Who will be the Iron Man of the 2012 Royal Rumble?


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In every Royal Rumble match since its inception, there has been one man who has lasted longer than all the rest. We'll call him the "Iron Man" of the Rumble match.

So who do you guys think will survive for the longest time in the 2012 Royal Rumble and be this year's "Iron Man?" And how long will that time be?

Here are the wrestlers who earned that distinction from previous Royal Rumble events. Each wrestler's name is preceded by their entrance number for the match. The names of any Royal Rumble winners will be in bold.

2011: #1 CM Punk (35:21)
2010: #19 John Cena (22:11)
2009: #7 HHH (49:55; this Rumble had 6 different guys lasting over 37 minutes each)
2008: #8 Batista (37:42)
2007: #5 Edge (44:02)
2006: #2 Rey Mysterio (62:12)
2005: #2 Chris Benoit (47:26)
2004: #1 Chris Benoit (61:30)
2003: #2 Chris Jericho (38:54)
2002: #19 Steve Austin (26:46)
2001: #6 Kane (53:46)
2000: #10 Test (26:17)
1999: #1 Steve Austin and #2 Vince McMahon (56:38)
1998: #4 The Rock (51:32)
1997: #5 Steve Austin (45:07)
1996: #1 Hunter Hearst Helmsley (48:01)
1995: #1 Shawn Michaels and #2 The British Bulldog (38:41)
1994: #15 Bam Bam Bigelow (30:12)
1993: #2 Bob Backlund (61:10)
1992: #3 Ric Flair (59:26)
1991: #6 Rick Martel (52:17)
1990: #1 Ted DiBiase (44:47)
1989: #4 Mr. Perfect (27:58)
1988: #1 Bret Hart (25:42)

Of the 26 names listed above, 13 of them entered the match at either #1 or #2. 20 of them entered the match as one of the initial six entrants. Only three of the "Iron Men" were not among the initial ten entrants of the match. And how exactly did Test sneak onto this list of mostly Hall of Fame-worthy names?

Even though the 1999 numbers are very deceiving because Austin and McMahon sat out a good chunk of that Royal Rumble match, I think that Austin still spent more time in the ring than any other entrant. He arrived back into the match at around the same time The Big Boss Man entered at #22. And The Big Boss Man was the next in line for "Iron Man" of that match with a survival time of 18:53.

Now here are the wrestlers who lasted for the shortest amount of time in each Royal Rumble match. This is not including any wrestlers who had an entrance number but did not step foot into the ring, like Scotty 2 Hotty in 2005 or Randy Savage in 1991.

2011: #16 Tyler Reks (0:34)
2010: #14 Montel Vontavious Porter (0:07)
2009: #28 Santino Marella (less than 2 seconds)
2008: #17 Shelton Benjamin (0:18)
2007: #29 The Miz (0:07)
2006: #10 Sylvan Grenier and #13 Booker T (0:18)
2005: #18 Simon Dean (0:20)
2004: #10 The Hurricane (0:19)
2003: #11 B-2 (0:24)
2002: #30 Booker T (0:33)
2001: #15 Tazz (0:15)
2000: #18 Faarooq (0:18)
1999: #6 Gillberg (0:06)
1998: #3 Tom Brandi (0:12)
1997: #22 Jerry Lawler (0:04)
1996: #16 Headhunter B (0:24)
1995: #11 Owen Hart and #16 Mo (0:03)
1994: #9 Billy Gunn (0:14)
1993: #16 Terry Taylor (0:24)
1992: #14 Hercules (0:56)
1991: #27 Bushwhacker Luke (0:04)
1990: #26 Shawn Michaels (0:12)
1989: #21 The Warlord (0:02)
1988: #20 Junkyard Dog (2:08)

The 1988 Royal Rumble only featured 20 competitors. That means JYD and Booker T are the only wrestlers to enter a Royal Rumble match as the final entrant yet have the lowest survival time. Booker T is also the only name that appears multiple times on this list.

There are at least a few Hall of Fame names on this list, including Jerry Lawler, Shawn Michaels, and Junkyard Dog.

Of the 26 names on this list, 11 of them entered between numbers 13 and 18, inclusive. Four of them entered at #16. Only two were among the initial eight entrants of a Royal Rumble match. Six were among the final five entrants of the match.

So who do you think will have the longest and shortest survival times in the 2012 Royal Rumble? It will probably be harder to guess the lowest time since there are plenty of available jobbers for that role yet we don't know which jobbers will or won't be appearing in the Royal Rumble match.

My guess for the longest survival time is Drew McIntyre Wade Barrett with a time of 34:29

My guess for the shortest survival time is Heath Slater with a time of 0:13.

Let's hear yours.

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