Garrbanzzo's CSS Greatest Matches Tournament Grading Rubric

Hollywood Wallace called me out on my percentage breakdown of the CSSGMT match between Punk/Bryan@OtL and the 92 Rumble so I'll be posting "Garrbanzzo's Grade" based on the following rubric (subject to change).

  • First
    • Percentage points are relative to the matches facing each other and my own personal biases.
    • A hardcore spot-fest may have different scores against a cage match and an Iron man match.
    • And scores will probably change as I learn more about them through the tournament.
  • Wrestling 66%
    • Quality of the match.
    • Includes work rate, difficulty of maneuvers, execution, and acting.
    • Most percentage points because I enjoy the in ring aspect the most.
  • Story 19%
    • Was the story good and did it matter?
    • How the story affected it's environment.
    • Second most because a match is much less interesting if the circumstances and consequences involved in the match are meaningless.
  • Character Progression 9%
    • Affect on wrestlers.
    • Did the match change some aspect of their persona?
    • I don't know much about wrestling in therms of the history behind a wrestler's growth and evolution.
  • Other 6%
    • Other things about the match.
    • Could be anything as long as it was during the match.
    • Just because I noticed Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse rooting for John Cena during Cena/Punk@MitB.


  • RUMBLE 92
    • Wrestling 41%
      • It's was a Royal Rumble so not really the place for Flying Super Frankensteiners or Reverse Indian Deathlocks
    • Story 8%
      • Don't know much about the story behind this but from what I the broadcast crew said Flair and Hogan don't like each other.
    • Character Progression 7%
      • Ric Flair set a rumble record and that title win contributed to his 16 Heavyweight Championships.
    • Other 1%
      • I personally dislike a lot of wrestling commentary and Monsoon/Heenan got on my nerves at times.
    • TOTAL 57%
    • Wrestling 50%
      • I am a huge mark for intricate Pro-wrestling holds like the leg lace to curb stomp that Booker nor King new what to call, the surfboard (a staple in older lucha libre) and the crucifix/full-nelson/abdominal stretch D-Bry had on Punk.
    • Story 5%
      • I can't quite remember how Bryan got the title shot, something about a time limit match, but the AJ love triangle was decent.
    • Character Progression 2%
      • Not much here, now Punk and Bryan are more confused with AJ.
    • Other 4%
      • Did anyone else notice what looks to be vitiligo on Bryan’s left elbow? AJ added a nice twist by enabling further use of foreign objects. Again poor commentary. Thanks Booker.
    • TOTAL 61%

If you read this whole thing, thank you and I'll do my bet to do this for all remaining match-ups. I'll conclude with this, I don't know that much about wresting so if you disagree that cool, this is just for fun anyway.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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