The Undertaker's WrestleMania 29 opponent will be...


Now I may love wrestling but I'm no Dave Meltzer, Dave Scherer or even one of the hooligans who runs WrestleZone. So I'm not privy to any inside information but years upon years of watching wrestling have given me somewhat of a sixth sense to how wrestling is booked.

With Shawn Michaels retired and Triple H not likely to make it a quadrilogy with The Dead Man, rumors have run rampant over who will face off against The Undertaker. Now, I thought a nice round 20-0 record coupled with 'Taker's age and deteriorating health would signify an end to his WrestleMania run but all signs point to him wrestling at the big show until he's physically unable to.

Names with varying amounts of possibility have been bandied about with CM Punk being the most likely while Ryback operates on the opposite side of that spectrum.

There's one name, however, which hasn't gained traction and it baffles me because I think it's the best option available for WWE.

That name... Brock Lesnar.

"I came here and I accomplished everything that I said I was going to do. There's nothing left for me here to conquer. I'm leaving the WWE and I'm never coming back."

That quote came from the former UFC Heavyweight Champion himself from a Tout video the night after he defeated Triple H at SummerSlam earlier this year.

He claims there's nothing left for him to conquer but as long as The Undertaker is an active wrestler, there is one mountain no Superstar has ever climbed to the peak of: The Streak.

Michaels tried twice and it cost him his career. Triple H failed over a decade ago and twice more in the past two years, finally accepting utter and complete defeat at WrestleMania 28. He knew he couldn't beat The Undertaker at the grandest stage of them all.

No one can.

This is exactly the type of challenge Lesnar would relish. With Triple H's promo on Raw indicating we haven't seen the last of 'Taker, it seems obvious to me the future WWE boss will goad Lesnar into attempting to topple 'Taker's unblemished WrestleMania record. Lesnar will take the bait, of course, and the huge match-up between him and The Undertaker will be set.

Perhaps the stipulation will be Lesnar leaves WWE for good after he loses. That will be determined by whether or not he and the company can agree to an extension of his one-year deal. But that hardly matters.

The Phenom vs. The Perfect Storm at WrestleMania 29.

Count on it.

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