Thoughts and brief review of CM Punk Best In The World


Yesterday marked the release of the latest in the line of WWE Superstar documentary DVD's with CM Punk: Best In The World. I can honestly say i have been patiently waiting for the release of this since word came out that they were making one and it delivers on all levels. This is probably one of, if not the best one of these movies that WWE has made.

The film clocking in at almost 2 hours long gives you a complete insight in to the life and career of Punk. It covers everything from his backyard LWF days, to IWA, to OVW and onto the WWE. It really gives the viewer a truthful and uncensored look into the private life and personality of Punk. That is one of the most brilliant parts of the film that as private a guy as Punk is he really pulls back the curtain into his life and career.

One of the most interesting sections of the film is his time in ROH and then onto OVW with Paul Heyman. I was surprised on how much ROH footage is used in the film and was allowed to be used. Punk speaks about his feud with Raven and what he actually learned working with Raven and then onto his matches with Samoa Joe. In this section of the film you can really see how much Punk enjoyed ROH and if it was not for the fact he did all he could do there he would have stayed longer. Now with the OVW part of the film and Heyman you really see how much Punk loves wrestling. From honing in on his craft down to having Heyman teaching him the aspects of television production, editing, and writing stories. They really focus on how Punk hated that he was there and not in the WWE right away and how with out Heyman, he may not have gotten where he did.

There is a lot of the development process exposed in the film with interview segments with HHH, Michael Hayes, and Heyman himself. They are all candid and very open with their thoughts on Punk at varying stages in his early WWE career and what really set him back. If your at all a fan of how the business works and how very political and brutal it can be in the WWE then this DVD is a must watch. Punk himself holds nothing back at any point about his time coming up and his treatment in various stages in his WWE career.

At the end of each chapter of the film is another little vignette of something that relates to Punk's personality and how he lives his life. One is his appearances at Wizard World and his love of comics, a trip to the tattoo shop with him touching down on some of his ink and the meanings, and a nice tour of his bus and why he got the bus. He admits he does not really need it but when coming to extending and saving his career its turned out to be quite valuable. Also throughout there is a lot of memories and stories shared from Colt Cabana and Ace Steel along with Lars Frederiksen from Rancid. They managed to get some Lita time on there and a lot from the family that took him in when he ran away from his own family Its very clear that Punk had a lot of say on who got interviewed, to the music in the film, to the production of it as well.

The extras are mostly additional footage from the film that was cut out including Lars telling a story on how he motivated Punk to resign and stay with WWE before Money In The Bank. The stories involved are some which show Punk's soft side and his loyalty to his friends all the way to Colt Cabana telling a story of how Punk thought eating chicken wings was good since it was chicken and they were wrestlers now. You also see some more behind the scenes at his Cubs game appearance, Wrestlemania, and the actual meaning of the CM in CM Punk.

All in all if your a fan of wrestling or a fan of CM Punk then you must go out now and buy this DVD and watch it. It is a fantastic watch and you will find yourself drawn into it right from the start. It may even change your opinion of Punk and give you a greater appreciation on how hard it is to break into and succeed in the WWE. I got my Blu Ray copy at Walmart for 25 dollars and the standard DVD version is there for 17. Blu Ray is a 2 disc set and the DVD version is a 3 disc set. I believe that the Blu Ray version has more of the out take extras and 2 additional matches the DVD version does not have , as well as all of the extras being in HD except for the matches before 2008.

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