Random Wrestling Thoughts: Volume 1


Deep in Thought via WikiMedia Commons

I don't know about any of you, but I do my best thinking late at night, usually when I can't sleep or I'm playing video games. Thankfully, my brain is all over the place with the thoughts so last night I came up with a bunch of ideas/problems/observations in wrestling that make sense to me. Some are longer than others, but they all just kinda came to me last night. So let's just dive right into the great thought-pool of my brain...

  • It's been mentioned on Cageside before that Dolph needs a better/more respectable finisher than the Zig Zag. He's used the fame-asser a few times, so let's give it a fantastic name. Maybe it's already been named, but I haven't watched Raw in the past couple weeks (damn school), so maybe that's happened already. If not, let's call the fame-asser the "Show's Over". I can hear Cole now, "And there it is! Show's Over folks! VINTAGE ZIGGLER!" Make. That. Happen.
  • Also regarding Ziggler, I want him to dump the hell out of The Cougar. We've talked about this before because he's enough of an asshole without needing her to introduce him and get him the collateral heat. BUT, where it gets better is that Vickie should move on to someone else to get them more heat. Someone like Cesaro! He's got heat for being the condescending jerk about everything American already, but let's set up an angle where Vickie jumps to him because she loves his "accent". Then we can have Aksana jump to DZ, because she "likes his big briefcase", to make Cesaro jealous and BOOM! Drama, conflict (great matches), resolution.
  • Or, here's a thought, Vickie can pick up Swagger and get him some heat after DZ dumps her. You know, for old time's sake. I dunno.
  • CRAZY THOUGHT ALERT... I know we all love the Rhodes Scholars because it's brilliant. BUT, let's add one more component to them. He's a smart guy, also condescending towards others, knows five languages, and likes to assert his dominance. That's right, add Antonio Cesaro to the mix and make them the INTERNATIONAL RHODES SCHOLARS, the I.R.S.! His character fits so well. Oh the fun that could be.
  • The Band?!?!? What the crap? I was hoping for something Ginger-themed, but hopefully this is more epic than 3-Count. But I do see some promise for THE BAND because it could be like the Slater-squashing that took place leading up to Raw 1000. Three guys who have talent and who could be decent all come together, travel around and perform, but somehow always fail to get over or come out on top. JUST LIKE A (bad) BAND! They can't catch their big break despite trying so hard. Or they could have a meteoric rise to the top as a one-hit-wonder and then crash spectacularly.
  • Anyone else notice how hit or miss the WWE t-shirts have been recently? I mean really, some are O.K. (like the DZ "Stealing the Show" shirt), some are amazing ("I'm a Paul Heyman Guy"), and some are just turrible (Punk's "GTS" shirt). I'm not even going to touch Miz's "Haters <3 Me" shirt because it's too much like that BS I see out there that already talks about "the haters". Punk's shirt could've been better if it just wasn't so damn yellow. It needs more to it in order to cut the taxi color brightness.
  • CRAZY THOUGHT ALERT: PART 2! Punk's shirt color could be his way of supporting Big Bird and PBS. Can't you see him making an appearance on Sesame Street talking to Oscar the Grouch about how nobody respects either of them? So bad, but so much fun that could be. Yes, that was a conspiracy theory because, why not?
  • I would be O.K. if Vince never stepped in the ring again. Ever.
  • Political thought, Linda's senate campaign is WAY more interesting than the Presidential campaign. The debates are also much more entertaining.
  • I want to care about TNA, but... ... ...'s been a long year and a half for them. Last time I cared was April of 2011 when I went to Lockdown and sat 3rd row with my friend, met SoCal Val and had a picture taken with her after the show. Those were the days...

So, that's it for this edition of Random Wrestling Thoughts. I hope you've enjoyed some of these ideas and you've been inspired to come up with some, whether it's right now, later today, or at 3AM while you're watching Ace of Cakes.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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