WWE Raw results and live blog for Aug. 8, John Cena and CM Punk sign Summerslam contract

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This is the final Raw before SummerSlam, folks.

While WWE may have rushed it, it is going to be John Cena and CM Punk for the Undisputed WWE Title. Tonight, they sign their contract for that match at SummerSlam on Aug. 14 in Los Angeles.

I also expect guys like Alberto Del Rio and  Kofi Kingston to be involved, as well. But I have liked what I've seen from Dolph Ziggler in the last few weeks. Should we expect to see him break from Vickie Guerrero (and the U.S. Title) for a push into the main event scene? I think so. 

After the jump is the live blog and full results from tonight's show.

Triple H is in the ring. So much has changed in the last month. One thing he knows for sure, come Sunday there will be only one champion. He can guarantee that there will be an undisputed winner. How? Because he will be the special guest referee. CM Punk and John Cena will sign their contracts for the SummerSlam main event tonight. Also, each will have a match tonight. Cena's match is up first. Cena is jawing with Triple H before his match.

John Cena vs Jack Swagger One of the things that Triple H said is nothing will happen Sunday that he doesn't want to happen. Cena appears to be trying to "wrestle." The camera keeps catching Cena talking to Jack. And there goes his customary finish. Winner: John Cena

Wow this video of Bret vs Perfect brings back great memories.

Alberto Del Rio cut a promo in the back about cashing in the "Money in the Bank" contract. I can't wait for Alberto Del Rio to cash in and win the title.

They then do a recap of the Truth vs Morrison scenario. Then R-Truth cuts a promo in the back and get the crowd worked up. I like Truth, I enjoy his segments.

The Miz vs Rey Mysterio The Miz attacks Rey Mysterio as he is making his way to the ring. The Refs come and break it up but The Miz wont quit. Michael Cole goes to interview The Miz and see why he destroyed Rey. The Miz is ticked that he doesn't even know who he is facing Sunday at SummerSlam. He demands that a ref comes to the ring and declare the match a forfeit. The Ref comes and says Miz will have to face a new opponent.

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston I like how these two match up. i sure wouldn't mind these two guys having an extended rivalry. Coming back from break The Miz is in control of this match. This match is so much better than the Cena vs Swagger match we just saw. The Cena match formula is so boring that... let me get back to the match. Kofi is making a move. Really NICE slingshot cross body by Kofi. Then a nice power bomb off the ropes by Kofi. Both guys counter their finishers. But, soon after that The Miz lands the Skull Crushing Finale Winner : The Miz

CM Punk is interviewed backstage. He is fighting Del Rio next. Wow big match. How does he get Del Rio? Cena only had to beat Swagger. I don't see Punk taking a loss and it would be bad for Del Rio to take the L. His push stopped so fast I got whiplash.

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio Crowd is hot for Punk early. I guarantee this match will be better than the Cena match. Del Rio is working on Punks arm. GTS? No, Del Rio is now in control and Punk is in trouble. If the Champ loses here... Nope GTS! Winner : CM Punk

Beth Phoenix vs Eve Torres Beth is dominating Eve. I am surprised they are letting those two actually work a match. Eve mounts a comeback but ends up eating a Glam Slam. Winner : Beth Phoenix After the match Beth says she doesn't like how the Diva's give themselves a bad name. Kelly Kelly runs out and that's the end of the segment. Very surprised they actually work a match. And it was better than Cena's!

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie vs Alex Riley Riley picks on Vickie and Dolph calls Riley a dead man. Riley is in control early on. Till Dolph gets Riley in the Sleeper. Vickie gets in the ring and in Riley's face. She slaps him and Dolph is disqualified. Winner : Alex Riley After the match is seems as though Dolph and Vickie are breaking up. It is about time.

Nice video recap of the Cena vs Punk saga.

R-Truth vs John Morrison Morrison can hit some good spots, his matches just seem like big set ups for his high spots. Morrison gets knocked off the barricade and his neck is hurt. They are selling that Morrison came back too early and his neck isn't better. Winner : R- Truth

Christian is interviewed and he says he has a big announcement to make. Tune in Friday night.

Triple H and John Laurinaitis are in the ring. Punk and Cena come down to join them. Punk doesn't want to go through this contract signing mess. He plays a clip of the Rock's promo against Cena. Cena sucks at talking. CM Punk answered every question and made Cena look like a fool. It stings Cena when Punk calls him phony. Basically this was a good segment, too much to say it all. Punk is good on the mic and made the segment.

All in all, it was an okay Raw. They didn't do much to hype the rest of the RAW SummerSlam matches but I guess they are banking on Cena vs Punk to sell the show. And it should do just that.

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