UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch Live Results and Coverage


Join us here at Cageside Seats tonight at 10 pm ET for UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch, as we run play by play and results for the event.  In the main event, former champion BJ Penn takes on Jon Fitch, most likely to determine who receives the next welterweight title shot.  In the co-main event, Michael Bisping will square off against Jorge Rivera, who has unleashed a wave of videos mocking and taunting Bisping in the lead up to this fight.  Also on the card, George Sotiropoulos vs. Dennis Siver, Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole, and Kyle Noke vs. Chris Camozzi.  

The coverage begins after the jump!

Kyle Noke vs. Chris Camozzi:

  • Round 1:   They touch gloves, Noke comes forward with a jab and a cross.  They trade kicks.  Inside leg kick lands hard for Comozzi.  Noke misses a head kick.  Camozzi charges forward, Noke backpedals, and finds his bearings.  Take down for Noke lands him in full mount.  Camozzi working hard to get out, but his trouble finds him with his back taken.  Noke sinks in hooks, then rear naked choke, and we're done.  Kyle Noke wins via Submission, Round 1.

Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole:

Why is Ebersole shocked he can't wear head gear?  That was...weird.

  • Round 1:  I will do my best to ignore the upward arrow shaved into Ebersole's chest... or body...whatever.  Ebersole opens up with a cartwheel kick that's blocked.  Lytle tees off, but his punches are blocked.  Ebersole is highly unorthodox here.  Lytle trying to cut off the cage and chase him down.  Take down stuffed by Lytle.  Right hand to the body, then to the head for Lytle.  Lytle catches a kick and counters.  Lytle lands a right straight to the gut of Ebersole.  Ebersole looks for a single leg, but lands in a guillotine.  Ebersole trying to escape, Lytle still has it through a big scramble.  Lytle finds his way on top of Ebersole.  Lytle in side control, both men holding on to the other's head.  North south position now, Ebersole roles to his belly and tries to stand.  Arm in guillotine attempt by Lytle, can't finish it though.  They stand once again, trading in the clinch against the cage.  Lytle drops down for yet another guillotine.  Lytle attempts a triangle but can't get it.  Lytle rolls for a kneebar as they stand, but can't secure that either.  Shoulder drops by Ebersole cut Lytle.  Strange, they break as if the round ended, but it didn't, then the bell rings.  10-9 Lytle.
  • Round 2:  The round begins, high kick deflected by Lytle.  Lytle back Ebersole up with a combination.  Lytle trying to get in and work the body.  Leg kick by Ebersole.  Spinning back kick by Ebersole lands.  Uppercut to the body by Lytle.  Right hook, right uppercut lands for Lytle.  Right hand to the body for Lytle, hard counter hook by Ebersole.  Lytle projecting his right hand as he tries to come in.  Body kick by Ebersole.  Failed take down from Ebersole.  Lytle trying to throw, Ebersole backs up and stays out of range.   Lytle swarms, but most punches blocked by Ebersole.  Ebersole taunts or...something...a take down attempt from Ebersole, Lytle escapes, then eats a huge knee that drops him.  Ebersole lands a hard hammerfist, then looks for a choke, but can't finish.  Lytle looks hurt even though he's surviving.  Lytle back to his feet, they are clinched against the fence, Ebersole gets a muay thai clinch, lands a big elbow.  Lytle looks for the standing guillotine, but is slammed by Ebersole.  Ebersole working in Lytle's guard.  Ebersole ends the round with shoulders to the face of Lytle. 10-9 Ebersole.
  • Round 3:  Cartwheel kick from Ebersole lands, Lytle gets after Ebersole, but Ebersole covers well again.  They clinch against the cage, Lytle working an arm, Ebersole secures the take down.  Lytle gets Ebersole in his guard, looks for the guillotine, but it's not close to be finished.  Lytle stands, then looks for the guillotine AGAIN.  Lytle uses it to put Ebersole on his back, Ebersole pushes back, but Lytle switches the choke.  Ebersole escapes again.  Ebersole working in Lytle's guard.  Lytle gets to his feet, they clinch against the cage.  Lytle attempts a standing kimura, but fails again.  They work in the clinch against the cage, and Ebersole may be on the verge of stealing this fight.  Ebersole grabs a thai clinch, but can't fire any knees.  The referee breaks them up, gets Ebersole's mouth piece back in.  We begin again, Lytle lands a punch and kick to the body, Ebersole looks for a take down and gets it.  Lytle stands, rolls for a knee bar.  Big elbow from Ebersole.  Lytle looking for a leg again, but no dice.  The round ends, Ebersole celebrates.  10-9 Ebersole.  Brian Ebersole wins via unanimous decision.

George Sotiropoulos vs. Dennis Siver:

  • Round 1:  Both men looking all business as they're announced.  No touch of gloves, Sots jabbing, kick misses for Siver.  Lead leg head kick blocked by Sots.  Inside leg kick lands for Siver.  Take down attempt by Sots, Siver dives out of the way.  Solid right hand to the body by Sots.  Jab-straight just misses by Siver's chin.  Siver goes for a front kick, but the kick is caught.  Sots trying to get the take down, but Siver defends well and gets away.  Siver clips the Australian in an exchange.  Take down stuffed by Siver.  Wheel kick just misses Sots' chin.  That would have been amazing.  Siver getting the better of some exchanges.  Siver drops Sots with a hook, but Sots recovers.  He's dropped with another hook, Siver pounces, but Sots is surviving.  Siver lands a straight right and a left hook.  Sots trying to survive the last twenty seconds.  Head kick misses for Sots.  Side kick doesn't land for Siver.  The round ends. 10-9 for Siver, but that could very well be a 10-8.
  • Round 2:  Siver enters confidently Sots looks to have recovered well.  Sots avoids two big hooks from Siver.  Sotiropoulos has to get this to the ground.  Jabs from Sots, Siver has slown a bit.  Left hook clips Sots.  Siver tries to unload, but no luck.  Right hand lands for Siver.  Inside leg kick lands for Siver as well.  Sots eats a leg kick and a head kick.  Take down shrugged off by Siver.  Sots tries to come forward, but is wary of taking punishment.  Sots fails a single leg take down.  Sots staying on the outside with constant jabs.  Inside leg kick followed by a kick to the head by Siver.  Siver escapes another single leg, but eats a right hand and a head kick.  Sots trying to open up more with his hands.  Thirty seconds left, Sots lands a solid right hand counter, then a head kick that stumbles Siver for a moment.  Siver ends the round with a head kick.  10-9 Sotiropoulos, barely.
  • Round 3:  Siver lands the inside kick followed with a head kick once again, very slick.  Jabs from Sots, and another failed single leg.  Sots pressing forward, but not landing.  Siver is noticeably slower now.  Both men patiently waiting for an opening.  Head kick by Sots.  A failed take down leads to a hard right hand off a head kick by Sots.  Another failed take down by the Australian.  Nasty combo by Siver, throwing to the body and head.  Missed head kick by Sots.  Eddie Bravo just screamed that Sots needs to get a take down.  The crowd is going nuts.  Spinning back kick by Siver lands straight to the belly, but Sots isn't phased.  Siver starting to tee off in the last minute.  Jabs by both men.  Leg kicks land for Siver.  Two big hooks by Siver as well.  Another turning side kick by Siver, the round ends.  10-9 Siver.  Dennis Siver wins via unanimous decision.

Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera:

  • Round 1: Bisping yells at Rivera before Bruce Buffer can even introduce them.  Hopefully this will be more exciting than I expect it to be.  They don't touch gloves at the stare down, and here we go.  Bisping takes the center of the octagon.  Head kick deflected by Bisping.  Combination misses for Bisping.  Over hand right misses for Rivera.  Lunging left straight by Rivera misses.  Bisping barely gets out of the way of a nasty right straight.  Take down by Bisping, after a scramble, they stand, Rivera taunts Bisping after he eats a few punches.  Big right hand tags Bisping, but stays steady.  Inside leg kick and jab land for the Brit.  Take down for Bisping, Rivera working an open guard.  Some big air to ground punches by Bisping, Rivera tries to stand, Bisping cracks him with an illegal knee.  The fight is momentarily stopped, Bisping looks highly unapologetic, but I don't think it was completely intentional.  Rivera trying to recover, but looks hurt badly.  The crowd is getting rowdy.  Bisping gets the crowd to cheer by pumping them up.  The ref wants to stop, but Rivera says he wants to continue, the ref takes a point from Bisping and we're back at it.  Head kick lands for Rivera after some missed punches by both men.  Bisping misses a head kick.  Rivera trying to unload the big right hand, but grazes Bisping.  Rivera defends a take down.  They exchange repeatedly at striking distance, but nothing significant lands.  Take down for Bisping, landing strikes from top position, and as Rivera stands.  Bisping peppers Rivera some more, and avoids taking any damage through the rest of the round.  9-9 Due to point deduction.
  • Round 2:  Inside leg kick lands solid for both men. Right hand tags Bisping and he stumbles, and regains his footing.  Inside leg kick lands for Bisping, followed by a hard right hand.   Failed take down for Bisping.  Another inside leg kick for Bisping.  Right hook and a straight lands for Bisping.  BIG right hand lands for Bisping, Rivera is hurt!  Rivera tries to survive, he's eating a ton of shots, covering up though.  Bisping throwing short elbows, Rivera can't recover, he drops Rivera!  Rivera eats a few more shots, and the fight is OVER.  After the fight, Bisping continues dogging Rivera.  "Talk about my family?  Go home loser."  Michael Bisping wins via TKO, round 2.

B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch:


  • Round 1:  BJ Penn charges out and goes for a take down, talk about unexpected.  They clinch against the cage.  Trading knees, but nothing significant.  Fitch turns it around, BJ against the cage.  Fitch looking for a take down.  Fitch grabs a single leg, Penn defending well.  Fitch pulls away and lands a few strikes, then drops down for another take down.  Fitch nearly gets him, but Penn regains his footing.  Clinch against the fence, they separate, Penn throws a flurry and goes for a take down, and secures it.  Penn gets Fitch's back, then secures a body triangle.  Fitch will be tested after all.  Fitch defending a rear naked choke.  Fitch turns over in Penn's guard, now working strikes from top control.  Penn pushes Fitch away with his legs, Fitch throws a right and clinches again.  Hard knee to the gut of Fitch as he grabs Penn's leg.  Fitch comfortable making Penn carry his weight.  The round ends with some dirty boxing.  10-9 Fitch.
  • Round 2:  Head kick by Fitch, Penn charges in with a knee, Fitch gets a take down.  Penn looking to stand against the cage.  Penn stands, and lands a hard hammer fist to the side of Fitch's head.  Tight upper cut from Fitch, then a big elbow, followed by a take down attempt.  Penn working short elbows.  Elbow from BJ.  Fitch pulls away, lands an upper cut and a hook, then goes back to clinching.  Fitch is cut by the elbow from Penn.  Penn puts Fitch's back to the cage.  Fitch is bleeding from the nose.  Fitch puts BJ's back to the cage, Fitch lands a knee that backs  Penn up.  Penn shoots for a take down and gets it.  Fitch tries to stand, but BJ takes his back.  Penn peppering away, looking for the chance to sink in a choke.  Fitch rolls over into Penn's guard.  Punches from above by Fitch.  Fitch's corner calling for harder punches an more attacking from top control.  Fitch beginning to land.  Penn is pinned against the cage.  Penn can't push Fitch off, and the round closes out as Penn gets to his feet. 10-9 Fitch.
  • Round 3:  Big right hand by Fitch to start the round, followed by a completed take down.  Fitch looks to pin Penn against the cage once again.  Fitch beginning to open up, but Penn pushes him away and stands.  Fitch gets another take down nearly immediately.  Penn stands, but Fitch has back control.  This is where Fitch broke down Thiago Alves when they fought.  Penn drops, Fitch works from Penn's butterfly guard.  Fitch scoring well with strikes from top control.  Definitely looking to do some damage, not just score.  Fitch trying to avoid letting Penn get his feet to his hips.  Hammerfists by Fitch, hooks to the body, Fitch beginning to have his way.  Fitch tagging Penn's face now.  Penn still defending well, but focusing more on avoiding punches than getting to his feet.  Penn threw his legs up looking for a triangle, but Fitch avoids easily.  Fitch is landing a ton of shots here now.  Punches and elbows from Fitch, Penn has no answer.  Fitch looks for an arm triangle, but can't go for it because of the cage, he continues to pound away on Penn.  Fitch has landed an immense amount of strikes in the third round.  The round ends.  10-9 Fitch.  The fight is ruled a majority draw.
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