Recap of Today's TUF 13 Season Finale Media Conference Call


Today at 2pm (ET), the UFC hosted a Media Conference Call with Anthony PettisClay GuidaTony Ferguson (TUF Finalist) and Ramsey Nijem (TUF Finalist) fielded questions from the press.

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Preliminary card

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The call started off with the majority of the questions going to the two TUF competitors, Ramsey and Tony. Lots of questions were asked about Ramsey's on camera persona ("Stripper Ramsey"), as well as Tony now being perceived as an angry drunk.

Ramsey was in good spirits about it all, and said that he didn't make an effort to come across that way. He is a laid back, relaxed guy, but he does feel like the footage was edited to make him look a certain way. He said that he did think guys in the house didn't take him seriously until after his first fight, and that he felt like everyone took him seriously after that. Ramsey said that he had bronchitis right at the beginning of the show (no one knew) and so he's glad that he didn't have to fight to get into the house. He said that he had a good time while taping and that everyone in the house pretty much got along with each other (which, sadly, has a lot to do with the poor ratings).

Tony Ferguson said that his Twitter and Facebook page have both been "blowing up" since the episode where he made ill-advised comments about Charlie's estranged son. He said that he's paying the price for his mistake, but that that's not who he is. He said: "I know who I am, my family knows who I am." In regard to possibly getting boo'ed on Saturday night, Tony said he's had to deal with that before from fans boo'ing him at smaller regional shows (for no reason, according to Tony). He said he will be "in the zone." 

Clay Guida didn't get asked a question until about halfway through. The very first question he was asked? "Clay, do you ever get tired on your way to the cage?" This was a question presumably aimed at the high energy manner in which Guida makes his entrances. Not a terrible question, it's just one that's been asked a million times and has nothing to do with Saturday night. The next question Clay was asked was in regard to what he expects to get after his fight vs. Pettis. His response was simple: "Another fight." Awesome. In Guida's defense, I have always found him to be very jovial and willing to give a good interview. He just wasn't asked many questions, and probably wasn't asked any good ones. Interestingly enough, Guida did make somewhat controversial comments about the TUF show and the cast they generally bring in. Guida said he believes that the UFC doesn't necessarily bring in the best talent, as much as that they bring in guys who they believe will bring drama and boost ratings. It isn't the first time it's been said. I've even interviewed other UFC fighters who've said they felt this way. I will say that I was unable to publish those comments, due to their controversial nature (managers asked them to be withdrawn). This makes it interesting because it was a fairly public forum. I can't help but wonder if that part of the interview may have gone differently if Dana or Lorenzo were onboard (their absences were notable, and unfortunate).

Anthony Pettis said he believes his fight against Shane Roller is where he really became (or at least was revealed to finally be) a complete fighter. He said he doesn't know if he will get a title shot if he wins this fight, but that he'll stay ready for whomever the UFC throws at him next. He also said that he was upset at first when he found out about Edgar and Maynard rematching (leaving him out in the title-shot cold), but that he understands now why they had to do it. He said that he is not worried about Guida's cardio, as he recently is coming off of a 5 round, 25 minute fight (against Ben Henderson). Pettis spoke about how great it is to have Duke Roufus and his gym/camp right in his own backyard of Milwaukee. He referred to Roufus as a mentor of sorts, who has helped him with life as much as with fighting. 

Speaking of Milwaukee, at the end of the call, Dave Sholler (UFC PR) announced that the UFC will be coming to Milwaukee for a Live on Versus event in August. See above article for the full scoop.

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