2012 Breakout Candidate: Tyson Kidd

So after talking about Heath Slater in the NXT post, I got the idea to look at other WWE guys who could do great things given the right push and character development. I was thinking of doing more of these if people liked it. Tyson Kidd is the guy I wanted to talk about here. First, lets see what Kidd has done up to this point and then we can see where the WWE could go with him from there.

As most of you know, he's one of the last graduates of the famous Hart Dungeon and has trained with both Stu and Brett hart. After that, he spent time with New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, and Stampede Wrestling. At the time he signed his WWE developmental deal, he was 26 with a pretty good resume.

With the WWE, he started off in Deep South Wrestling and later Florida Championship Wrestling. There, the Hart Dynasty really got their start before finally all making their way to ECW when Kidd with Natalya and David Hart Smith eventually formed the WWE's Hart Dynasty. There, you could see the talent when they were working as heels. Unfortunately, this is where the WWE dropped the ball with Kidd the first time. The tag team division at the time was garbage (though still not as bad as it would get about a year later when the random members of the Nexus/Corre would hold the titles).

But all was not lost as Bret Hart was coming back. Now, The Hart Dynasty could turn face, something I don't believe they had ever done before. This led to them beating ShoMiz for the unified Tag Team Championships. Again though, with the complete lack of tag teams (and ShoMiz breaking up right after their championship match), there wasn't much of anything for THD to do. Their feud with The Uso's never garnered much interest and ended after a couple of PPVs. That's when THD was finally broken up as Kidd went heel on David Hart Smith. Now the 2 of them would be getting a singles push and its Kidd's time to shine, right?

Well, not exactly. The break up brought to light how weak David Hart Smith was on the mic, but also was much bigger so he would get the victories. Half of the feud also was going on with matches the 2 were having on Superstars. Kidd got a bodyguard in the greener than grass Jackson Andrews who brought nothing to the table but his size and that was quickly scrapped. One memorable moment from this time was when he presented a slammy with Kelly Kelly. You can see the video here. Its not often you'll see Kelly Kelly get the better of someone in a back and forth, but what she said was sadly true. Sadly, the singles push failed with him and he's a Superstars/NXT regular now with the occasional Smackdown match.

So why do I think he could breakout and get of the Superstars/NXT hole he's been in? He's got plenty working for him as he's a great in the ring and is pretty good on the mic and has the training history for people to take him seriously. Its always hard for a smaller guy to get his fair shot in the WWE, but its not hard to put him over as a serious threat against anyone when you talk about his training in The Dungeon. And as a Canadian, there's always the easy cheap heat he can get working in America and with Christian being the only other public Canadian, you're not looking at overdoing this, the WWE is definitely lacking on their arrogant Canadian quota. The most important trait of his though? When someone works a match with Kidd, both guys can come away looking better. Even though he's basically been a jobber on Smackdown and Raw over the past year, he's still gotten quality in ring time on those shows and looked pretty good while putting the other guy over.

This February will mark his 3rd year in the WWE, though, and now is as good a time as any in giving him a good push. He shaved the spikes and has gone with a more traditional look now. Hopefully, him paying his dues here has impressed the front office. While I don't think its going to go anywhere, I truly hope that the WWE can build on the recent match he had with Zack Ryder. With Dolph moving on to the main event scene, Ryder needs a new heel to take on. He's also possibly wooing Eve. The WWE can kill 2 birds with one stone here by putting Tyson Kidd and Natalya back together and having them work against Ryder and Eve. Kidd, like Ziggler, can make Ryder look like money and legitimize the push he's having. Involving Natalya and Eve can actually bring something to the Divas, but on their own, a feud between them just won't mean much and would likely be given 0 time.

If not Ryder, then I think the next best case would be to work a midcard feud with Ted DiBiase Jr. The 2 worked in FCW together as the FCW version of The Hart Dynasty (The Next Generation Hart Foundation as it was called there), so there is history between the 2 to make you believe they could get the best out of each other. DiBiase right now is working some matches against Jinder Mahal, but as much as I like Jinder's character, I'd trade him for Kidd in a heartbeat. DiBiase Jr. and the DiBiase Posse vs. Tyson Kidd and his smart ass self trashing the Posse each week on Smackdown. Nothing spectacular has to happen between the 2, but Kidd needs to start getting some wins for people to take him seriously and putting on some good matches on a weekly basis is the way for him to establish himself again.

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