Matt Hardy suffers a suspected serious concussion on Extreme Uprising's iPPV last night

Please stop taking stupid bumps, Matt - Photo by MShake3 of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

At Extreme Uprising's Remember November iPPV last night (Nov. 17th), Matt Hardy was lucky to escape relatively unscathed after taking a reckless face first plunging bump off the top rope to the unprotected wooden surface below. Read more about the scary situation here.

The dangers of the hardcore wrestling style were laid bare just two weeks ago when Steve Corino was extremely lucky to escape with just some sore ribs after taking a superplex onto a steel guard rail propped up by four chairs in the main event of Ring Of Honor's TV tapings against Jay Briscoe on Nov. 3rd.

An even scarier incident happened in the main event of last night's Extreme Uprising's Remember November iPPV between Matt Hardy and Shane Douglas, when Hardy was knocked silly from a reckless bump off the top rope to the wooden floor below:

"It appears Matt Hardy nailed his head when he was shoved off the top to the floor by Luke Hawx during the main event of the Extreme Rising iPPV. According to several readers who were ringside, Hardy got sick after hitting the floor and appeared to be going into convulsions. It could be a concussion but obviously that's not confirmed."

A video of Hardy's face first plunge into the unprotected surface can be seen here. Thankfully, after being checked out by EMTs for over ten minutes once they arrived, he was able to return to the locker room unaided. Rather foolishly, Hardy refused to go to the hospital for further assessment and treatment, instead going back to his rather grotty hotel room with his girlfriend and manager Reby Sky.

According to Dave Meltzer of, even though that was the planned final spot featuring Hardy in the match, the injury is believed to be legitimate. Apparently, there were a lot of people upset that it took several minutes for the paramedics to arrive, though it doesn't seem like anybody was unhappy that they didn't stop the damn match so they could immediately focus on tending to Hardy. Instead the show went on to its planned conclusion with Douglas standing tall, after more run-ins by Perry Saturn, Papadon, Balls Mahoney, Homicide and The Sandman. It's always nice to see a promotion that has its priorities in order.

Mike Johnson of added that Hardy had told Extreme Rising's management today to pass the word on that he was doing OK. Hardy did the same himself to his fans via Twitter:

"Thanks so much for all the kind words & thoughts-they're very appreciated. I'm feeling much better, I'll let u know more when I know more."

He dodged another bullet there, but one wonders why he and his brother Jeff still do crazy shit like that when they're both pretty banged up from wrestling such a risky style for almost two decades.

For full results of the show that also featured Christian York, Stevie Richards, Rhino, New Jack, Raven and Sabu, amongst other ECW alumni, please check out Johnson's detailed live coverage.

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