WWE 'Saturday Morning Slam' results and reactions from yesterday (Nov. 3): Dia de los Muertos!

Joern Pollex

WWE Saturday Morning Slam returned yesterday (Nov. 3) to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, with a little lucha libre action. In addition, Cody Rhodes clashed with Brodus Clay. Read more about the morning show here!

WWE Saturday Morning Slam returned yesterday morning (Nov. 3) in a celebration of the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead" for those not fluent in espanol. Of course, there was some lucha libre involved, as Sin Cara got a match in on the show.

In addition to the celebration, Brodus Clay took on Cody Rhodes in the main event.

Vamos a las reacciones!

  • The show kicked off with Sin Cara taking on a mysterious newcomer known as El Local. He bore a strange resemblance to Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, but I am sure that is pure coincidence! Regardless, El Local took Sin Cara's bumps really well and looked very solid. Of course, he was unable to top Sin Cara in the clash of the luchadores.
  • We went to the "Video Vault" to review some of the best masked luchadores in the history of the WWE. La Parka's tenure in WCW was mentioned, while Juventud Guerrera also got a nod. Unsurprisingly, most of the segment focused on Rey Mysterio, whom the WWE labeled as "the greatest luchador of all-time." Sort of strange since Mil Mascaras is in their HOF, but not surprising. Either way, cool for the kids to learn about another style of wrestling.
  • A little bit was done on Rey Mysterio's many masks. Not much of substance for the older folks here, but it will definitely interest the little ones.
  • In the main event, Cody Rhodes took on Brodus Clay. The match was a bit different from the standard fare between the two, with the best part coming when Clay allowed Rhodes to a dance to challenge his own. Rhodes broke out "the Carlton" and danced like a nerd in any 80s teen movie would have, surely making his daddy proud of his moves. Clay picked up the victory after some more shenanigans.
  • Also of note during that match was Dolph Ziggler taking a spot on commentary next to Josh Mathews, filling in for Santino Marella. Ziggler had really smooth delivery and they need to keep driving that wedge between himself and Vickie Guerrero.

Interesting themed episode this week with some decent matches.

The show gets a "B" in my book, and it always should be pretty high up there if you come in with the right expectations.

Any of you Cagesiders catch a bit of wrestling action yesterday morning?

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