Pointless Top 10 - Part 5

The best thing about top ten lists, is they are completely objective, and everyone always agrees on them. Wait, what? I thought I'd do a top ten of my personal favorite matches, since we are at the final four point of our greatest matches tournament. These really are just my favorites, so need to tell me I'm wrong, because I already know that. These are all WWF/WWE matches as I've never really been a fan of any other organizations for a vested amount of time, save WCW for about 3 months in '98.

Quick Recap:
10. Ken Shamrock vs Undertaker - Backlash '99
9. 6 Man Hell in a Cell - Armageddon 2000
8. Hogan vs Andre -Wrestlemania 3
7. Mr. Perfect vs Bret Hart - King of the Ring '93
6. Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker - Badd Blood '97
5. Austin vs Rock - Wrestlemania 15 and 17
4. Austin vs Bret Hart -Wrestlemania 13
3. Austin vs Undertaker - Summerslam '98

Today's pointlessness:

2. Undertaker vs Mankind - King of the Ring '98

I know, I know, it's not really a wrestling match, it's a stunt show, etc. I don't really care, if you are watching wrestling for more than to just be entertained, that's your own issue. This was so cool to watch with my friends at the time, and was an important part of my childhood as cheesy as that sounds. I have been surprised at how hated this match is in some circles upon joining the IWC, like I said before, it's just entertainment. The thing that stands out to me is that Foley was still made to job after all those bumps, you'd think they'd find him a way to win, yet another part of this match's charm .

1. Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat - Wrestlemania 3

As you can tell from the list I was a huge attitude era mark, the only other time I've been that in to wrestling was from about '86-'92. This comes from that era, with two of the best in-ring guys that WWF had to offer at the time, at their biggest show. Many people ask "well if it wasn't Wrestlemania would it even stand out?" who knows, who cares? If a guy steps it up at a Superbowl or World Series you don't ask, "well if he did that in a regular game would you care?" I'd say this match deserves more credit based on the fact that it DID happen at Wrestlemania, they both stepped their games up to match the event. I also have to mention that I am a huge commentary guy, the commentary can make or break a match for me, and this to me is the quintessential 80's commentary. Gorilla saying he's objective but still pulling for Steamboat, and Ventura working a straight pull for Savage is so brilliant in this match. I love how Ventura is so damn serious, Heenan and Lawler both added humor with their heel support, Ventura talks as if he truly believes himself.

All in all I'm sure there are better matches out there somewhere, and like I said I have mainly stuck to my WWF guns during the times I've watched wrestling but these matches all found a way to stick with me.

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