WWE 'Main Event' results and reactions from last night (Oct. 10): Welcome to the Big Show

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WWE Main Event had its sophomore effort last night, featuring Big Show taking on a returning Randy Orton. Kofi Kingston also squared off with Michael McGillicutty in a perfect matchup. Come read all the results from last night's episode!

WWE Main Event had their second outing last night (Oct. 10) on ION Television. The show's feature bout was Big Show taking on the returning Randy Orton, while the show closed out with Kofi Kingston taking on Michael McGillicutty. There were also appearances by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz.

Let's get right to our main event, the thoughts from last night's show!

  • This show has a sort of Ultimate Fighter vibe to it. While obviously not reflecting the reality and game show elements in the MMA-themed show, WWE Main Event spends the first ten or fifteen minutes hyping up the feature bout with video packages and pre-match interviews. The match occurs and there are some post-match interviews conducted as well. This is usually followed by a mid-card matchup. The format is sort of growing on me, being that this format is a change of pace. If you like it, it is worth a shot. If not, just skim through on the DVR.
  • Randy Orton put on a good match with Big Show. Sadly, there were two or three commercials during the action. That is something that will also take getting used to. Despite that, it was a good match that featured significant offense from both men to make them look good. The Apex Predator however, sold for The Giant in a way which Show was entirely unable to match in return, in any way shape or form. But Big Show left on top though and hyped his match with Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. Sheamus then had an interview afterwards where he did a bit of the same.
  • Kofi Kingston beat Michael McGillicutty and Miz came to interview Kofi post-match. It ended up setting up a match for Miz's title next week on Main Event. These guys are pretty fun to watch in the ring and it will be nice to get a feature for the IC title. I'm all for it.
  • Also, I really enjoy seeing Michael McGillicutty being featured more and more. I'd like more variety, but if he is a guy you think is worth the squeeze, keep squeezing.

Overall, a decent little show to keep you entertained on a Wednesday night. The show earns a "B-" from me, just for the fact it emphasizes a different format with a solid amount of wrestling.

Have you Cagesiders caught the love bug for Main Event, or does it just leave you longing for more WWE action?

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