Show and Tell : WWF The Trivia Game

As some of you may or may not know, I love collecting Wrestling stuff. So much so, that my special lady friend says I have a hoarding problem.

I do. So what?

I've been collecting stuff ever since I got my first VHS tape as a lil' boy. It was a Hulk Hogan tape. Hell yeah, who didn't idolize the Hulkster in those days? I have piles of VHS tapes, stacks of DVDs, toys, posters, cards, etc...

I will never be done, and I am always looking. Ebay has been my best friend to me over the years. It sure beats rummaging through other peoples shit at yard sales! Even local Goodwill stores can sometimes yield good results, such as: "The VCR WrestleMania Game".

I kid you not.

Anyone ever heard of that? Well I have it. Little things like that make it fun to do what I do. So, I thought I would share with the rest of you, a personal favorite of mine.

The WWF Trivia Game:

Ialfwl_large 2qgwnl_large

The directions were a little bit strange, and I think, more difficult than need be. The object of the game: Be the player who collects a wrestling team worth the most points. Okay, easy enough right?

Well, you get your buddies together, and as the rules say, the youngest goes first. You draw trivia cards that have five questions on them, each question represents a different level of difficulty, going 1-5. Also mixed in, are cards like "Lose turn: Pinned by Opponent".

You choose your difficulty in the beginning, and you have to stick with your choice throughout the remainder of the game. I've noticed the majority of level one questions are multiple choice answers, In Your House PPV questions. It seems the higher the difficulty, the older they get.

For each correct answer, you get a WWF Championship Belt card. But wait!! If you answer correctly, its not over!

Each card has a "Celebrity Of The Week" on it. It then becomes a game of charades, requiring the players to jump around acting like jackasses until you guess correctly, or time runs out (via use of a little hourglass timer provided, which typically gets stuck halfway through).

The purpose of this? Why to get another two more championship cards, of course.

The Game goes on, and "each time around" is considered to be one of your three rounds. After all of the rounds are done, you count up your Championship cards in order to buy Wrestler cards. Wrestler cards have different values on them, and you want to be the person with the most points at the end.

The game ends when there are no more Wrestler cards left to purchase, out of stock. There are only 30 wrestler cards in all, so if you have a larger group of players, it's gonna end pretty fast.

Now, doesn't that sound like FUN?!?!?!

Honestly, I don't care for the "Game" part of it as much as I like the Trivia part. I always love me some WWE Trivia! I did, however, find many mistakes in the game. Lots of misspellings, like "Wrestling Federration" and "Vade". The Vader one cracked me up. Especially, when it was spelled correctly on the front.

Some of the questions don't have specific dates when asking a question, like for instance: "Who won the Rumble?" and, "Who was Bret Hart's opponent at KOTR?" Oh, and Diesel's wrestler card looks an awful lot like Kane, but with long hair and sunglasses. Those are just a few examples of what I ran into only playing the game once.

All in all, it was fun to test my knowledge of late 80's - early 90's wrasslin, and if any of you Cagesiders ever run into it, I recommend picking it up.

There is also apparently a second edition set out there focusing on The Attitude Era, but I have yet to find it, and it is rather spendy.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my short FanPost, and I encourage anybody else to post some Show and Tell type things like this, too, as it's always fun to see what other wrestling fans have in their "Toyboxes".

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