Shadow Shoots 3: 1-9-12 - Kane Unable

(So you have some kind of schedule, my goal for these will be at least two a week, with possibly one or two non-shoot extras here and there. Sound good? Great. Here we go.)

Here we go again. It seems like just when I think I've gotten my point across, it goes completely ignored by the people who need to hear it the most. It's a shame, really, as I know most of you in the Cageside universe have agreed with me in the past week. So for once, I'm going to address this directly to the one person who needs to hear it the most. And they'd do well to listen, because it might just save them a lot of trouble.

If there's one thing I've tried to do, it's make my point directly to and about whomever I have a problem with, and tonight is no exception. But my target tonight seems to have trouble with that. They seem to be...obsessed with collateral damage. And while I'm all for chaos and disarray, every so often, it gets in the way of the bigger picture. Sometimes, hellfire is too much when you're trying to kindle a small flame. I hope you're listening, Kane, because I'm talking directly to you this time.

The Devil's Favorite Demon is on a quest, you see, to make one John Cena come to terms with the hatred he feels inside. Now, you already know how I feel about that; after all, I made that perfectly clear last week. As I said, that's completely the wrong tactic to use, but I'm not going to go over that again. No, instead, it's your methodology that I have a problem with this time, Kane. Your problem is with Cena, I get that. I have my problems with John, too, but at least I have the balls to make my complaints about him and to him. You don't see me going around scaring the hairgel out of his buddy Zack Ryder, do you? You don't see me trying to intimidate Eve Torres, do you? NO! Why? Because I've got sense enough to know that you do not bring other people into your issues with someone, even if you are a "demon!"

And yeah, I'm an avatar of chaos, so you wouldn't think I'd care about these things, but like you, I was born a mortal and will be a mortal until I die! Yeah, that's right, Kane, the only thing inhuman about you is your mindset toward yourself and others. You are still human at the core, and you are still bound by human laws, whether you like it or not. And neither your sociopathic tendencies nor your pyrokinesis exempt you from a spade being called a spade! So when someone like, say, a certain dark individual whose name begins with "S" calls you out on something, you damn well better listen, and listen well. Your methods are not only ethically wrong, Kane, but they are logically flawed, and I'm going to tell you why.

Let's say that I have an issue with someone, say, a hulking behemoth of a man who claims to be a hellspawn. Let's say he has a friendship or even a familial relationship with someone who, in reference to my issue, is considered an innocent. A buddy, or dare I say...a father figure. Let's further say that I, in my "infinite wisdom", decide that in the course of trying to get my point across to that aforementioned hellspawn, I suddenly decide that it would be prudent for me to use this innocent father figure, perhaps even abuse this person in various disturbing ways. Am I likely to get this innocent's relation to come and deal with me directly? Yes, very likely, but what would it prove? How would doing that get my point across? The answer is zen simple, Kane: it wouldn't. Not one bit. To do such would only be detrimental to my cause. The result might be close to what I desire, but it won't be the same, and neither I nor the other person will have learned anything at all. In this parable, you are in my place. Cena is in the place of...well, you. And in the place of the friend or father Paul Bearer's place? That's Zack and Eve, Kane. What you are doing to them is no different than what Edge did to you a couple of years ago.

In attacking Zack Ryder, in torturing him and Eve psychologically, you are gaining nothing. You might succeed in making Cena mad, possibly, but not in the way you're looking for. You won't be making him hate you, or for that matter anyone else. You'll be infusing him with more and more righteous anger, until he is so full with that justified rage that he will use it to destroy you. And then what will have you accomplished, huh? Unless that's what you're trying to do, but I refuse to believe you're that stupid. I can tell you right now that if you're trying to build up a righteous rage in him, the only thing that will come from it is your destruction. He will fight you, he will destroy you, and then he will go right back to being what he always was.

How do I know this? Because if you'll pardon the Battlestar Galactica reference, "All this has happened before, and all this will happen again." Remember the Nexus? Remember how Wade Barrett deliberately tried to humiliate Cena in every way possible to break his will? What happened? The instant Cena was free, he let lose his suppressed anger on every member, and now, the Nexus in any form? Gone. Some of the former members are still here, but the Nexus itself is dead and buried, never to return. And if you persist in this venture of yours, Kane, that will be your fate as well.

So if you want a little friendly advice, Kane, avatar of Shadow to fire-born hellion, allow me to suggest this. Attack John Cena all you want. To tell you the truth, I don't care if you do that. Hell, more power to you. But if you value your continued existence, if you ever want to have hope of seeing tomorrow, there is one thing you should never, ever, do. Attack any of his friends. You won't get his hatred out of it. You'll get your own destruction. You'll fall into shadows. I guarantee it.

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