Your Wish List for the "Triple H Era"

Now that it looks like the WWE will finally shift away from the Cena era, what are the top three things on your wish list for whatever this next era will be?


Mine goes like this:


1. Prestige brought back to the tag team division

My hope is that Triple H remembers and knows what a draw the tag team division once was and can once again be.  Start developing some legit tag teams, stop with the current crap setup of throwing two floundering singles wrestlers together and calling them a tag team.  Bring back feuds, tag team finishing maneuvers, managers - whatever it takes to get the tag team division back where it belongs.


2. Let the wrestlers speak

All of this promise of a new era began thanks to one man, CM Punk, being given a chance to take the ball and run with it - and thankfully, he knocked it outta the park.  Punk's "worked shoot" turned the entire wrestling world upside-down immediately.  In my opinion, it's up there with the Austin 3:16 speech at King of the Ring.  Why does it have to be this way, though?  Why do we have to wait for a wrestler to scratch and claw and complain behind the scenes for years before they're given a chance to shine on the mic?  Punk said it best when he said that having the mic is having power.  Start giving guys a chance to cut a damn promo.  Someone can be the best in-ring wrestler in the world but without a personality it's damn near impossible to reach that main event level.  On the other hand, if you have the ability to kill it on the mic, invoke a crowd reaction, and show off some charisma - the sky is usually the limit.


3. End Cena's run as the top dog

It's that simple.  I understand that Cena = profits, I really do.  But his time at the top needs to end.  His character has become beyond stale, his promos seem forced, and his in-ring ability is second-to-almost-everyone.  We need new talent at the top.  I'd even say a Cena move to Smackdown is a perfect low risk-high reward move for the WWE.  Smackdown has been the "B" show for years now, and it's not like the WWE keeps that a secret.  Put Cena on Smackdown and you likely won't lose many, if any, viewers for Raw, but Smackdown could definitely gain millions of children suddenly tuning in on Friday nights.

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