Kevin Nash offers to fight Ultimate Warrior 'for free and fun,' likely ends brief feud

The Kevin Nash vs. Ultimate Warrior feud is likely over. Well, it was fun while it lasted right?

Warrior kicked things off by shooting down a fan who asked why he doesn't make a short return to WWE with dyed hair like Nash by telling said fan that he's not a d*ickhead who holds down the young guys in the business.

Naturally, "Big Daddy Cool" didn't take too kindly to this and went on a rant calling Warrior a bunch of names while challenging him to put up $100,000 for a mixed martial arts fight the night before WrestleMania 28 this year.

In a twist only seen in pro wrestling, Nash reportedly found some folks who had a venue and were trying to reach out to Warrior to make this thing happen. Even Gabe Sapolsky of Dragon Gate USA was trying to get it on it, offering his promotional services.

Warrior remained silent until he cut a 10 minute video that was surprisingly even-keeled for the normally wacky one. In fact, any rational thinking, well-informed pro wrestling fan would have trouble disagreeing with the points he made about Nash, Triple H and even MMA, specifically how both he and Nash would "get our asses handed to us by nearly every MMA fighter."

No arguments here.

The major point coming from Warrior's video, though, is that the only way he would accept Nash's challenge to an MMA fight is if Nash could find backers willing to fork up a lot more money than what was already on the table. And he outright admitted that even $1 million wouldn't cut it.

Nash took to Twitter after watching the video and likely ended the feud with one final thought.

"Hellwig goes Dr. evil on me," Nash said. "What does he want, 1 billion dollars? How about this Jim, you pick the time and place for free and fun."

And with that, the brief but surprisingly entertaining mini-feud between these two old-timers is essentially over. We'll always be left to wonder if Warrior's insanity is superior to Nash's size and instability.

Pity, right?

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