Precap to the Nov. 2, 2012 episode of 'SmackDown', or the one after 'Hell in a Cell'

Previewing the Nov. 2, 2012 episode of WWE SmackDown, the fall out show for Hell in a Cell, featuring the NEW World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show and the continuing feud between Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, and Wade Barrett.

Show! Sheamus! Lose the Battle! Win the War! Your NEW! World Heavyweight Champion!

The unthinkable happened last Sunday (Oct. 28) at Hell in a Cell; Sheamus lost the World Heavyweight Championship clean to The Big Show in a pretty darn good match. With how strong Sheamus has been booked recently -- and how weak his opponents have looked -- I wasn't too sure or if he would ever lose the strap. Obviously he wasn't going to keep the title until The End of Times/ The Rapture/ Rognarok.

But if the world does end on Dec. 12, 2012, like the Mayans predicted, it would have been safe to guess that Sheamus would be the last man to ever hold onto the "Big Gold Belt."

Alas, it is The Big Show who will wear the belt with pride around his waist over his shoulder. And good for Show. The guy has been in the business for a long time, I have not heard any real negative things about him, he seems like a good leader to have in the back and he can still put on some good matches. Most importantly, he is willing to do what is necessary for the story; he'll put Mark Henry over, drop the strap to Daniel Bryan in 45-seconds, go from getting cheered and having the kids buy his merch to being a sell out and losing that income.

All told, there are far worse people to put the championship on.

It looks like we finally have some intrigue on SmackDown. Sheamus promised on Monday (Oct. 29) that he will win the World Heavyweight Championship back. It would be odd if Show won the title now only to drop it at Survivor Series.

WWE has done stranger things, though.

At the very least, the main event should be a bit more exciting. The story is always stronger with the babyface chasing the title instead of dominating the landscape. Sheamus and Show actually work pretty well together, as long as Sheamus can stop repeating himself every time he gets on the mic.

This is something I wouldn't mind continuing. Can't be too much worse than what we've been seeing.

Orton! Del Rio! Wade! Stuck In the Middle!

SmackDown has a serious problem. Actually, the entire WWE has a serious problem, but it stands out far more prominently on "The Blue Brand." WWE just has no clue what to do with its upper tier talent anymore. We can complain about the lack of new stars and the underuse of people not getting airtime. The thing is, that shouldn't be a problem.

WWE has three guys who should be utilized far better than they have been:

1.) Randy Orton He is the second or third most popular guy on the roster, and he has been in pointless feuds since losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Mark Henry over a year ago. It is criminal how badly "The E" has used him. I don't want to hear about his two wellness violations. It is not a lottery. The winner isn't chosen at random. It is up to Orton whether or not he fails the next test. If the people in the back are truly afraid of him failing another test, then drop the guy from the roster.

He's doing nothing for the promotion by chilling in the midcard.

2.) Alberto Del Rio He has been chasing the championship for a few months, but has looked like a joke. There's definitely talent and charisma there. It just has not come through the television at all.

& 3.) Wade Barrett Same. The guy should be a lot more hated than he is. Right now, though? He's about as fearsome as a packet of spoiled biscuits.

Orton is much better off than Wade and Del Rio, but they all suffer from the same problems. These three are receiving plenty of airtime. It just seems like every minute is wasted. Instead of anything advancing forward, they will always be stuck in WWE purgatory. This is where a midcard title would be perfect. Have a reason to chase each other, a reason to fight each other.

Instead, these guys will trade wins, job to Sheamus, and look generally incompetent.

Hopefully this has prepared you for the night's festivities. Leave a comment below about what you are looking forward to, and please join Nolan, myself, and the entire CSS Friday night gang in the live blog right here.

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