UFC 130: Rampage vs. Hamill Conference Call LiveBlog

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The UFC is scheduled to have a conference call today at 2pm. Damon Martin of MMA Weekly and Mike Fagan of Bloody Elbow and SBNation will be tweeting live as it happens. We will keep you posted as the action unfolds.

The conference call was a bit delayed but has now begun.


(2:08 pm ET) Roy Nelson: "You've always got to be scared of Frank (Mir). He's a true mixed martial artist. He knocked out Mirko (Cro Cop), and he's bigger and stronger than Junior dos Santos.

Frank Mir says he thinks he matches up well with Junior dos Santos. He (JDS) has excellent hands, but he thinks he is not a good enough wrestler or jiu jitsu practitioner.

Mir says fight with JDS has interested him for a while (sounds a bit like he's overlooking Nelson).

Rampage Jackson says he's lighter than he has been in a while. He is not working with Mike Dolce for this fight.

Frank Mir says he thinks a title shot depends on the performance in the fight. He says he hasn't looked past Roy and that he's a tough guy.

Mir: "At first I struggled mentally with fighting Roy."

Nelson: "We get paid to win. You've got to family in front of friends, though."

Rampage says the title is the last thing on his mind.

According to Mike Fagan, Rampage still doesn't sound very excited about fighting Hamill.

Rampage: "I'm always surprised when juges give me a decision win, especially after the Forrest Griffin fight."

Rampage: "The "real" Bisping is a funny guy who cares about his fans.

Rampage: "I've been fighting a long time, and I have common sense. There was no way I could have taken a fight on 4-5 weeks notice." (referencing his decision to not fight Shogun)

Rampage: "The first time I fought Shogun, I was injured. If I fight him again, I want to be as close to 100% as possible."

Rampage: "I'm not really excited about fighting anybody. This is my career. I have 40 fights. I don't excited about fights anymore."

Rampage: "If anyone is smart, they should have an exit plan coming out of a combat sport." (referencing his acting career)

Hamill: "I think I can beat Rampage."

Rampage: "I want to be remembered as one of the most exciting fighters of all time."

Rampage: "I worked my wrestling a lot for this fight."

Rampage: "I'm happy with the movie offers I've received since the A-team."

Rampage: "There are plenty of opportunities to do movies in between fights."

Hamill: "I'm excited about my movie. It's coming out this fall."

Mir: "I always look forward to fighting in Vegas, because it's where I was born and raised."

Rampage: "This is a pretty good 205 (pounds) roster right now. Can't compare it to 2007 though."

Nelson: "This has been a 10 month camp so far."

Mir: "I'm always trying to become a mixed martial artist and a fighter, but there's a guy across the cage trying to do the same thing."

Hamill: "Rampage is a big name, and I think he can take me to another level."

Rampage starts to answer a question. Hamill answers over him. Awkward.

Hamill: "I think Rampage doesn't believe I'm in his league, but I want to prove that I am."

Rampage: "I think Matt made a mistake when he said he's going to break my will. That lit a fire under my ass."

Rampage: "I'm going to break his will. I want to outclass him."

Hamill: "I learned from my mistakes fighting Rich Franklin. I did have a hard time fighting him."

Rampage: "I've thought it since the day I started fighting. I don't want to fight past 35 (years of age). I said it years ago."

Mir: "Obviously, I listen to criticism about my fights. It affects my future paydays. Ultimately, winning is paramount."

Mir: "GSP fights tough guys every time he steps into the octagon. You can't expect him to run over everyone. I have no criticisms."

Hamill: "I have a good chin, but anyone can get knocked out. I have to avoid that."  (good strategy)

Hamill: "I feel like I'm in the semifinals of a wrestling bracket. I've never lost in the semifinals of a wrestling bracket."

**The conference call has ended.** (2:57pm ET)


Frank Mir and Roy Nelson both respect each other to a degree that seems fake, yet they both seem to be looking past each other (and apparently past Carwin) to Junior dos Santos. 

Matt Hamill was told to wait his turn but he just doesn't listen. He also thinks he is competing in a wrestling tournament. His strategy against Rampage is to not get knocked out. Very wise. 

Rampage wants to make movies in between fights. He cares about his fans but they don't pay his bills (something to consider for those on the fence about ordering UFC 130). He doesn't get excited about fights. He wants to teach Matt Hamill a lesson.

Roy Nelson was present, but the journalists asking questions seem to not notice/care. He was asked very little and spoke up as often. He gets overlooked a lot. Odd thing to happen to a man with a gigantic beer gut and a mullet. I've picked against him too often. I won't do it this time. 

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