A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Linda Mcmahon*

*at least to Linda.






The article is here, if anyone cares to give it a read. For the record, Linda McMahon is still for Romney.

"While I have a tremendous amount of respect for each of the candidates running for our party’s nomination, I know that what Washington needs now more than ever are proven job creators.
I am proud to endorse Mitt Romney for president because he understands that government does not create jobs; the hardworking small-business owners across this country do.

"Because we have experience creating jobs and growing a business, Gov. Romney and I understand how job creators think, a perspective that Washington desperately needs. In order to turn our economy around, we must elect proven job creators like Mitt Romney."

That was from last year. Another important note is that Vince and Linda both gave $150k to Governor Romney via the Romney super PAC-Restore Our Future and they gave over $356k to GOP candidates such as the current House speaker, John Boehner .

McMahon campaign spokesman Todd Abrajano still insists that the candidate wants to see Mitt win...

"Linda McMahon enthusiastically supports Governor Romney for president," McMahon campaign spokesperson Todd Abrajano told TPM. He alleged that Murphy’s campaign "is telling people that it’s illegal to split their ticket," and that was the reason for the McMahon doorhangers. The Murphy campaign called the claim "ridiculous" and "desperate."

The pictures above however make it clear that its ok to vote for both President Obama and Linda McMahon on Tuesday; a point that was further stated in this "Obama voters for Linda McMahon" video.

Look on the bright side....after Tuesday, Linda will probably be out of politics. Right?

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