WWE Raw results and live blog for Aug. 15: SummerSlam fallout

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Now that we have had about 24 hours to digest what happened at SummerSlam, it is time to focus on what will happen tonight (Aug. 15) on RAW.

The biggest news is that Alberto Del Rio has finally fulfilled his destiny and become the WWE Champion. We will no doubt hear from him. As far as hearing from CM Punk, while I'm hopeful we do, it's entirely possible that we may not. This may be a good chance for him to take some time off and come back strong. Maybe he "regroups," as in, forms a new faction with Colt Cabana.

I think a big part of Raw will be John Cena complaining about losing his belt. (I know, its a title, but when you never beat the Champion it's just a belt.) Cena didn't lose cleanly, so he'll probably push the story that he should still be champ.

The reason that is garbage is Kevin Nash. He would have done the same to Cena as he did to Punk. I think "Big Sexy" will be there and I am sure his presence will be felt.

In all I am expecting a big Raw. I hope they start to build up the under card, while keeping the main card strong. Join me tonight as I live blog Raw. The more comments we get the better. I read the comments during the commercials so keep them coming.

They start Raw off with a recap of last night and then a new video package with the intro music. Welcome to Monday Night Raw.

Triple H is coming to the ring to give us his spin on what happened last night. He is apologizing for counting Cena out when his foot was on the rope. He assures us that he had nothing to do with what happened. But as for Del Rio, that is how Money in the Bank works. Del Rio is the new champion and he is coming to the ring now. He fulfilled his destiny, now he just wants to be everyone's champion. He will be in the lobby tonight taking pictures and signing autographs with the fans and their kids. Tonight, he will also face Rey Mysterio for his very first title defense. "We all love Rey Mysterio," he says. He is a Mexican Icon. The crowd then chants 619. He shut them up with "I love Rey Mysterio. I love beating Rey Mysterio." That is what he is going to do tonight.

Before they go to break, Triple H is shown going into John Cena's locker room. I guess he is going to apologize off camera.

R Truth vs John Morrison Falls Count Any Where

R-Truth comes to the ring with ring music for a change. Morrison says he will take Truths down on his terms tonight. They are out of the ring now and I guess this is supposed to be Morrison best strategy. Morrison is in full control right now, until Truth reverses into a face plant. Coming back from break, Truth has gained control of the match. He is throwing Morrison all over the place in the crowd. But he gets caught paying too much attention to the fans. Morrison takes advantage of a chair and wins. Winner: John Morrison

They show CM Punk backstage, I am sure he will have something to say about last night.

The Miz is coming to the ring, and I gotta say that's a nice suit. He says hi to Jarred from Subway, (he is holding a sub it must be old by now). He takes the sub from Jarred and a Subway pitch. He also promises to be the Champion again. I guess the sub isn't  too old, The Miz is eating it now.

A limo pulls up and out comes Kevin Nash. All of the players are here now. Time for business to pick up.

Kelly Kelly and Eve vs. The Bella Twins

I like the Bella Twins, I like their attitude. This is the second week in a row the Diva match is going for more than 90 seconds. Wow Kelly Kelly is flexible! Eve is in now and she is in control. She hits a moonsault for the win. Winner: Eve and Kelly Kelly

Beth Phoenix and Natalia come out to "applaud" them on their victory.

Kevin Nash is coming to the ring now so he can explain what has happened. He first thanks Triple H for letting him come explain himself. Someone sent him a text and told him to stick whoever win. He thought it was Triple H, but Triple H says it wasn't him. Out comes CM Punk, he looks very agitated. He is none too happy about this. He isn't angry with Del Rio. Punk did and so he would expect nothing less from Alberto. Kevin Nash and Punk  get into it and as Punk goes to fight Nash, security blocks Punks way. If seems Triple h is protecting Nash. I wonder where this is all going?

Kevin Nash wants to talk to Triple H, but John Laurinaitis comes in and want to talk to Nash in his office about something.

Alex Riley vs Jack Swagger

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie  are at the announce booth and they are bickering. Dolph is telling the truth. The announce booth is breaking down and Dolph and Vickie will break up soon. JR is way outnumbered and no one wants to help him also call the match. Vickie Distracts the ref and causes Swagger to get the win. Winner: Jack Swagger

Dolph stomps on JR's hat and that is messed up. That is a good hat. Let him stomp on my fedora...

Jack is making the moves on Vickie and he wants to be one if her clients.

Punk goes in to talk to Triple H but Stephanie is in there instead. She tells him that people get what they deserve.

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne vs David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

Good team work from both teams so far. I am enjoying this tag match. Winners: Kofi and Bourne

Kofi and Bourne can be a good tag team. They are lobbying for a title shot. This is how you rebuild the tag team division.

Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio WWE Championship I think Del Rio is the guy with the style to re-design the WWE Belt. Maybe they should let me design it. I'd go with the old school belt with the eagle. The bell rings and this match is underway. After a short period of them getting warmed up Rey goes for a 619 but Del Rio escapes and they go to commercial. Coming back from break, Del Rio is trying to rip Rey's mask off and he has it half way off. Rey fights him off and then lands one heck of a ddt on Del Rio. Every chance Del Rio Gets, he tried to get at that mask of Mysterio. Wow what a match it has to end soon. Del Rio just went for is Cross Arm Bar and Mysterio reversed it into a small package. There goes the 619! And Splash! No, Del Rio got his knees up. Roll up pin. Winner: Alberto Del Rio 

Now Del Rio is attacking Rey and trying to break Rey's arm. Cena comes running to the ring beats Del Rio till he leaves the ring. Cena has a mic. He is pissed at Del Rio for cashing in his contract. Cena is out of line as far as I am concerned. Anyone that had that contract would be stupid not to cash it in.

That is our Raw for tonight, Cagesiders. Thanks for hanging with us. 

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