What's the angle with the John Cena-AJ Lee storyline?

John Cena and AJ Lee are currently involved in a storyline revolving around ... romance? I'm not sure, really, and that's the problem.

Although professional wrestling is supposed to center around, you know, wrestling, the largest promotion in the world, WWE, is still more about telling stories than anything else. As Vince McMahon has been so fond of saying, they "make movies."

The problem with this is the creative brain trust is often forced to cater to the whims of McMahon's madness. He's an egocentric millionaire whose viewpoint on the world is so unbelievably narrow, it leaves many of the major storylines wanting.

Like John Cena and his romance with AJ Lee.

The long and short of it is AJ was in power as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, as appointed by McMahon himself on Raw 1000 before Vickie Guerrero made a play to the Board of Directors that Lee was messing around with the talent she was supposed to be in charge of, namely Cena. This led to AJ stepping down and Vickie taking her spot.

Then something bizarre happened. AJ and Cena, who had previously vehemently denied having an affair, started to fool around with each other. Essentially, they said 'hey, if we're going to be accused of fucking each other, we might as well start fucking each other.'

That's where we are now.

This continued on last night's (Nov. 26, 2012) episode of Raw when AJ told Vickie she was grateful for her getting AJ fired because it means she's free to pursue her interests. Naturally, this later led to a now weekly moment with Lee and Cena locking lips and tearing out the hearts of young boys across America.

But what's the point?

On his Twitter today, Cena talked about what happened last night and it's quite confusing:

"Many mixed opinions of a kiss last night. My apologies, my emotions got the best of me and 1moment overshadowed a gr8 match. Never again. ... @WWE my focus is where it should be @HEELZiggler and then the WWE championship ... I will do my best to keep my personal life...personal."

So what's the angle here? He's apologizing for his relationship with AJ being on television because he thinks his personal life should stay personal while he takes care of business in his professional setting? What's interesting about that?

Originally, it looked like WWE wanted to run with the angle that Vickie would call out AJ and Cena as being together and they would fight against it until the fans got behind them and called for them to finally just get together. But they rushed it and went with the far less satisfying, far more sophomoric mindset that they should just do the deed they were being accused of.

Now, there really isn't anywhere to go with this, not with the original story in mind. That's the issue with WWE and how it operates at the creative level. Business interests often dictate writing for television, which leaves us with rushed stories that ultimately fail to live up to their potential.

This could have been a great angle. Instead, it feels immature and lacking any real punch. That's what happens when you fail to build up to a big reveal and just give it all away.

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