The WrestleMania I put in my X-mas wishlist...

With 2012 quickly coming to an end, we find ourselves upon this festive time of the year where most find something to celebrate. Most of the people I know take the time to get-together and at least catch-up, maybe even trade gifts. But, since I stand firm in my non-belief, I don't really celebrate any of those year-end religious holidays. Thus, I really didn't have a gift wishlist this year.

Since the rest of the family wasn't going to miss a chance to get together, stuff themselves with crappy food and catch up; Christmas Eve proved to be a fantastic opportunity for me to be home alone! With nobody to bother or interrupt me, I figured out I had to make the most of it. Since I wasn't catching up with my family, I decided to catch-up with wrestling.

To be honest, I've kinda lost interest in wrestling lately. Watching Raw live and participating in the live threads was a staple of Monday Nights... but lately, Raw has been something that might, or might not be, on my secondary screen while I watched Monday Night Football.

So, I put up the speakers and started fast-forwarding through TLC, episodes of Raw, SmackDown and Main Event, returning to normal speed for those segments which seemed interesting.

Most of my watching consisted of Daniel Bryan, Kane, The Shield, Antonio Cesaro, Paul Heyman, Ziggler and AJ. They make a good argument to actually watch the shows, but with three hours to cover, their appearances are just too few and far between to justify actively watching the shows.

As midnight closed in, I remembered all those times as a kid when Christmas was the one day I was looking forward to over the entire year -- for a brief moment I just hoped Santa was real -- and that he could bring me two simple gifts:

  1. The Return of 2-Hour Raw
  2. The Following WrestleMania Card


Opening Bout - 6 Men, 2 Falls match - US Title and IC Title on the Line

Cesaro (c) vs Barrett (c) vs Kofi vs Miz vs Face Del Rio vs Heel Orton:

Why this match? Showcase the midcard in a hot opener.

How did we get here? Hopefully, something creative.

The Ending: Having one guy capture both titles could be cool, they likely want to keep him separate to have a midcard title on each house show tour. I might have Cesaro win the IC title and Del Rio the US counterpart.

Tag Team Championship - 4 Way Ladder Match

Usos vs International Airstrike vs Rhodes Scholars vs Primetime Players:

Why this match? Spotfest.

How did we get here? Bleh.

The Ending: Doesn't matter.

Grudge Match - Ryback vs Big Show:

Why this match? Give Ryback his WrestleMania moment.

How did we get here? Ryback vs Big Show ends up in controversy at the EC PPV, allowing Ziggler to cash in on Big Show. Big Show loses his rematch clause when Ryback interferes, pretty basic build up.

The Ending: FEED HIM MORE.

The Streak Match - Daniel Bryan vs The Undertaker:

Why this match? Bryan is incredibly over and a WM affair with Taker would be a huge rub for him.

How did we get here? This has been discussed before, the scenario I liked the most was Bryan vs Kane at EC, Bryan wins with the No-lock and refuses to release the hold, Taker comes in to make the save and challenge Bryan for a WM match. No! from Bryan is overcome by a thunderous Yes! From the crowd.

The Ending: Bryan synchs in the No-Lock in the middle of the ring, Taker is close to tapping but he manages to turn Daniel over and press goatface's shoulders against the mat for a three count, Bryan once again refuses to break the hold after the bell rings and he's declared the loser, Taker even taps out after the bell but Bryan is having none of that, Kane has to run down to make the save and to reignite their feud, also allowing Taker to go back to his semi-retirement.

World Heavyweight Championship

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Brock Lesnar:

Why this match? Lesnar needs to be used to put people over, Ziggler needs a big moment and defeating the monstrous Lesnar would help him a lot. Also, I want to see Ziggler bump for Lesnar, it should be glorious.

How did we get here? Royal Rumble: Brock Lesnar enters the Rumble, goes on a rampage and wins it.

Elimination Chamber: Lesnar's Motives for returning are revealed a little before EC, He wants to win both WWE title and WHC on the same night, unify the belts and retire with them. He enters the Chamber match, and HHH also enters to stop him. HHH eliminates Brock to get his win back because there's no way HHH is not getting his win back.

The Elimination Chamber match looks like: Rock vs Brock vs HHH vs Cena vs Heel Orton vs Face Del Rio. As talked about earlier, Ryback vs Big Show (c) also happens at EC and ends up in controversy -- but Ziggler cashes in afterwards, to become the champ.

The Ending: Dolph wins clean, obvs. Also, he and AJ are a face now.

Celebrity Crap: Probably Ryder teams up with some musicians to take out 3MB

Why? #WWE Logic

6 Man Tag Team Match - Shield disbands or Vince Retires of the WWE for good

The Shield vs Vince McMahon, Triple H and Sheamus:

Why this match? The Shield is likely the hottest thing going, they need to have something HUGE for them at WM.

How did we get here? Royal Rumble: Backstage Big Show runs into Heyman and mentions that is cool that both WWE champ and WHC are Heyman guys, Heyman agrees and says he'd like it to remain that way.

Big Show vs Sheamus part 1,000 happens and The Shield of Justice beats the crap out of Sheamus, it is unfair that he gets 1,000 opportunities at the WHC. This also makes it look like The Shield is working for Heyman.

Elimination Chamber: Sheamus Challenges The Shield to a 3-on-1 handicap match just because he is a pale badass drunken Irishman who loves to fight, it doesn't end up well for him though, and after The Shield gets the victory... they cut a promo on how Vince McMahon is the root of all of the injustice plaguing WWE.

On the Raw's leading up to EC The Shield wreak havoc all over the place, causing Vince to show up, The Shield says Vince is too proud to fire them, somehow they come to terms for their big WWE match. Sheamus still wants to get back at The Shield, and who better than son-in-law HHH to round up the team?

The Ending: A bloodied and battered Vince crawls to his corner to make the hot tag on Sheamus, suddenly HHH yanks Sheamus off the apron and hits him with the Sledgehammer, Vince uses his tremendous acting skills to look absolutely perplexed and then disgusted, Ambrose looks dementedly happy as he picks up and finishes off Vince for good.

The Shield has been working for HHH this whole time, and their secret plan was a company takeover.

Divas Championship

Eve (c) vs AJ Lee:

Why this match? Likely, WWE's two most over divas. Also, cool-down match.

How did we get here? I don't care.

The Ending: AJ Clean.

Main Event - WWE Title Match - Triple Threat Match

CM Punk (c) vs The Rock vs John Cena:

Why this match? Cena vs Rock was once in a lifetime, Punk can get a nice rub off working with the two of them, and to be honest, he can bring the workrate on the match way up.

How did we get here? Royal Rumble: Rock runs into Cena backstage and rubs his "Once in a lifetime" victory on him, he claims that he will be able to do the one thing Cena hasn't been able to, end Punk's reign. This pisses Cena off, but he manages to rise above hate. During the Punk vs Rock match, Cena runs out to stop Punk from cheating, his attempt backfires and allows Punk to beat the Rock. The Rock is furious, while Cena is overcome with guilt, Rock thinks Cena did it on purpose though and plants him down with some Rock Bottom.

Elimination Chamber: Hopefully Rocky is available for EC, I'd have him with a Chamber match to get another shot at Punk, somehow during Raw Cena manages to get inserted into the match.

The Ending: Cena can get his win back against the Rock here, Punk will be super pissed as his record-breaking reign ended without him being pinned or submitted, you can build Punk vs Cena to start the season red hot. I'd much rather have the match Elimination rules though and have Punk beat Cena after Cena eliminates the Rock, and use the historic reign from Punk to put someone over.

With this card on the books, maybe I'd even sit through those dismal three-hour Raws.


Editor's Note: This FanPost has been edited for promotion to the front page of Cageside Seats, as well as a few of our Featured sections, all for your maximum enjoyment, Cagesiders! Our hats off to Dannie Ray for a job well done.

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