Tough Enough odds...

Simple Premise...Break down the remaining contestants and vote to see who we think will end up winning it all:

Remaining constants:

Luke (2:1 odds)

  • He's got to be the odds on favorite. He's got the look, the build and the talent to win the whole competition.  But more importantly, he's got the ego.  If it comes down to throwing someone under the bus, or stepping up and cutting a promo on one of the other contestants, Pretty Boy Luke most certainly won't hold back.  The only thing that might hold him back is the fact that Stone Cold seems to dislike him. But I doubt that Stone Colds personal feelings would hold back Luke from winning the whole show.

Andy (4:1 odds)

  • The underdog the whole season, Andy is the guy who has yet to win a challenge, or be the first one eliminated.  He seems to be getting better as the weeks go by, and his confidence seems to be building as well.  The thing that Andy has going for him is his size.  He seems to move pretty well for being a 7 footer big man (after looking up on the TE website, I see that Andy is only 6'5.  I thought he was closer to 7 feet...)  Plus the fact that he's got a great build and seems to be pretty dedicated as well.  I think that its going to come down to Andy and Luke as the final 2, and I think it will be closer then most think.

Jeremiah (10:1 odds)

  • The personal favorite of mine this season, Jeremiah is a MMA fighter/reality whore turned Pro Wrestler.  Known more for his time on VH1 "Daisey of Love" then for his budding MMA career, Jeremiah is the definition of hard work.  Having no experience in the squared circle, Jeremiah continues to impress the trainers, and Stone Cold by going balls out on challenges and the stupid little character building things (cheer leading, running from an Attack Dog).  Unfortunately for Riggs, trying hard will only get you so far without having the actual talent.  And while I hope Jeremiah keeps impressing, I think once it gets down to the final 3, his lack of experience and talent will send him packing.

Christina (20:1 odds)

  • The last female standing.  Christina has shown some improvement in the last week or 2, but she really doesn't have the skills to compete with the top 2-3 guys at the top of the food chain.  Plus, after an injury at the end of the last episode, were not sure if Christina will be able to continue to compete (I'm thinking she'll be fine). She's got the grace, and beauty of a WWE Diva, and from reading on-line, it appears that she has a sister that is already a WWE Diva.  My guess is that she wont win, but it wont be long before she appears on screen in some type of sister-sister role.

A.J. (43:1 odds)

  • Good old Tumbleweed.  AJ seemed like a guy who had the skill set to develop into one of the contenders early on in the season, but after just surviving 2 episodes ago, and now being the cause of Christina's injury, my guess is that AJ's time has worn out.  Plus he lacks any real attributes that make him a contender.  He hasn't stood out all season, and he doesn't have any real charisma.  He, along with Jeremiah, are the two smallest guys in the he doesn't have the size thing going for him.  To me, its just a matter of time before we see Stone Cold hang AJ's belt up on the wall.
  • Its probably just me, but everytime I look at AJ, I picture Vinny from Jersey Shore...and maybe that makes me a loser for watching it, but they just look so much alike to me...


Other Contestants that will make it to the WWE:

1. Rima

  • The personal favorite of both Bill and Stone Cold, Rima had the desire and the beauty to make it in the WWE.  But she would probably be better off entering into a Diva Search rather then ToughEnough.  She tried her best, but clearly, the skills weren't there.  I think it won't be long before she's in the WWE full time in some aspect.


  • After the first 6 weeks, it seemed to be a 2 horse race, with Martin and Luke seemingly winning every challenge.  Then out of nowhere, martin fractures his foot on a freak occurrence.  Its too bad for him, but since he seemed like he has the skills, experience, looks, and all the trainers seemed to genuinely like him, I think its safe to say we will see Martin in the WWE.  If Luke wins this season, maybe we will see those two set up to be in some type of revenge/jealously angle.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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