidian -- rocking a new, awesome look with a Cobra Commander-type red mask -- is backstage explaining why he turned rudo at High Noon. Lots of allusions to Egyptian snake gods. Sorry, O, but the only snake I worship is the Midgard Serpant. Also, it appears the spirit of Osiris speaks to Ophidian through his old mask and the masks of Amasis.

Ophidian vs. Hieracon

Before the match starts, Ophidian holds up the two masks to taunt his former partner. That's gangster. Oh, snaps! Ophidian removes the red mask to reveal a yellow mask with some red and black and fangs around the mouth. They lock up and begin going back on forth with takedowns, escapes and reversals.

Huge forearm from Ophidian is answered back by his opponent. Again and again until a boot from Hieracon breaks the trend. Irish whip to the corner by the snake spirit but Hieracon comes back with a clothesline. The rudo makes his way to the outside and moves out of the way while his opponent was looking to land a suicide dive, forcing Hieracon to abort the high-risk maneuver. He chases Ophidian around the ring and then back inside where Ophidian hands a big double forearm clothesline.

Ophidian bounces off the ropes. Hieracon goes for a monkey flip but his opponent catches his legs and flips him over and onto his feet. Hieracon with an armdrag, shoulder block and bounces off the ropes. Ophidian leapfrogs but Hieracon outthinks him and drops down for a roll-up. Two count. Another pin attempt gets two.

Hieracon drops his opponent to the mat and boots the arm. A forearm smash is followed by a wristlock into an arm wrench. Ophidian busts out the Iron Claw on the stomach -- okay? -- and then the Vulcan Nerve Pinch! YUS! Knife-edge chops to the collar bone of Hieracon but the technico busts free with an axe handle. Shoulder thrust from Hieracon into an arm wrench. He goes for maybe an atomic drop but an elbow to the back of the head frees Ophidian. He staggers to the corner and Hieracon charges but nobody's home. The snake spirit hops to the apron and tries to boot his opponent in the skull but it's blocked. Hieracon charges again but a kick to the knee drops him.

Neckbreaker across the middle rope! Nice! Ophidian makes his way outside the ring and to his corner so he can hear what his masks have to say. He slithers back inside the ring and delivers a headbutt to the back of his opponent before whipping him off the ropes and delivering a throat chop for two. Knees to the back from the rudo followed by a nerve pinch and headbutts. Two count.

Back on their feet and they're trading forearms. Hieracon bounces off the ropes but a perfectly placed kept kick stops any of the technico's momentum. Chops in the corner followed by a sort of splash. Ophidian snapmares his opponent into the middle of the ring and delivers a huge boot to the back. Back on their feet and Hieracon delivers a chop to help turn the tide but Ophidian is relentless. Hard chops and shoulder thrusts in the corner. Two count for the rudo.

He sits Hieracon and starts to remove his mask, saying, "Give me your soul!" Yikes. The referee stops the act which gives the technico time to recover. He attacks his opponent before bouncing off the ropes but another kick squashes the momentum. Two count. Forearm by Ophidian before bouncing off the ropes. Upon returning, he's met with a forearm smash from Hieracon. Kick, kick, enziguri and the technico might have found his opening. But Ophidian goes right for the nerve pinch again and gets Hieracon to the mat. Two hard kicks to the chest from the snake spirit but the third misses as Hieracon ducks and rolls his opponent up for a two count.

Another roll-up gets a two count and they begin grappling on their feet, each trying to get behind the other. Ophidian finally ends the back and forth with the nerve pinch from behind and lands an awesome enziguri, swinging around his opponent. He wastes a little time and then makes his way to the top rope. Hieracon dodges the high-flying maneuver but the rudo lands on his feet. He's not quick enough to avoid getting tossed to the outside, however.

Suicide dive from Hieracon!

The technico tries to roll his opponent back in but he quickly rolls out when Hieracon hops up on the apron. "SWEEP THE LEG, JOHNNY!" and the technico lands hard on the apron. A HUGE back body drop on the floor! But Hieracon barely makes it back inside the ring at the 19 count! He's still dazed and Ophidian is using the opportunity to taunt him. Headbutts to the ribs and back from the rudo. Once Hieracon gets to his feet, Ophidian tries to lock in his Death Grip but is fought off. They begin trading forearm smashes until Hieracon lands a huge chop which spins Ophidian around. He spins right back around with an enziguri. He bounces off the ropes with a clothesline but the technico ducks over and delivers a superkick and then a release German suplex! High-arching German gets a two count!

Hieracon tries to lift his opponent onto his shoulders but Ophidian delivers forearm after forearm to stop him. The rudo then locks in the Ophidian Death Grip but Hieracon is soon able to wiggle free while still keeping a hold of his opponent. Stunner! Hieracon's still got him! Cutter! Fantastic! He climbs to the top rope to go for Amasis' signature 450 Splash but Ophidian gets his knees up! Cover for two! Hieracon in the corner, Ophidian charges but gets lifted up, over and out. The technico hops out onto the apron and hits a moonsault! Hieracon rolls him opponent back inside the ring and heads for the top rope! 450 Splash! TWO COUNT!

Both men are tired. Ophidian nails his opponent with a head kick and they begin trading forearm shots in various forms. Eventually the rudo grabs his opponent from behind but Hieracon delivers some elbows to free himself and bounces off the ropes. Ophidian follows but ends up eating two big clotheslines for his trouble. Two count near fall into an armbar. Ophidian turns it into a pinning situation for two. He drives the technico into the corner and delivers shoulder thrusts. Hieracon lifts him onto the apron where Ophidian delivers another kick to the head, dropping Hieracon to the mat. Nice cross rope springboard moonsault from the snake spirit. One count?! Egyptian -- aka Canadian -- Destroyer looks to seal the deal but somehow Hieracon kicks out!

Big running boot to the back of the head is followed up with a Cobra Clutch Death Grip. Never awesome move as he sinks in the Cobra Clutch and then flips over, bridging himself up to add more leverage. Hieracon is out.

Winner Ophidian via submission

After the match, the rudo rips the mask off his former partner while CHIKARA personnel attend to the still unconscious wrestler.

Before the main event can begin, Vin Gerard slides into the ring and blindsides Gavin Loudspeaker. He grabs the microphone but can barely get one word out before CHIKARA personnel are swarming around him. Eddie Kingston is in the ring! They're being pulled out apart and Gerard is being escorted out of the building. Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur has also made his way out and Kingston repeatedly tells him to reinstate Gerard. Vavasseur says no but Kingston won't let up. They're inside the ring and the Grand Champion grabs his boss by the tie forcing Jigsaw to come in to prevent Kingston from doing anything he'd regret.

I love "War King's" character in CHIKARA. It's the realistic yin to guys dressing up as ant's yang. Speaking of which...

The Colony (Fire Ant and Soldier Ant) vs. The Batiri (Obariyon and Kodama)

No titles on the line here, just a box of ... sugar? I'm sure Soldier Ant would love to get his hands on that.

Fire Ant and Obariyon start us off. They circle around but The Batiri members slides outside the ring to consult with his partner. He's back inside and they circle again. When Fire Ant makes his way to his opponents' corner and has his back turned to Kodama, the villainous rudo hops inside the ring and grabs him from behind, slamming Fire Ant to the mat.

Soldier Ant makes his way inside to protest but is held back by the referee while The Batiri gives the boots to Fire Ant. Kodama is tagged in and bites his opponent before the technico is able to drop him to the mat with a single-leg takedown. Fire Ant bounces off the ropes, hops over Kodama, bounces off again, leapfrog from Kodama, bounces off a third time and Kodama looks to monkey flip his opponent over but Fire Ant leaps over, flying safely to the other side of the ring.

Irish whip from Kodama sees Fire Ant springboarding off the ropes into an armdrag. He quickly gets Kodama to his feet and latches onto a wristlock while hitting a firearm's carry. Still ahold of his opponent's wrist, Fire Ant whips Kodama to the corner and charges in. He leaps into Kodama's chest but The Batiri member catches him and places him on the top turnbuckle. Hard slap and an eye poke from the rudo who then tries to hip toss Fire Ant off. The Colony member winds up on his feet, flips Kodama over and rolls him up for a two count.

Chop from Kodama is blocked and Fire Ant wrenches his opponent's arm before wrapping him up with an octopus hold. He spins Kodama out of the hold, sending him to the outside bringing Obariyon back in. He immediately attacks Fire Ant who spills to the outside so Soldier Ant steps inside the ring. A salute from the The Colony member members Obariyon but he attacks nonetheless. Blocked with another salute. A second strike is blocked again. A double handed attack is blocked by a double salute!

Finally, Obariyon reaches back for a blow but Soldier Ant catches the hand and ties it up, forces Obariyon to salute as well. Well done. A big Samoan drop gets Obariyon to the outside. But Fire Ant immediately rolls him back in. Tag out to Fire Ant and the two whip The Batiri member to the corner. Huge charging shoulder block from Soldier Ant is followed up by a big forearm smash from Fire Ant. They lock up, double boot a meddling Kodama and deliver a double dropkick to the prone Obariyon. He rolls out of the ring so The Colony's attention is turned to Kodama.

Scoop slam from Soldier Ant and Fire Ant hits two quick senton splashes. Soldier Ant delivers a headbutt and gets a two count. The Colony is firmly in control until Soldier Ant turns his attention away from the match and The Batiri members pull the old switcharoo. The reeling Kodama slides out while the recovered Obariyon takes his place. When Soldier Ant turns back around, he's met with a kick to the head.

Forearms from Obariyon and an elbow smash from an irish whip gets a one count. Tag out to Kodama. He whips Soldier Ant and nails a leg lariat. Headbutts by the bowlful get a two count. Kodama gets his partner in. The Batiri doing a good job of cutting the ring off. Chest first into the turnbuckle goes Soldier Ant and he's met with a hurricanrana, then a big boot and then a neckbreaker for a two count. Great double team work from who I would assume is Glen Danzig's favorite tag team.

Scissor lock from Kodama. He tags out to Obariyon who delivers two hard kicks to Soldier Ant. Elbow smash and then a chop have The Colony member hurt. Obariyon bounces off the rope but misses an elbow drop. Kodama dives in but misses one of his own! Soldier Ant tries to tag his partner but is held by by his opponent. They toss him back into the opposite corner and attempt a double clothesline but Soldier Ant blocks it and dives to his partner who is already climbing to the top rope when he's tagged. A cross body splash from Fire Ant connects on both members of The Batiri!

Fire Ant is a house on fire! Dropkick to Kodama, stunner to Obariyon! A big boot sends Kodama to the outside and a tornado DDT nearly puts Obariyon out. Fire Ant looks to plancha to the outside onto Kodama but The Batiri members moves out of the way and then attacks him with a chair as his partner distracts the referee. Kodama and Soldier Ant inside the ring now and The Batiri find themselves back in control.

Quick tags, submission holds and excellent double team moves keep them on top. Fire Ant eventually tries to make his way back inside the ring but a drop toehold/gutbuster combination sends him right bak out. Those green-faced demons are really taking it to The Kings of Trios, especially Soldier Ant. Some kicks from the masked man give him some hope and out of nowhere, he slaps on the CHIKARA Special submission! Obariyon looks close to tapping but Kodama delivers a big boot to Soldier Ant's head, breaking the hold.

Obariyon nearly misses a DDT from the top rope but goes for the pin which is broken up by Fire Ant. The attention of The Batiri then turns to him. They double team for a while but as Fire Ant was against the ropes, Kodama charges and is dumped to the outside. Obariyon then whips Fire Ant to the opposite side but Soldier Ant reappears to distract him. The Batiri member misses a clothesline but Soldier Ant opts to dive to the outside to take out Kodama. Obariyon turns around and immediately eats a boot from Fire Ant. A second kick and a BeachBreak make it all she wrote.

Winner: The Colony via pinfall (FIre Ant over Obariyon)


On top of all the Event Centers leading up to the show, there's also a commercial for the High Noon DVD and an awesome Mr. Touchdown promo where he bullies his way into a friendly game of two-below and wrecks shops. Haha, awesome.

Overall, decent show. I really liked the Hallowicked and Peck match while the Ophidian/Hieracon meeting had some cool moments even if it did drag at points. The Kingston/Gerard segment was awesome, though.

Mild recommendation.

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