NXT should change into an all-Divas show

(and here's why it's a good idea)

NXT has quickly run its course and it definitely feels like WWE stopped trying with it. It slowly, gradually molded into WWECW 2.0, and there's nothing it has to draw viewers in anymore. It's now a show of matches and storylines for all the low-rank wrestlers in the WWE. NXT was supposed to be the future of the WWE, now it feels like the future of future endeavorment. We aren't going to be intrigued by a brand of talent that shows no sign of rising up the ranks in the company, I'm sorry.

When Yoshi got a "repackaging" with a suit he would wear to the ring and face paint, I was thrilled because I thought WWE wanted to do something with him. That didn't turn out to be the case. Who is Derrick Bateman? Who is Darren Young? What do they do? What are their characters supposed to be? If they aren't going to give them a direction (not necessarily up, but somewhere), what are they doing there? I'm glad that WWE isn't calling up people to the main roster until they think of distinctive gimmicks for each guy, but they should have thought of this much sooner. After NXT season one, the Nexus was formed and soon after nothing got done with any of them. They only pushed Barrett because he won the damn thing. Heath Slater is a glorified jobber.

If you want people to watch this third show, it needs to offer something that neither RAW nor Smackdown have or something RAW or Smackdown doesn't show anymore. (They're already planning on an all-Cruiserwights show but I don't think this will replace NXT.) NXT used to be appealing because it was different from RAW and Smackdown. Developmental stars in a competition to land a spot on RAW or Smackdown, we don't see that anymore. NXT lost its uniqueness, it lost what made it different from RAW and Smackdown. Some people aren't interested in NXT anymore because what we see on it is no different from what we see on RAW and Smackdown. The only differences are that the wrestler's gimmicks need polish and the crowds are duller.

By the time the WWE Network debuts, I truly hope that NXT is no more. If you can't find places for these guys on RAW or Smackdown, send them back to FCW or Superstars.

(Random thought: How come Swagger's always on Superstars? If you aren't going to put your US champ on RAW, don't give him the strap in the first place! Hurdudur, Vince.)

Make your third show into something that we don't see in the WWE anymore: long and exciting Divas matches. Too many people have been complaining about how WWE has not enough time to book a decent Divas match on RAW or Smackdown. It's not that WWE doesn't care about female talent anymore, but they do have a point.

Sara Del Ray said she wanted to devote all of this year into trying to get a WWE contract. While people are wrongfully and disrespectfully saying that she should not follow her dreams, how she shouldn't make more money and expand her fanbase, they're right on one thing. If you're a female independent wrestler who wrestles in 10 minute matches regularly, makes it to a developmental territory, then NXT or Superstars or somewhere, and you end up in on RAW in the very ring in from of a large crowd that you've always dreamed of competing in front of, only for your match to end in the blink of an eye, it feels very "rippy-offy" in context. WWE, you've signed the girls you've signed for a reason, now show us why. Show us how these women such as Kelly Kelly and Eve are "unparallel" to women I'd happen to watch on YouTube or at an Indy event. So far they haven't.

If you don't have time for Divas on RAW or Smackdown, give them time somewhere else. They seem to have the time on Superstars. I remember the great matches Melina and Gail Kim put on, before she lowered her standards. They also happen to have time on NXT, with all the long stressful boring submission holds Maxine does. A show is just what is needed with a problem such as this. It's a great opportunity to show what the women in the WWE are able to do.

A 45 minute - one hour program would call for a roster of 15 or 16 wrestlers, three or four matches per episode. I can think of 6 women perfect for this show:

Tamina Snuka

To fill this roster, call some women up from FCW, or scout women in other Indy or developmental territories.

There will be one title on this show: The defunct Women's Championship or a brand new title. Tag team titles are pretty much useless, all the women will feel important when they're in the hunt for the one title.

Hire special writers exclusively for this show. Find writers who specialize in writing content about women in conflict with other women without crossing the line. Storylines should be clear and basic, nothing over the top or "ludicrously petty that it should be a storyline" such as "who took my lip gloss" *coughMadisoncough*. Maybe even book a different theme for each week like have a guest Diva appear or host a tournament.

Matches should alternate from one on one, tag, triple threat and fatal four way matches, which would be similar to today's Divas matches but longer. I don't want the show to be like TNA, where the Knockouts have these sexed up gimmicks and wrestle the way that the men do and get hurt all the time (where WWE will lose money and have to find a replacement for the injured woman). It's not a wise choice, for WWE aims for a much broader group of people.

You can still have those short, crappy Divas matches & the Divas championship on RAW. Women like Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Eve, and Kelly Kelly are needed on RAW for their viewership. As much as Kharma would be a perfect fit with this ideal show, she'll probably be on RAW too instead since she's been an instant star.

I hope WWE considers this idea for it's third show in time for the WWE network. I think this show would express identity, attract viewers, and actually get more women to want to sign with WWE. I can't imagine them hype NXT in the shape its in as a mundane little brand to be introduced to their brand new TV channel.

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