WWE Raw results and live blog for Aug. 22: The CM Punk and Kevin Nash feud continues

If you're like me, the best thing about Monday night is watching Raw on USA. It's like the light at the end of the tunnel on the toughest day of the week. 

Tonight's show is centered around the one question everyone wants answered. Who sent the text message to Kevin Nash? I expect they will sprinkle a few crumbs without giving away the whole cake. At least I hope they do because this story needs more time to develop. I'm also curious to see if Punk is really headed for a full blown feud with Nash, leading to a blowoff match. 

John Cena once again has his sights set on the WWE championship. He feels the new champion, Alberto Del Rio, has no credibility due to how he won the title, yadda, yadda, yadda. Expect that storyline to advance dramatically tonight.

I'm also hoping the tag team division continues to get more visibility. I don't think David Otunga and Mike McGillicutty are the guys to be carrying the tag titles, though. These guys are still trying to figure out their gimmick. It's about time to get behind a good team and start rebuilding from there. 

Hoping for a good show tonight, Cagesiders. Join us in the comments section for the weekly live blog.


Alberto Del Rio is announced out and he is coming out to open the show. He finally has his name on the belt so that is good. Just as he is about to get started talking, out comes John Cena. He introduces himself to Del Rio and says he wants to take the title from Alberto. CM Punk comes out next. The crowd is behind Punk. They were loud for Cena but there were boos in there also. He points out that he beat Cena twice in high pressure situations. He has no right challenge to be the champion. Del Rio says its his time since he is the Champion. CM Punk wants to cash in his rematch clause. Cena says he wants to rematch his clause. Not sure how Cena has a clause when he lost. Out comes Triple H, I guess he needs to settle this.  First Triple H tells Del Rio he will be fighting tonight. It won't be Cena or Punk  because they will fight tonight to determine who is the number one contender.

Alberto Del Rio vs John Morrison Del Rio is laughing before the match. He feels as though Morrison is no challenge. Morrison is aggressive early on, but soon Del Rio settles into the match and he gains control. Wow Morrison with a beautiful somersault. Nice execution. That move was Morrison down fall as he missed and Del Rio took advantage. Del Rio hit his head on the fall out of the ring. He has to have cobwebs in his head now. He is fighting through it. Morrison gets a couple of near falls but he goes for star ship pain and misses. That leads to the cross arm breaker. Winner : Alberto Del Rio After the match Del Rio puts Morrison back in the cross arm breaker. I like that mean streak he is showing.

Nickie Bella vs Eve Kelly Kelly  Brie are both ringside and the Natalia and Beth have a promo shown before the match. This match is slow and the crowd is getting quiet. Nickie is in control of most of the match but Eve is able to pull out the win. Winner : Eve After the match Kelly Kelly attacks Brie and then celebrates in the ring. Beth and Natalia come out after that just to be seen.

Vickie comes out to introduce her potential next client Jack Swagger. Looks live Vickie will be forming a stable.

Jack Swagger vs Alex Riley As the match is getting good, Dolph comes down to the ring and he want Vickie to drop Jack. Vickie gets knocked over and Swagger goes to help. The distraction caused him to get rolled up for a pin. Winner : Alex Riley This Dolph, Vickie, and Swagger thing could be something really good. Swagger needs a good feud.

Triple H is coming to the ring. I can only assume he will address the Summer Slam events. He wants to clear the air and calls Kevin Nash to the Ring. Kevin back up the story, but he wants a match with Punk. Triple h does not want to make the match because he doesn't have a contract in WWE. He asks Nash to leave because Triple H can't help him. Then out comes CM Punk. He want answers. He want to know who sent the text message. Punk makes his way to the ring and goes to fight Kevin. Triple H gets in his face and the Punk takes offense. He exchanges words with Triple H and then Nash sucker punches Punk. Triple h and Nash leave the ring and I would say that was a successful segment.

Kingston and Bourne will be the Tag Champs next.

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne vs Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga King is burying Dave and Mike. The announcers also say if Kofi and Bourne win they will name their team. I can get used to this team Winners : Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne I could see these two being the champs for a long time. Good move WWE.

Kofi and Evan Bourne get to celebrate backstage and Zack Ryder and others get in on it also.

As Triple H is backstage John Laurinaitis runs up to him and tells him Nash was in an accident. Triple H leaves to check on him and John is now in control of the rest of the show.

As Santino is coming to the ring Miz and R-Truth attack him viciously. They both get mics and it looks like they are gonna form a team. This is great they are getting the crowd worked up. The main event is next so this should make that match better. These guys can be a great heel tag team. Especially on the mic. Till they tried to rap at the end.

CM Punk vs John Cena Number One Contender Match Alberto Del Rio and John Laurinaitis are both ring side. Cena threw his shirt in the crowd and twice they threw it back . Safe to say the fans are behind  Punk. CM Punk might have been the best thing to happen to Cena. Cena seems to be so much better when he is with Punk. As they go to break, the match is still up in the air. Punk just missed an elbow off the top rope. Cena lands his leg drop off the top rope, gets a 2 count. Later Punk turns things around and hit a great knee to Cena's face. Punk signaling for the GTS. Then out comes Nash. Cena takes advantage and lands the AA. Winner : John Cena Del Rio attacks Cena after the match and Laurinaitis breaks it up. Del Rio keeps breaking free and is destroying Cena.

That was a good Raw. To me it seems they are getting things together. The WWE Championship means something again. The Tag division is coming back.  Kofi and Bourne are a nice team and maybe soon they will be feuding Miz and Truth. Very good Raw in my opinion. Let me know what you think.

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