WWE 'Saturday Morning Slam' results and reactions for yesterday (Dec. 15): Ryback is fed!

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The final show before "TLC" went down yesterday (Dec. 15) as "Saturday Morning Slam" hit the airwaves. Ryback saw action, as well as a tag team match between two of the bigger teams in the division. Find out all all about it, here!

WWE Saturday Morning Slam returned yesterday morning (Dec. 15) to give us the final television show before tonight's TLC event. WWE gave us the usual two bouts of action, as well as a bit of hype for this week's Tribute to the Troops, the annual holiday event for our military.

Of course, Ryback was the main attraction this week. Who would be fed to the monster?

Well, let's move into some reactions to find out.

  • Ryback wrestled in a handicap match this week for the main event. He took on Yanni Greeco and Robbie Mathews. I don't really know why we saw an old-school Ryback squash, but we got to see another Mathews that is missing a "t" and a guy named Yanni. I'll take it, I guess. Typical Ryback stuff, to make him look like a beast for the kids who will watch tonight. Makes sense.
  • You can't really talk bad about Tribute to the Troops. Good cause and the WWE has done it annually for quite a while. The placement here was good to show the kids how WWE is a "caring" company, so nice PR move. However, what won't be so great is kids introduced to Flo Rida and Kid Rock. Hell, I don't even care about the curse words, I just don't want the next generation to be huge fans of such awful "musicians", for lack of a better word.
  • Finally, there was a tag match between International Airstrike and The Prime Time Players. International Airstrike went over here. It makes sense, considering Saturday mornings seem to be Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel's wheelhouse as of late. I don't like seeing The Prime Time Players all of a sudden becoming irrelevant, but this show is pretty much non-canon with the rest of WWE's TV programming, so not much to look into. Fine tag match for what it was.

I usually dig the Saturday morning wrestling with fun segments. It is lighthearted and fun for the people involved. This week, just didn't really capture all that like normal.

"C+" grade this week for Saturday Morning Slam. Not bad, but sort of bland.

How did you Cagesiders grade it?

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