UFC 127 Prelims on Ion Live Results and Coverage


Our live coverage of UFC 127 continues at 9 pm ET with UFC 127 free prelims on Ion Television.  Nick Ring takes on Riki Fukuda, James Te Huna meets Alexander Gustafsson, and Ross Pearson faces off with Spencer Fisher in the main event of the preliminary show.  Join us for play by play and results before UFC 127 heads to pay-per-view at 10 pm ET.

Play by play and results after the jump!

Nick Ring vs. Riki Fukuda:

  • Round 1:  No touch of gloves to start the match.  Outside leg kick from ring lands solid, and another, and another.  Ring pushes forward with some straight punches, none landing flush.  More outside kicks from Ring landing well.  A double leg from Fukuda, and he secures it.  Fukuda works to get to side control, but finds himself in guard.  Armbar attempt leads to a triangle attempt for Ring.  Fukuda defending well, but Ring looks to adjust.  Fukuda remaining calm.  Ring tries to escape, but Fukuda holds him at first, then back to the feet.  Kick from Fukuda.  Solid kick from Ring.  Two more kicks to the leg from Ring, and Fukuda just isn't getting off.  Three more kicks to the leg and Fukuda's not looking to check them.  At striking distance Ring is having his way with Fukuda.  Left straight lands well for Fukuda, Ring lands a knee.  Failed take down from Fukuda.  Ring doing well on the outside in the last minute of the round.  Right hook misses for Fukuda.  Fukuda begins to let his hands go, then lands a take down to end the round in half guard.  10-9 for Ring.
  • Round 2:  This is an awesome crowd.  Ring tags the leg again.  Fukuda looking to let his hands go once again, trying to counter as Ring kicks his leg.  Left straight lands for Fukuda as Ring kicks.  Ring answers with a left of his own.  Fukuda has to get this to the mat if he wants to win this.  Fukuda goes for a take down off a combination, but can't get it.  More kicks from ring.  Head kick grazes Fukuda.  Explosive takedown from Fukuda.  Ring in butterfly guard, pushes Fukuda away, and stands.  The two clinch, Ring exits with a knee to the face.  Fukuda checks a leg kick.  Fukuda throws an uppercut, eats a hook from Ring.  They exchange on the outside.  Solid jab by Ring, failed take down attempt for Fukuda.  Knees in the clinch from Fukuda.  Close round.  Fukuda checks the leg kick again.  Leg kick stumbles Fukuda as he comes in.  Fukuda with a kick of his own, Ring answers with another.  Crowd growing restless.  Fukuda comes in with some strikes, then lands some strikes in the clinch, Ring lands a knee that backs Fukuda up.  The round ends.  Close round, 10-9 for Ring.
  • Round 3:  Hard left punch from Fukuda.  Joe Rogan seems to believe the take downs may have secured earlier rounds for Fukuda.  Fukuda lands a take down, works to pass from half guard.   Fukuda working from top position, the ref urges them to work.  Ring gets Fukuda into his guard.  Ring pushes Fukuda away with his feet, scrambles, and stands.  Fukuda checking kicks regularly now.  Fukuda's work in the clinch is paying off and scoring well, uppercuts are landing.  Another NICE take down for Fukuda, very fast.  Ring works to stand,  but can't get away.  Fukuda gets Ring on his back next to the cage.  Fukuda working the body.  Fukuda working the head and body as we near the final minute of the round.  Ring's ability to escape is gone now.  Ring looks for an arm.   Wow, referee stands them up as Ring was looking for a kimura.  The men circle, Ring throws one leg kick and the round ends. 10-9 Fukuda.  Very close, I could easily see the second round going to Fukuda.   Nick Ring wins via unanimous decision.

James Te Huna vs. Alexander Gustafsson:

  • Round 1:  Touch gloves, and the fight is on.  Gustafsson throws a straight, Te Huna looks to clinch.  Take down by Te Huna.  Te Huna in half guard and is all over Gustafsson.  Punches coming down from Te Huna.  Gustafsson gets Te Huna into his half guard, then to full guard.  Te Huna working hard in guard trying to land punches.  Punches and elbows finding their way through.  Gustafsson gets to his feet, Te Huna chases him, clinch against the cage.  Te Huna working hard for a take down, snatches a single leg.  Gustafsson going for a standing guillotine, but loses it.  Te Huna needs to watch out to not gas himself.  Take down for Gustafsson, lands in side control.  Gustafsson tried to attack an arm, lost position, and Te Huna stands.  Te Huna looking for the take down against the fence again.  Te Huna drops trying to pull Gustafsson down, but gives up his back in the process.  Rear naked choke attempt from Gustafsson, he can't finish at first, but after repositioning, cinches it in, and the fight is over.  The crowd is dead silent.   Alexander Gustafsson wins via submission, round 1.

Ross Pearson vs. Spencer Fisher:

  • Round 1:  Fisher comes out jabbing, Pearson backing up.  Fisher kicks, Pearson counters with a combination, neither landing flush.  Fisher's aggression looks to have caught Pearson off guard.  Pearson jabbing now as well.  Kick from Pearson blocked.  Fisher taunts a bit, wanting Pearson to engage.  Hard punch lands for Fisher.  A knee from outside leads to a take down for Fisher.  Armbar attempt from Pearson leads to a slam from Fisher, Pearson scrambles to his feet and looks for a take down of his own.  Pearson can't get it, they go back to cat and mouse.  Leg kick from Pearson lands.  Hook misses for Fisher.  They trade kicks, Fisher landing better.  Fisher throwing, not landing.  Pearson attempts a take down, can't get it, eats a knee for his troubles.  Fisher looks like he's doing his best Nick Diaz impersonation, throwing his hands up and taunting.  Round ends.  10-9 Fisher.
  • Round 2:  Pearson needs to find his rhythm.  Touch gloves and Pearson jabs early.  Fisher pushes in with some punches.  Body kick from Pearson lands.  Right hook misses for Fisher, Pearson counters with a kick to the thigh.  Another kick from Pearson.  Big straight left lands for Fisher.  Pearson with a jab to the head, then body.  Inside leg kick followed by a straight right by Pearson.  Superman punch to high front kick by Fisher, both miss.  Another straight left by Fisher.  Pearson misses a head kick.  Combination lands for Fisher, by Pearson clinches looking for a take down.  Pearson can't get it, Fisher puts Pearson's back to the cage.  They separate and begin to trade again.  Big right hand from Pearson.  Pearson beginning to open up now.  Hard jab bothers Fisher.  Pearson lands a hard right hook and backs Fisher up.  Inside leg kick lands for Pearson, the round ends.  10-9 Fisher.
  • Round 3:  They give each other a double high five, and they trade after circling.  Leg kick for Pearson lands.  Pearson misses a big right hand, then looks for a take down against the fence.  Pearson gets a single leg trip, but Fisher stands.  They separate, right straight lands for Pearson.  Inside leg kick lands as Fisher tries to close the distance.  Pearson throws a left hook, then dives for a take down, but can't get it.  Fisher stands and gets away.  They trade once again.  Pearson opening up with combinations now, but it may be too late.  Left hand tags Fisher's jaw, then a head kick blocked by Fisher.  Pearson lands a knee in the clinch, and looks like he's finally comfortable.  Pearson catches a kick and takes down Fisher.  Fisher pushes away with his legs, but Pearson charges after him as he stands.  Another take down for Pearson.  Pearson's corner is yelling for him to leave it all in the cage.  Pearson working some strikes from half guard.  Pearson finishes on top.  10-9 Pearson.  Ross Pearson wins by Unanimous Decision.

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