Random Wrestling Thoughts: Volume 2

It's that time again, Cagesiders. BB4L here to impart some more of the randomness that comes from my brain at the worst possible times (i.e. right before bed after a late night, or during class). I manage to hang on to most of them though, so here's what I've got this time. In case you missed it before, here's Volume 1.

Note: I have class on Monday nights until December 15th, so I haven't been able to watch much "Raw", but I still pay attention to highlights, matches, and all the good details found on this great site... so most of my thoughts come from a mixture of first and second-hand experiences.

  • We all know Dolph is the man, and a helluva professional. That's why his "Backstage Fallout" bit this week got to me a little. He delivered a passionate promo, one that talked about him coming so close to beating Cena, but falling short. It so accurately represents his career at this point. He's almost there, almost at that main event level that he deserves, but he keeps falling short. Or, if you're like me and believe this interview (thanks again to thunderdownunder for finding/providing it), he's still got plenty of people who don't want him in that tiny main event group. If you're like me, fond of conspiracy theories, I'd say Cena has a great deal to say about that. Or maybe not, but that's the feeling I kinda got.
  • Speaking of the main event group, I still can't believe The Ryback, is in that group. Here's the thing, having not watched much "Raw" recently, I can't really gravitate towards him because I haven't seen him in the ring. That being said, it still upsets me that he gets the most monster of pushes, yet Dolph is still on the outskirts of the main event, despite being infinitely more entertaining on every level. Maybe he should stop selling so much, be selfish like someone else said he should. I do like that kinda crazy-eyed look that R-back has going on in his promo posters. But C.M. Punk/Ryback Part 3 is not something for me to get excited about.
  • C.M. Punk. My fellow Chicagoan. My hometown anti-hero. My current disappointment and stale bread winner. He's gotten stale. REALLY stale from what I can tell. I loved him and Heyman together in the beginning, especially with the look of disgust on Paul's face as Cena reached for the car that Punk and Heyman were in. Now I feel like Punk has let too much of his real personality get in the way of telling a good story. Last summer was great because it was provocative and edgy, now it's whiny and childish. But if you're to believe any of the stories or features on him, it seems to be fitting his actual personality.
  • Was anyone else nervous that The Shield (pft) was going to be WWE's newest incarnation of the NWO with Punk and Heyman at the helm? Because that crossed my mind for a minute.
  • Why is Randy Orton super over wherever he goes? I mean, I get that he's a good looking dude, but damn, really? He doesn't say much of anything and his big thing is "hearing voices" where he goes into a childish fit of rage. Can't take you seriously, bro.
  • Speaking of bros, I still want more Ryder, even if it is for comic relief. That's real talk.
  • Speaking of people I should care about, but STILL don't: Wade Barrett. I just can't. That whole brawler repackaging thing is just not working for me. I do like him with the beard though, because it does give him some points for manliness.
  • PTP. How I love PTP. I think Titus still needs to work on his, umm, enunciation... and Darren just needs a little more finesse, but I do really, REALLY enjoy them.This may get some heat, but I feel like they're the lower-tiered version of Dolph. They're great, just need a little bit of tweaking, and then they'll be champs. At least I hope so. And boy do I want a huge feud with them and the Rhodes Scholars. The shit they could say to each other would be great.
  • And HOLY SHITBALLS, Darren Young really is the black John Cena. Fuck my life, I saw someone post a picture of Cena and Young next to each other and I almost lost my mind.
  • had shirts on sale for Black Friday. Seeing as how my birthday was on Thanksgiving and I had some spare cash, I decided to invest. I finally have a "Jerichohol" shirt and Ron Simmons' "Damn" shirt. I cannot wait to say "damn" while wearing the shirt. It's even better because I happen to be an angry black man like Mr. Simmons. The universe is coming together, folks.
  • I finally watched TNA for the first time in FOREVER on Thanksgiving, and surprisingly enough, I wasn't too disappointed. There were some great one-liners during the show, like Hulk Hogan on Eric Young, "I want to be like him when I grow up". Some of their "Open Fight Night" matches were kinda lame, but the surprise of the night (and the bit I had been waiting for) was Eric Young vs Jesse vs Robbie E in the turkey suit match. EY actually impressed me, as in, he put on a great match after he stopped being the target dummy for the first Jesse and Robbie. He may be the comic relief usually, but for that one match at least, he was fun to watch.
  • And you guys weren't kidding, TNA is totally flailing around with the Aces and 8's story now. How TNA of them. I swear that if Jarrett is the one "in charge" of the group, I won't be surprised at all.
  • Thanks to the well wishers on my birthday, BTW. And a special thanks to June Williams for the lovely birthday collage she put together... all my favorite Divas and Knockouts in one uber sexy picture. My desktop is just too beautiful now.

That's all from me, folks. I hope you've enjoyed some more of my brain gems. Hopefully, I'll have some more goodies once I can start watching Monday Night Raw again. Or maybe, I'll just turn it off in shame/disappointment. I don't know, anything is possible at this point.


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