Pointless Top 10 - Part 4

The best thing about top ten lists, is they are completely objective, and everyone always agrees on them. Wait, what? I thought I'd do a top ten of my personal favorite matches, since we are at the final four point of our greatest matches tournament. These really are just my favorites, so need to tell me I'm wrong, because I already know that. These are all WWF/WWE matches as I've never really been a fan of any other organizations for a vested amount of time, save WCW for about 3 months in '98.

Quick Recap:
10. Ken Shamrock vs Undertaker - Backlash '99
9. 6 Man Hell in a Cell - Armageddon 2000
8. Hogan vs Andre -Wrestlemania 3
7. Mr. Perfect vs Bret Hart - King of the Ring '93
6. Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker - Badd Blood '97
5. Austin vs Rock - Wrestlemania 15 and 17

Matches du jour:

4. Austin vs Bret Hart - Wrestlemania 13

I remember watching this one, not fully back into wrestling at that point, but still giving a shit about it. My cousins always hosted WM parties and even years that I didn't watch wrestling I would generally go to those. I didn't know any story or feud at the time, but I did know that what I was watching was a hell of a match. Looking back on it now, I am amazed at how well Hart performs in this match. This isn't a normal, by the books wrestling clinic that we are all so used to seeing from him. He did exactly what was called for in this match. The double switch it created was also very important to the company, getting lookey-loos like me at the time, back into wrestling. Superb effort from two of the best ever.

3. Austin vs Undertaker - Summerslam '98

The summer of '98 was a magical time for me, and for wrestling fans everywhere. They had so many relevant storylines going that you could really pick whatever you wanted. Hell even WCW was pretty damn solid during the summer of '98. WWF had SCSA and Undertaker feuding throughout the summer, but they never really met one-on-one until this match. The brawling style, and Undertaker sending Kane back always stand out in my mind. That and the short entrance they always seemed to have at MSG in those days, never understood that. I think these two really did had a rivalry, I only say that because every time they worked together they went that extra little inch, and always made shit look real.

I'll finish up my series tomorrow with numbers 2 and 1.

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