WWE Raw Results LiveBlog 5/9/11



With the news of John Morrison needing surgery, I expect him and R-Truth to be involved heavily tonight. I expect the rematch between The Miz and Cena to be announced tonight. I am also interested in the Mason Ryan, New Nexus, and CM Punk. It seems Mason Ryan is looking for a clean start. But, what I am most interested in is Kharma. What Diva is on the hit list next. Only time will tell.

We start Raw off in style, with Alberto Del Rio coming down to the ring. He feels that he should be the number one contender. He was Number one contender for the World Heavyweight Champion. Out comes Rey and he thinks the two of them should fight to be the number one Contender. "Really"? Out comes the Miz. "Really"? No this is still The Miz's show. He is blaming Alex Riley for losing the belt last week.  He pinned Cena and was announced the champ.  He should be the champ. Out comes R-Truth.  He is he showed a video of him injuring John Morrison's neck. He want's to be the number one contender also.  The CM says only three of them deserve the chance. They are The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. The third Member is Ray Mysterio. R_Truth is not taking the news well. He and Rey went face to face but, R-Truth then left but he looks like he is gonna do something later on. They end the segment in a fight. Now we have out  main event for tonight. lets see where they go from here.

Coming back from break they show a clip of Kharma from last week. I am excited.

The Bella Twins vs Eve and Kelly Kelly Diva Tag Match The Bella's take control early on. They are talking about other things though. Cena will get to pick the stipulation for his title defense and Cole will have an announcement to make. Kelly gets the pin, and out comes Kharma! The Bella's are hiding and trying to sneak away.  They get out as does Kelly Kelly. Kharma knocks Eve down and chases Kelly Kelly away. She gets back in the ring and Eve is in trouble. Another Diva down.  Winner : Eve and Kelly Kelly

Kane and Undertaker er I mean Big Show, The Tag Champs are next.

Mason Ryan is coming out to the ring with CM Punk. They are talking about how Mason Ryan is stepping up. Out comes Kane and The Big Show.

Mason Ryan vs Kane Mason Ryan is a strong guy. He is taking it to Kane early on. But now Kane is fighting back. CM Punk gets involved the the Big show knocks out Punk. Out comes Nexus. Kane and Big Show do away with them and leave the ring victorious. Winner : Kane

Santino is in the ring and then we are interrupted by Vickie Guerrero. Dolph and her come down to the ring and here we go.

Santino vs Dolph Ziggler Santino is playing around early on, but Dolph is in no mood. He takes control of the match  is doing well. Santino gets a second and sets up for the Cobra. Dolph hits a beautiful drop kick. a Zig Zag later, Dolph Wins. Winner : Dolph Ziggler

Coming back from break, The show a recap of Christian Celebrating his tile and losing it in the same night. That was a great match for Smackdown. I do gotta give it that.I really feel for Christian though. (I know not all of us do.) Tue in Friday for the fallout.

Now R-Truth is being interviewed in the back. He is gonna make people take him serious.

John Cena and Zack Ryder doing the fist pump! The only way yto get me to pop for a Cena segment. Wow.

Miz and Alex are going at it in the Locker room. Actually The Miz is reading Alex the riot act. Alex Riley is going to make it up to The Miz. The Camera follows The Miz around the back and then he comes out. He is challenging Cena to a match. After some work he gets Cena to come out. 

John Cena vs Alex Riley Cena is trying to show his grappling skill tonight. Riley is now in slight control, but I doubt it will last. It doesn't. Five knuckle shuffle. Then The Miz comes out. Two Attitude Adjustments and then the STFU. Winner : John Cena

Cole is int the ring. He is gonna make his retirement from in ring competition. The King interrupts him. They show a clip of last week how Cole was laid out by the Rock. Lawler says if Cole can beat him in one more match and Lawler would give Cole his spot in the Hall of Fame.He goes back to his cage. He is blabbing and this is tough to watch let alone blog.  Cole Doesn't take the match though. He then ask Lawler what he did for Mother's Day. Knowing that his Mom just passed. Swagger attacks Lawler as he is going after Cole. The door was open in the Cage but Lawler didn't see it  guess,.

Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston United States Championship match After they feel each other out for a while Swagger takes control. He is dominant for a while then they go to break, even though we just came from break. Whatever. Coming back Jack is still in control. Kofi is on a rol now but he gets caught on the ropes. Ankle Lock and Swagger is in control.  Out comes Lawler and then Trouble in Paradise. Lawler goes after Cole and is still able to do some damage to Cole.  He never touched Cole though. He only touched his tie. Jack accepted  the match for Cole. Cole is upset. Winner : Kofi Kingston

After they plug the latest straight to DVD movie they tell us the main event is next.

The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio Number One Contender Match To me this match is starting out pretty slow. All the guys take turns being in control, but The Miz was in control most coming into the break. Del Rio is in control coming back. As Rey tried to mount a comeback Del Rio stops him. This has turned into a really great match. Del Rio has Rey in the Cross Arm Breaker. The Miz breaks it gets a 2 count after a DDT. He tries to finish Rey but he reverses and throws Miz out. Riley distracts the ref and Miz sneaks the win in. The Miz is now the Number 1 contender.  Winner : The Miz

Cena comes out now to congratulate The Miz. He also will name his match. The match will be an "I Quit" match. I don't see Cena saying i quit so he won't be losing that match.

Right before the show goes off, R-Truth attacks Rey Mysterio who was still in the ring.

This was a good RAW. I enjoyed it. Well Kane showed he is better than Mason Ryan; Kharma added to her list and, The Miz is now the Number 1 contender.

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