WWE 'SmackDown' results and reactions from last night (Nov. 6): Falls Count Anywhere!

Joern Pollex

While Barack Obama and Mitt Romney might have been slugging it out for the POTUS title, Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton were brawling through Britain in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Also, William Regal made his first televised appearance in quite a while, tagging up with Sheamus to face Big Show and Wade Barrett. Read all about it here.

WWE SmackDown returned live via tape delay from Birmingham, England last night (Nov. 6).

On Election Day, of all days...

However, there was some good action on deck, as Big Show's bar room brawl with Sheamus and William Regal lead to him teaming up with Wade Barrett to take them both on. In addition, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio had free reign of the arena, wrestling each other in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

I vote that all of you follow me into some reactions:

  • Our main event of the evening featured Alberto Del Rio taking on Randy Orton in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Before giving out the result, it is such a shame WWE can't get either of these two anything bigger. They have worked some phenomenal matches together and are solid on the mic when given the right material. Aside from that, they had a great match tonight, again. Orton ended up taking out Del Rio with an RKO on the steel steps for the victory. This was a good match which you should try to catch on the Friday replay, if possible. So many people sleep on these two, but this match shows the skills WWE is wasting weekly.
  • Also, they are teasing this Rosa Mendes and Alberto Del Rio relationship. I like it.
  • The other feature match was the tag team match between Big Show and Wade Barrett taking on Sheamus and William Regal. All of these men are good in between the ropes and this was another good match for the British fans. Big Show ended up KO'ing William Regal to take home the victory. It wasn't anything innovative or special, but it was a great TV match. Also, it had William Regal in it. Speaking of misused...
  • Kofi Kingston and The Miz faced off for the IC title once again. These two also have solid chemistry and this match was worth the watch as well. Kofi retained, but the big shock came at the end of the match: Miz wanted to shake the hand of Kofi, but Kofi hit a dropkick sending Miz outside. It was also emphasized how Miz lit a fire under Kofi in this feud. Maybe there is a double turn in order? I don't really like the idea, but it could be a change of pace.
  • The Prime Time Players wrestled Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Titus O'Neil got the pin on Mysterio. After the match, Titus got on the mic and encouraged Matt Striker to do the "millions of dollars" dance. This whole bit was pretty great, but Titus is clearly awkward on the mic, especially compared to Darren Young. The Prime Time Players need a bit of a polish in all areas, but the raw skill is there.
  • They teased the rift between Teddy Long and Booker T backstage as well. Not sure why you would care, but just thought I'd holla that at you, playa.

Grading this week's episode will be sort of hard. While the matches and bits were all quality, it was hard to pay full attention to them, what with the presidential election being decided during the show. That deserves a bit of a mark down.

Because of that, this week's offering earns a "C+." If a good show happens during a national event and no one watches, does it really matter?

What did you Cagesiders make of last night's SmackDown?

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