MFC 30: Up Close & Personal - 10PM ET (LIVEBLOG)


Maximum Fighting Championship will hold its MFC 30 event tonight at 10pm ET in Edmonton, Alberta (CA). The card will be televised on HDNet.

Here are the fights on the card:



Kevin Haggerty will be Live-Blogging the event, beginning at 10pm ET. Please hang out and comment/chat as the event happens live.

Live-blog after the jump...

Spang vs. Krahn about to get underway...

Note: The card is being fought in the more traditional ring instead of the cage. According to sources, the cage will return to the MFC at some point, but it is taking a hiatus tonight.

Kruck points out that all of Krahn's wins have been 1st round finishes. We'll see if he goes into deeper waters in this one.

Round 1 - Pre-fight, Krahn almost looks like he doesn't want to be there. Very odd. We'll see if the switch flips. Krahn shoots for single and gets TD right away. Spang rolls him over, as a tight guillotine cinched in from the top. Krahn reverses and has him in the corner. Fight back up. Krahn shoots again, and just like the first time, he shoots right into the guillotine, leaving his neck exposed. This time Spang takes advantage and gets him to tap to the choke. Good job by Spang, but very odd gameplan by Krahn. Can't help but wonder if he just wasn't in the right headspace tonight.

Fight stopped at 1:18 of Round 1 due to guillotine choke submission.


Washington vs. Demarce up next...

Round 1 - Early clinch. Demarce lands a knee. Washington dirty boxing, has Demarce pinned in corner. Not a lot of action. Demarce just yawned. Ref says to keep busy, breaks, back to center. Fighters looking for the striking distance. 2:38 left. Washington goes for TD but is tied up by Demarce. Fight up against ropes. Ref cautions for action again. Demarce working inside knees. Hard to score so far. All clinch, no real advantage. Demarce lands a good knee to body. 1 min left. Washington lands takedown and probably stole round. Still on top. Strikes to body. 10 secs left. That's the round.

10-9 Washington (very slim margin...I'd use decimal numbers if I could)

Round 2 - Demarce clips Washington with a right but he's right back up. Does look wobbled a bit. Demarce stalking. Lands uppercut then knee. Up against ropes. Dirty boxing, both fighters exchanging strikes. Washington with big slam/TD, and now working from guard. Demarce tying him up and landing elbows from bottom. Demarce looking like he wishes he hadn't taken him down. Demarce looking to set up triangle. More elbows from Demarce. Washington is all tied up and keeps getting close to sinking into an armbar or triangle. Washington gets up and looks to pass guard. Washington now in half guard. 30 secs to go.Washington lands some elbows from top. Judges will give this to Washington for top position, but I give the round to Demarce for control and looking to finish.

10-9 Demarce

Round 3 - Washington gone for 2 unsuccessful TD's so far, 1 min and a half in. Clinched in the corner now. Demarce working inside knees again. 2:50 left, not much action against ropes. Washington going for double leg TD, he finally gets it. Washington in half guard. Demarce is warned not to (and does look to be) making himself go outside the ropes. Re-positioned to middle of ring. 2 min to go. Demarce tries to get up but pushed back down. Washington halfway into triangle position but he escapes and is in the guard of Demarce again. Back to the feet, 1 min left. Ron Kruck just got very excited for no reason at all. Washington gets another takedown and is on top, now has side control. 30 secs left. Some more dirty boxing. Round and fight over.

10-9 Washington

I have it 29-28 Washington. Official decision coming...

Decision: Split decision in favor of Robert Washington

(Several minutes after decision is announced) VERY ODD news update. The Edmonton Commission has overturned the last fight and said that one of the scorecards was a mistake, and that Demarce is actually the decision winner. I've never seen anything like that. Very Bush-League.



MFC President Mark Pavelich being interviewed. Announces new 5 year TV deal with HDNet. 


Lima vs. Toney up next (No, not that Toney)...

Lima comes out looking very motivated, angry even. Should be some fireworks.

Round 1 - Toney lands leg kick. Fighters circle. Another leg kick from Toney. Toney using kicks to keep Lima at bay. Tie up against the ropes now. 3:30 left. Another leg kick by Toney. Lima has missed with all punches so far. Toney lands overhand right. Toney lands uppercut to head. Lima ties him up against ropes. 2 min left. Lima clinches and lands some nasty knees. Lima on top raining strikes. Lima hits him with some brutal ground and pound and very suddenly ends the fight. Toney argues the stoppage but it was absolutely the right call.

Dhiego Lima wins by TKO (strikes) at 2:47 of Round 1

Denny vs. Westcott on deck...

Denny comes out to Muse. I like your style Denny.
Wesctcott tries to make dramatic entry by jumping over the ropes and nearly falls backwards. Man, that's awkward. Add him to the list of people who prefer the cage.

Round 1 - Fighters run in, Westcott clinches and then takes Denny down right away. Westcott working from half guard. Westcott close to getting mount. Now working for a d'arce. Denny is trapped and having a rough time getting free. Westcott passes guard and gets to side control. Now raining elbows on Denny. Trying to get crucifix position. Westcott raining punches from top. No back in half guard. Denny hanging on but making no attempts to sub or get free really. Westcott back to side control (after being in half guard). Westcott hits Denny with some elbows. Westcott warned several times about punches to back of head, finally, ref stops fight, stands it up (due to continued strikes to back of head). No point is deducted. Strong warning. Back to action. Denny lands combo of knees and punches, transitions to takedown. North-south, looking to work for armbar or kimura. Denny reverses in the process and is on top now. 10 secs left. 

10-8 Westcott

Round 2 - Westcott throws and nearly lands head kick right out of the gate. Denny lands good body strike. Clinch. Denny jumps to guard and tries to get guillotine, but Westcott out. Westcott on top now in north-south. Now in side control. Awkward positioning with ropes in the way (God, I hate MMA in a ring). Westcott still controlling, landing elbows to ribs. Westcott in half guard now trying to mount. 2:45 left. Westcott holding him down, landing occassional elbows but not appearing to damage. Westcott gets full mount but it's in the corner and has to contend with ropes. Denny able to tie up one of Westcott's legs again from bottom. Westcott appearing to slow down a bit. Action becoming much less eventful. Ref warns to be active. 1 min left. Westcott not moving to finish but Denny can't get up. Westcott now looking to get arm triangle. 20 secs to go. Westcott lands a punch to Denny's head right at the horn. Frank Trigg inexplicably compliments Denny's ability to defend from the bottom. Seriously?

10-8 Westcott

Round 3 - IMO Denny needs to finish here to have hope of a win. Fighters exchanging in middle. Denny lands leg kick. Westcott catches a kick and takes Denny down a minute in. Denny holding on to half-hearted guillotine attempt. Westcott slips out. Ref calls another punch to back of head and takes a point away from Westcott. 3:34 left. Fighters throwing bombs. Westcott lands an uppercut and rocks Denny and is on top of him now with 3 min to go. Westcott controlling in half guard. Ref warns Westcott again about back of the head strikes (and IMO is going a bit overboard). Denny reverses but gets caught in Wescott's guillotine. Denny somehow escpaes but is almost immediately caught in a side choke by Westcott. 1:23 left. Westcott still on top. Ref admonishes fighters to keep it clean and "watch the head". This guy is reminding me of High School baseball umpires who try to be bigger than the game. Westcott on top still and ref reminds him to "watch the back of the head". 

9-9 Draw (due to point reduction)

My scorecard: 29-25 Westcott

Official decision: 29-27 Sheldon Westcott

Davis vs. Spratt is next...

Round 1 - Patient start. Davis comes forward but lands nothing. Davis land combo. Davis throwing a lot but not connecting with much. Spratt content to circle. Spratt throws wild head kick and misses. Clinch in middle. Spratt lands very nice punch to the body. Very loud. Davis counters with knee. Spratt gets close with head kick. Davis lands left hook. 1 min left. Clinch again. Fighters exchange knees. Spratt appears to be cut under right eye. Davis shoots, but Spratt sprawls to avoid. Very close round.

10-9 Davis

Round 2 - Davis lands jab then leg kick. Davis scores TD and is in full guard. Spratt kicks him off and is back up, but Davis is able to somehow gets Spratt's back. Spratt escapes, back to middle. Spratt with a couple good consecutive leg kicks. Clinch in corner. Davis lands nice knee to body. Back to middle. 2:30 to go. Davis catches kick and scores another TD. Davis working from guard, landing strikes from top. Now landing elbows. More elbows. Ref warns to work away from ropes. Spratt able to slip out and get back to his feet. 1:10 left. Quick exchange of punches but Davis takes Spratt down again immediately. Davis transitions to side control. Now back into half guard. 25 secs left. Davis finishes round on top.

10-9 Davis

Round 3 - Fighters oddly hug before round starts. Spratt slips but back up. Clinch in corner. Still clinched but fighters move to middle. Still clinched but now against ropes. Fighters working knees. Both fighters have slowed tremendously. 2:11 to go. Davis lands a left to the head. Spratt lands very nice jab as Davis rushes in. Davis chases him down. Ref encourages fighters to "stay in the ring". Good advice. Clinching continues. Both fighters throwing. Spratt lands nice cross right before round ends.

10-9 Spratt

My card: 29-28 Davis

Official decision: 29-28 Marcus Davis 

The headliner: Fickett vs. Cobb is next...

Brian Cobb is known as "The Bandit" because of his knack for stealing wins. Is that really what you want to be known for? Oddly enough, "The Bandit" is a replacement for Hermes Franca. I won't address why that's ironic. I'll let you figure it out and decide if you agree.

The announcer just greeted the "millions" of people currently viewing on HDNet. Really? Millions? I wanna see those stats.

Round 1 - Cobb throwing leg kicks a plenty, lands a couple. Cobb throws big head kick and nearly connects. Fickett gets TD but Cobb able to get back up quickly. Fickett jumps to take Cobb's back while standing, then takes him to the canvas. Fickett still has his back and has him in body triangle, working for RNC. Cobb in very bad position. Cobb trying to control Fickett's wrists. 2:20 left. Fickett still with triangle lock. Credit to Cobb for defending well. Fickett trying to use strikes to soften him up for sub. Fickett trying to get head/face crank as alternative to RNC. Less than a minute to go. Cobb might get out of this round yet. Fickett gets in deep under the chin but somehow Cobb wiggles out, reverses and begins raining blows down on Fickett's head/face. The ref stops the fight due to strikes. Incredible comeback victory for Cobb. Fickett not happy about stoppage but he was eating a lot of shots and not protecting.

Cobb by TKO at 4:42 of Round 1

Thanks for hanging out. Make sure you tune into Cageside Seats tomorrow for Kaleb Kelchner's UFC 131 Liveblog. We will also have the UFC 131 Post-Fight Press Conference video stream after the fights are all wrapped.

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