2/14/11 Monday Night Raw

Happy Valentines day, to all that are out there. I hope you have a good one.  Tonight's Raw will reveal who is the special guest host of Wrestlemania. I won't get into the speculation now because, we will find out soon enough.

 'Fireworks and piro welcome us to the start of the show. We will also have Randy Orton vs King Sheamus, John Morrison vs R-Truth, and John Cena vs CM Punk..  The Cena Punk match must have a winner and Nexus is barred from ringside. and it starts now.

  •  Cena out o the ring first. They show a recap of last week when Nexus tried to jump him after his match. King gave him a chair and we know how it ended. Now Cena has the mic and is getting his mic time. He is curious as to who will be the Guest host of Wrestlemania. Is it Lady GaGa or Sammi from the Shore. He this his most rock solid guess would be Michael Cole. Cole fits the qualifications. He ribs Cole and gets a few light hearted laughs. He said he needs this Wrestlemania . He has had a tough year. Working for Radicals, then getting fired, and then coming back and still fighting that radical group. Out comes Punk.Punk doesn't need to hear Cena talk. He doesn't need Nexus to beat Cena. Last he checked it was Punk 2 Cena 0. Punk doesn't need the fans to validate him like Cena does. 
  • John Cena vs CM Punk: Punk is aggressive to start the match. He gain control of the match and then they go to break.Punk still in control after the break. He goes for a pin and gets a two count. then he superplexes Cena and get another Two count. The show a nice replay of a Kick Cena suffered at the hands of Punk during the break. Punk gets Cena is a leg scissors but Cena fights out and tried for a STFU.  Punk gets to the ropes. Cena uses this time to gain momentum . He hits u can't see me an d the goes for a attitude adjustment.  Punk counters and gains control  of the match but Cena has fight and counters with a side suplex. Cena is going to the top rope and Punk takes advantage and kicks him in the head. This is a really good match to start Raw off. Punk was going for the GTS but Cena Countered. Punk keeps getting near falls this one was more like two and a half.  Crowd is chanting Cena. Punk to top rope. he jumps at Cena but Cena catches him. Set him up for the Attitude Adjustment and Punk grabs the rope.  he gets out of the ring and an arm comes from under the rings with two Nexus bands on it with a chair. Punk slides the chair in the ring. The ref sees and takes the chair to get rid of it. As the ref is doing this the are hands out a wrench looks like a 3/4 or 1 inch or something. Punk nails Cena on the head and gets back in the ring.GTS 1 2 3. 3 - 0. There had to be a winner and we had one. Winner CM Punk.
  • Cole is Announcing with Josh Matthews tonight. Jerry Lawler had his Mother Pass away this weekend. He is not here tonight but will be at the Elimination Chaimber.
  • This Smackdown will be the 600th edition. It will be special Guys from Raw will be there. Be sure to watch.
  • As Raw comes back they recap last weeks Alberto Del Rio and Edge thing where Edge ended up with the Cross arm breaker. He one again come out to the best entrance in WWE. This is until Undertaker or HHH return.Alberto is in a suit and is clearly not expecting to wrestle so I guess he has something to say. After he reintroduces himself, he said t doesn't matter who wins the Elimination chamber. He said it is his destiny to be World Heavyweight Champion. Out Comes Edge and he ways he is ready to get back at  Del Rio for hitting him with a guitar. Edge Attacks Del Rio.  Hits him with a spear. EXCUSE ME! out comes Vicki. She introduced the NEW Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. On Smackdown he will be crowned champ. Vicki also adds that Edge may be fired soon. She has proof that Edge was the one who attacked Teddy Long. Cole is buying it hook line and sinker. Josh asks him how he can believe this.
  • They show the same rainy night as the previous two weeks. This time the clearly show the Undertaker. They play that some again by the Doors and tell us 2/21/11.
  • Eve Torres vs Natalia Lumberjack match This is a Diva Championship match. Natalia is impressive early on with her counters. Eve even pulled out a nice  reversal of her own. Cole is constantly harping about something unimportant. with some bumps outside Maryse gets nailed in the Face. I hope she is ok. Not her Face. Eve Pulls out a reversal pin for the win. This is about as good of a Diva Match I have seen in a while. I guess this makes Eve the top Diva with her Beating Natalia fair and square. I guess this means she is the one the will soon match up against an Awsome Opponent.
  • In the Back Eve is Arguing with the Bella twins. The jump her and other Divas come to join the Diva Cat fight.
  • If you are reading this post because you can't see Raw... consider yourself lucky you don't have to watch a promo of the Chaperon.
  • Worlds strongest Man Mark Henry  is coming out to the ring. Sheamus comes out and attacks  Henry. Then nails him with the big kick. He tells people to watch for him because he will destroy Orton. He then Kicks Henry again. Cole Says Orton is in trouble tonight. It seems Sheamus has his edge back.
  • Daniel Bryan vs The Miz, Champion vs Champion. WWE Champ  vs US  Champ. This has potential to be the Match of the Night. AWESOME! Out comes the Miz. Michael Cole is Standing up and being Miz's Chearleader. Josh is shown shaking his head at Cole. Out Comes Daniel Bryan. He is the one that beat the Miz for  the US Championship.  Nice Match early on. The Miz is in control until Daniel counters with two beautiful drop kicks. Daniel Tris for a submission hold and almost gets control but the Miz stops him and  and keeps control Daniel is getting hot. He teases his spot where he usually flies through the ropes, he stops and lands  another  move off the apron. Another great Drop Kick by Daniel this one off the top rope. Two Count and Riley is worried.Lebelle Lock but Miz is at the ropes . He get out of the ring.and does a vicious Neck breaker on the arpon onto the floor. This takes us to break. Break from break The Miz and Danie are battling on the top rope. He hits a high impact back body flip in The mix. Daniel hit quite a few vicious Kicks ont the Miz. There have been quite a few near falls. in this action packed Match. Electric chair drop by the Miz and the Face Crushing Finale. Winner: The Miz. 
  • The Miz is now Addressing the crowd. He knows we all saw what he just did. Jerry didn't see it though. His Mother Died and he is offering his sincere condolences. He hope however that Lawler will not use this as an excuse for Sunday.Because he is the Miz and He is Awesome.
  • McGillicutty and Ortunga w/ Mason Ryan Vs John Morrison and R Truth. Morrison Eye is still  red from being sprayed last week. Slow match early on. especailly with the matches  we have had so far.. Nexus is in control early on. Morrison get the tag early on and his is Viscious tonight. He is destroyong Nexus with kicks and a buckh of interesting moves. He finishes the match with a Mikes Head 1 2 3. Morrison and Truth even get to beat on Ryan more If Morrison was like this more ofter he would have been a star already. Winner Morrison.
  • Ariel Winter the Star of the Chaperon. Her Dad in the Movie was HHH. Out comes the Great Khali. He wishes us all  happy Valentines Day. Tere is gonna be a rolling kiss cam. They show a few fans,and superstars. Then Hornswaggle  give Ariel candy, she kisses him on the cheek I hope she is old enough. wierd.
  • Once again they show the Undetataker He will be here next week.
  • King Sheamus vs Randy Orton: Crowd is Amped for this match early on. Chants of RKO are loud. Back and forth early on. Typical match for these two with Sheamus in control. Then Orton Catches his wind and start to hear voices. Sheamus hit Orton with a Super-plex he is slow to get  to the cover, RKO. Nexus comes out and attack Orton. Cena and Truth come out to even odds and fight Nexus off.
  • They show a limo pulling up with the guest host in it. They show a lady getting out. No idea yet who it will be.
  • Now they are about to introduce the host of Wrestlemania 27, a long pause. Then a serious of loud noises as the light go out. Then the show a a screen with lightning, Pause. If ya Smell... It's the Rock. He is the Guest Host of Wrestlemania. The Crowd is going wild. Everyone approves. It is so good to see him in a ring again. Even if it will just be for a few weeks or whatever. The Rock has the Mic. He is clearly pumped. After seven long years,,, Finally Finally Finally the Rock has come back to Anaheim. Which means The Rock Has come Back to Raw. He has come back Home. Now he tells us his Nicknanes to reintroduce himself. The great one, The people's Champion. As Dwayne he want to tell us why he is back. Not because of the Money, not for a movie, but because of us. He thanks us fans for supporting him in al his endeavors. He tells us he is never going away. Simply put... The Rock is Back. He want to host Wrestlemania.He will target someone at Wrestlemania. Will it be the Miz? The Rock Says the Miz Sucks. Will it be GM Interruption. Cole gets up happy to interrupt the Rock. He is dragging it out also. The Rock Stops him. He says if Cole goes to the laptop, The Rock will Slap the taste so far out of Cole's mouth. No Cole you ain't gonna check your laptop. Cole You Know your Damn role and Shut your Damn Mouth. The one Man the rock has to see face to face. A guy he met, thought he was a cool guy. They were friends. You been talking trash about the rock. John Cena. Damn My recording ends there. Damn Valentines day I was late to get to watch. But is Seems The Rock is Gunning for Cena.   Watch here.
  • Wow Awesome Raw Tonight. Sorry for getting the end cut I though recording to 11:15 was good enough.

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