Fantasy Booker: Booking Jericho's next step

'Oh Yeah'

Chris Jericho pulled the troll job of the century and he made weeks upon weeks of speculation form a weird moment. The thing about last that didn't work was that only a small percentage of fans are intuned with what Jericho was trying to accomplish.

I think it's time for Jericho to break down that wall of common fan and the 'net' fans like me or you. This could be another big part to the WWE's successful social media branch.

Join me for a session of Fantasy Booker with LSC'


You see in the picture above only one thing did not light up and that was the microphone. That is right, not a single word was spoken into the mic.

Jericho did everything right and everything wrong at the same time. He didn't get the arena to overtly hate him as much for the common fan sitting at home. He got boo'ed and made everyone look pretty stupid thinking we'd see him announce his motives, intentions and course of action all in one.

Clearly he did not.

As reported earlier in the day prior to Raw, a photo of Jericho was shown at the Memphis airport. It could've been a swerve and it could've been unrelated well, it was related and it was no swerve. Fozzy's frontman is the mystery man and it's good to have Jericho on the roster.

If all rumors are correct we could see Stone Cold Steve Austin take on CM Punk as Austin has stated he has one last match in him. He also expressed interest in taking on the Undertaker. The Rock has a date with John Cena all locked up as well.

Let me begin

(Chris Jericho comes out without the hoopla and just walks down with a microphone)


Chris Jericho: You people really don't remember do you?, You don't remember cheering my firing and my departure. I spend years away from you 'sheep' who cheer people who pander to you. I am sick that i have to show up and give you all a 'show' like some animal you pay to see. I had nothing to say to any of you last week because i couldn't believe you thought i'd forget.

You wonder "why am i here?" and it's plain to see, this year it ALL ENDS. I have seen many men come and fall before him. You all look so disappointed it wasn't him and it was me. He leaves on you all the time and yet when he comes back he is treated like a prophet.a...a...a saviour

I'm not here for golden grandeur or becoming a champion at this time. No, my intentions are much more appealing. I want to make you all see that i am the best ever and that i am not someone you should evr take lightly.

(Stares into camera)

You know exactly who i am talking to, i expect you to make your year long absence over.

(Jericho then blows the picture of him at the airport up on the titantron and just shakes his head)

Jericho:Oh and if you don't come to me, i'll come find you. As you can see no one in this world has privacy and your arrival will be forewarned.

I''l make me famous

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