UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields - Live Results and Discussion


The wait is over, tonight at 9pm ET, the UFC 129 pay-per-view begins, headlined by Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields in front of 55,000 fans, the largest live event the UFC has held to date.  Before Georges St. Pierre attempts to defend his welterweight title against Jake Shields, featherweight champion Jose Aldo will meet Mark Hominick in the first ever UFC featherweight title fight.  Also on the card, Randy Couture steps into the octagon for what he says is the last time against former light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida.  It's a full night of action, and will no doubt be a thrilling event.  Do remember that the event is starting an hour earlier than usual, at 9pm ET.

Before the PPV begins, you can watch the ENTIRE preliminary card for free, starting with a live stream at 6pm ET on facebook, at the UFC's page.  Then, at 8pm ET, catch live prelims on Spike TV, where Nate Diaz vs. Rory MacDonald and Sean Pierson vs. Jake Ellenberger will be aired as the lead in to the PPV.  

Live results and discussion begin after the jump!  

Georges St. Pierre def. Jake Shields via Unanimous Decision

Jose Aldo def. Mark Hominick via Unanimous Decision

Lyoto Machida def. Randy Couture via KO (front kick), Round 2

Vladimir Matyushenko def. Jason Brilz via TKO (punches), Round 1

Ben Henderson def. Mark Bocek via Unanimous Decision

Rory MacDonald def. Nate Diaz via Unanimous Decision

Jake Ellenberger def. Sean Pierson via KO (punches), Round 1

Claude Patrick def. Daniel Roberts via Unanimous Decision

Ivan Menjivar def. Charlie Valencia via TKO (Elbow and Strikes), Round 1

Jason MacDonald def. Ryan Jensen via Submission (Triangle), Round 1

John Makdessi def. Kyle Watson via KO (Spinning Backfist), Round 3

Pablo Garza def. Yves Jabouin via Submission (Flying Triangle), Round 1

Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson

Round 1:  A relatively clean cut round.  Henderson clinched early and they traded knees, Henderson stuffing Bocek's attempts to get it to the ground.  Henderson took the stand up easily for the majority of the round, and with a little over a minute left, Bocek lands a take down, but accomplishes nothing.  10-9 Henderson.

Round 2:  Things picked up earlier on in the round this time, with Bocek getting a take down after eating some strikes from Henderson, but it's short lived.  Then, Henderson answered with some take downs of his own, his second one leading to some ground and pound while fighting off a leg lock.  Bocek then looked to get the fight to the mat once again when they found their way to the feet, looking for a choke, but Henderson defended well, then ended the round with great strikes in the clinch and at distance.  Closer round, but the strikes at the end lead me to hand it to Henderson. 10-9

Round 3:  A takedown early from Bocek, who is hanging out in Henderson's guard, but Henderson manages to sweep and land some ground and pound!  Henderson loses position after Bocek looks for another leg lock.  They stand, and work in the clinch once again.  Henderson now gets his own take down, and goes back to working strikes from the top.  They stand and Henderson opens up in the clinch with knees to the body, really tearing into Bocek.  Bocek lands a take down with over 30 seconds on the clock, but I feel it's probably too late.  With 10 seconds left, they clinch, Henderson tees off, and the fight ends.  10-9 Henderson.  

Result:  Ben Henderson def. Mark Bocek via Unanimous Decision.

Jason Brilz vs. Vladimir Matyushenko:

Round 1:  Vladdy comes out, lands a few punches, lands a very hard one that drops Brilz, then finishes him off.  Thank God that was short.

Result:  Vladimir Matyushenko def. Jason Brilz via TKO, Round 1

Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida:

Round 1:  Throughout the round Machida did well avoiding the clinch, keeping Couture at distance and peppering him, occasionally landing hard straights, and his well timed knee to the body.  When Couture managed to get his hands on Machida, he easily shrugged him off and created distance again. 10-9 Machida.

Round 2:  In the second round, an early blitz from Machida scores well, but it wasn't long after that, that a lunging front kick to the chin knocked out Couture, bringing the fight to an abrupt end.  Also worth noting, Steven Seagal has been with Machida throughout weigh-ins and tonight at the fight.  Will he try to soak in some more spotlight?  My money is on yes.  In the post fight interview, Machida credits his father, as well as Steven Seagal for the kick.

Result:  Lyoto Machida def. Randy Couture via KO, Round 2

Jose Aldo vs. Mark Hominick:

Round 1:  The first round saw a great deal of action, Aldo outstriking Hominick on the feet, with thudding leg kicks and lunging uppercuts from the outside.  Hominick countered occasionally, but was shocked when Aldo took him down.  From Hominick's guard, Aldo unleashed elbows and punches, cutting Hominick under his eye.  When they were stood up at the end of the round, Aldo took him down again.  10-9 Aldo.

Round 2:  Aldo looked slowed as the second round rolled on, Hominick landing jab after jab, and some nice shots to the body.  Aldo attempted to answer, but as time wore on, he began to miss.  Finally, after two take downs were stuff, Aldo secured a take down.  When broken up and returned to the feet, Aldo began to wing punches, and landed another take down.  Aldo coasted through the rest of the round.  Even though Aldo controlled the later half of the round, 10-9 Hominick.

Round 3:  The third round was mostly contested on the feet, both men exchange straight shots, Aldo throwing the occasional leg kick.  Aldo was eating a great deal of shots, but towards the end of the round, dazed Hominick with two massive shots that sent Hominick diving for a leg.  Once Aldo realized he couldn't finish, he took the time to catch his breath, and coast to the end of the round. 10-9 Aldo.

Round 4:  Jose Aldo showed the heart of a champion in this round, battling through exhaustion and the tough past rounds, Aldo stumbled Hominick early, then left him limping with thudding leg kicks.  The real damage was inflicted on the ground though, when Aldo secured the take down.  An elbow to the forehead left a HUGE swollen area above Hominick's eyebrow.  The size of a golf ball.  Hominick touched his head and you could hear him say "Holy Shit" on the broadcast.  The fight was paused, but the ringside doctor let the round continue, with Aldo on top once again. 10-8 Aldo due to that sick damage.

Round 5:  The fifth round was a battle to the very end.  After a close first half, Hominick secure top control where he did nothing but pound away on Aldo's head and ribs until the final bell sounded.  Just as much as the last round could have been 10-8 on damage, this could very well go the same way.  10-9 Hominick. 

Result:  Jose Aldo def. Mark Hominick via Unanimous Decision

Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields:

Round 1:  A methodical opening round from GSP got us started in the main event of the evening.  Jabs and the occasional right straight frustrated Shields, who lost both of his single leg attempts during the round.  The round ended with Shields eating a big right hand, and shutting up defensively, avoiding any more damage.  10-9 GSP.

Round 2:  More of the same from GSP, who began looking for a big over hand right, even putting Shields on wobbly legs with it.  Shields landed very few shots, while GSP connected well, even landing some spinning back kicks.  10-9 GSP

Round 3:  Much more of the same, the most interesting thing that happens is that Shields BARELY lands a jab that bother's GSP's left eye, saying he can't see.  This causes GSP to shoot, and end the fight from top position. 10-9

Round 4:  Things picked up a bit in this round, after GSP continued his methodical break down of Shields, Shields managed to land a right hand that cut the bridge of GSP's nose.  Shields was dropped with a head kick, but recovered well.  Also, Shields showed a bit of the Gracie camp technique of talking smack and urging him on.  The round ends, but still, 10-9 GSP.

Round 5:  The round is yet again decided at striking distance, this time, Shields scoring the cleaner, more damaging punches.  The round ends with Shields stuffing a GSP take down.  10-9 Shields.


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