Video: Steve Corino suffers potentially serious injury at Ring of Honor (ROH) TV tapings

Steve Corino laid out after taking a hard, and totally unnecessary, bump at the ROH tapings in Pittsburgh.

At the Ring of Honor (ROH) TV tapings last night (Nov. 3), Steve Corino suffered a potentially serious injury after a very hazardous spot. Read more about the situation here.

Steve Corino went over the top at Ring of Honor's (ROH) internet pay-per-view Final Battle last December against Kevin Steen. The two traded blows with steel chairs that brought back cringe worthy memories of Mick Foley during his 1999 Royal Rumble match with The Rock.

After the match took criticism for the unnecessary violence, Corino took to his blog to deliver a statement comparing himself to a magician, saying he knew how to take chair shots "safely." Most disturbing was this blurb from the piece:

"In April of 2012, I will celebrate my 18th year in this industry that I have loved since I first started watching in 1981. In 18 years I have had 7 documented concussions and probably at least 7 more undocumented concussions."

Unfortunately, despite the concern and criticism for his health following the brutal match, it appears Corino has not changed his ways.

He was severely injured last night (Nov. 3) at ROH's TV tapings in Pittsburgh. Here is the report from F4W Online:

"Superplex through a steel barricade propped up on 4 chairs. That was the finish of the final match of the night. Todd Sinclair told the production staff to stop filming because Corino was badly hurt. They brought a backboard out but he somehow crawled from the announce table through the curtain."

To put it bluntly, this old-school professional wrestling mentality of taking unnecessary risk for the most realistic experience possible is one that needs to die out with old-school wrestling. It has been nearly a century since wrestling was considered a legitimate sport, but even then, it was making the turn into the sports entertainment product we see before us today.

The facade is up. The facade has been up. Chances are, the facade will never go up again. Universally, it is accepted that pro wrestling is more Harlem Globetrotter than New York Knick.

And when the lights go off and the curtain draws, it all needs to go back to normal. Unfortunately, that return to reality may not happen for Steve Corino after tonight.

As you take a look at this video, which may be disturbing to some viewers, please think about where the line needs to be drawn.

"Wrestling is an art in that it is supposed to pretend to be very violent. It is a very physical job but it should never be a job where you very seriously harm one another." -Bret Hart

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