Pointless Top 10 - Part 2

The best thing about top ten lists, is they are completely objective, and everyone always agrees on them. Wait, what? I thought I'd do a top ten of my personal favorite matches, since we are at the final four point of our greatest matches tournament. Once again sorry for posting twice in one day, I hope you can forgive me from the bottom of your hearts.

Quick Recap:
10. Ken Shamrock vs Undertaker - Backlash '99
9. 6 Man Hell in a Cell - Armageddon 2000

Ok on to the next two, these are all WWF/WWE by the way, as I've never been fully engaged with any other wrestling organization, save WCW for about 3 months in '98.

8. Hogan vs Andre The Giant - Wrestlemania 3

I can hear the groans through my screen, but I don't care. This match was my favorite as a kid, because like many of us I was a huge Hogan mark in the 80's and early 90's. If this list was made when I was a attitude era fanatic, I still would have put it at number 1, the match stayed with me for years. Only after having watched it recently did I realize how horrendous the actual wrestling is. Andre looks like he could barely stand, let alone wrestle, and Hogan doesn't compliment him or hide his faults at all. That being said, the "slam heard around the world" and me being a 4 year old Hogan freak at the time, still allows me to include this match on my list. Just maybe not as high as it once would have been. To be fair though, Ventura and Monsoon sell it so good, it's worth a watch for that alone.

7. Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect - King of the Ring '93

There isn't much to be said about this one. It's just a thing of beauty, if this was a pure wrestling list it would probably be at number 2 or 3. However, in the tournament setting there was no hype or promotion at all, so the overall story aspect and background slightly moves it down my list. Spectacular wrestling and with Ross, Savage, and Heenan on commentary, it doesn't take too much to get into this match. Watch and enjoy what wrestling is supposed to look like from a physical aspect.

I'll be back tomorrow with numbers 6 and 5.

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