Wrestling's Stupidest Idiots of 2011

Alberto Del Rio

2011 was supposed to be Alby's breakout year. Winning the Royal Rumble, the only one to feature 40 Superstars. Did he fulfill his "Destiny" at Wrestlemania? No. How about at Money In The Bank when he played dominoes with the ladders and won the RAW Money In The Bank briefcase? Did he make his first WWE Championship reign worthwhile? No. He dropped his awesome catchphrase and became a one dimensional mic worker. I mean just last Monday on RAW, when one of the Bellas said to stop booing him, who actually was? I heard echoes. This man needs more fire and charisma to his character. And to think Alby was the Wrestling Observer's Best Gimmick in 2010.

Andy Leavine

As the winner of the latest season of Tough Enough, Andy Leavine-- oh I mean Kevin Hackman proved to the world what a dud he turns out to be right on the first minute he has won. He got lucky, almost getting eliminated on many occasions and end up winning all because he's got the height and weight of Vince's cup of tea. However when Vince slapped him, he didn't sell that. Then Austin gave him a Stone Cold Stunner and didn't sell that either. Eventually, he screws up more with his first wellness violation.


Joanie Laurer was well out of the wrestling radar until she decided to show up with Mick Foley one night on TNA Impact Wrestling, the final episode until the official "rebranding" took place. After those tapings and Sacrifice were in the books, they never called her back again. Maybe her latest adult movie was just too inconvenient. Despite that TNA or for that matter WWE don't want her, she had the time to spam Twitter to demand that she gets one more stint in the WWE, calling 66 year old Vince McMahon out to a match and calling him a "Diva". Yeah that sure will get you a contract if "Backdoor" couldn't.

Dixie Carter

Dixie is a very common candidate for this list in any year. Very recently, she participated in an interview where she claimed how her weekly wrestling program makes WWE better, and how they are on the same level in terms of size and popularity. Uhhh. Gimme a second here...

WWE Raw 1 24 11 The Miz and Alex Riley Crazy Laugh (via MahirHolland619)

Dixie, I feel sorry for the very few you've fooled with that remark. TNA is not like a Walgreen's to WWE's CVS or whatever. Here's a better analogy: WWE is to the NFL as TNA is to Arena Football. For crying out loud they at least don't have a "home".

EDIT: She's also stated that most of the talent came from OVW, but the only person TNA picked up from the OVW after the WWE dropped them was Sojo Bolt.

Eric Bischoff

Bischoff is one of the people many can blame that turned TNA from so-so to crappy in 2010. That's not what I'm going to talk about. It's not about his son either. Or his "nephew". No, over the spring/summer of this year he has caused an uproar from internet fans when she said that 90% of Impact Wrestling's fanbase are satisfied while the product while the other 10% are not because they at least let him know that on Twitter. He then retweeted a fan's remark that those in the 10% are also virgins. Not smart business, Easy E. Even dumber than trying to bankrupt a local beer brewery.

Gail Kim

There is no denying the fact that she is clearly an idiot and deserves nothing more than to be on this list. If she was so unhappy that there's nobody she can suck up to in the WWE, fine. But she hasn't buried the entire roster in a month because she's "perfect" or "the best in the world" blah blah blah. She's only the champion now because she's that ass-kisser she said she's hated in the WWE. Even while she IS champ, she's still not satisfied with herself, for she does interview after interview to prove how huge her ego can grow. Hilariously, she has never even backed any of the s*** she's said up.

Hulk Hogan

We can blame Hogan for a lot to put a huge tumor on the number 2 promotion in America. He was responsible for changing TNA's six sided ring to a four sided ring, he's occupied a lot of TV time this year, but most importantly he has sent a few tweets 2 days before their biggest annual event Bound for Glory. He said that Robert Roode didn't have what it takes to become their world champion and shouldn't beat Kurt Angle. I thought this was all kayfabe for a while until Roode really did lose to Angle. The awkward and complicated part is that James Storm beat Angle for the title a week later and Roode beat Storm for it shortly after and turned him heel. Really?!

Jeff Hardy

See video in Dixie Carter slide.

Jeremiah Riggs

For those who do not know who he is, Jeremiah Riggs was a long lasting contestant on Tough Enough. A southerner who has had experience in MMA, Jeremiah got eliminated after showing his goofy side to the judges. After the show/season ended, Riggs got a tryout at FCW, little did he know that's all he got. In an interview by Dave Lagana, Riggs said that all the FCW talent have the same generic look, he said he could kick Bill DeMott's ass, and practically burned his bridges with everything wrestling. Get a good laugh in or two and read for yourself.

Kurt Angle

Kurt is an outstanding talent that TNA needed back in 2006, but this year, his decisions were pretty dumb and made no logical sense. He ranted on Twitter after Wrestlemania claiming that Randy Orton "stole" his Angle Slam. At Lockdown he would do Randy's finisher, the RKO, on Jeff Jarrett, then went on Twitter again immediately following the match on how he did it in respect of Orton. One problem, Kurt, you think Orton was one of those 9,000 or so people who watched this event? Secondly, Angle's been stopped by police twice for alcohol related activities. As a reward he's signed 3 more years with TNA and got to retain his heavyweight title at Bound For Glory. Good luck in London this Summer, Kurt. Hahaha.

Matt Hardy

His gallery of mugshots are all that need to explain himself.


The Divas Division feels rather empty without Melina around, but I can't say I blame WWE for wanting to get rid of her. After all these reports come in about her causing all these women to leave or get fired by her doing is rather upsetting. It's like she thinks she's never is at fault for anything she does. Like when she reportedly boinked Batista and accused Trish Stratus for stealing "her" spotlight at Wrestlemania, yeah that's definitely not her fault. The reasoning to why John Morrison got sent to the doghouse right when he was getting a push, yep. Totally not her fault. Come on. Maybe she'll be more understood in TNA, where she can kick all the Knockouts out of the locker room and challenge Gail over the Knockouts a screaming contest...on Pay Per View.

Michael Cole

My goodness what a jackass. It's like Vince woke up one morning, saying "Hey, you know what could really draw ratings for Monday Night RAW? Our obnoxious heel play-by-play." This idiot is forced into our ear canals for over 100 nights this past year. Not to mention he has been granted super long promos with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross earlier in the year, while instead we could have had CM Punk promos, or give someone their own ring show, or a longer Divas match. To top it off, Cole hardly ever makes any sense to the things he says which exposes how fake the product is to the casual fans. How come Lawler or Booker or Josh haven't thought about bringing a taser or a tranquilizer dart to the announce table?

New Jack

This was a former ECW talent that used to have cheesy rap music blaring throughout the arena during his matches. He apparently found another way to make some crude noise in the wrestling industry, by selling naked photos of his ex girlfriend Terri Runnels. You know, the Diva who lost Perry Saturn to a mop? This obviously would go straight to court where NJ was accused of libel. Jack in defense made ridiculous claims of how Terri would be on painkillers and vodka every early morning and she once asked him to kill another ex boyfriend. Whether that's all true or not, the most credible source he has for these accusations are posts from his own Facebook page. Uh oh.

Ric Flair

Ah, Flair. His stupidity goes all the way back to 2002 when he decided to return to the ring for the WWE. Flair was looking to capture the WWE championship once more. WWE still made Flair prominent, but was nothing more than an Intercontinental Champion. After retiring from the WWE, he joined TNA because there he "felt wanted". What this has to do with this year was that he was wrestling once more against Sting that really didn't have to be. Flair busted a bursa sac in one of his elbows after falling off the top turnbuckle from a superplex. If that's not a sign for him to hang it up for good, what is?! Flair later said that he has "so much more to give to TNA". Like what?! A triple threat hospital bed match with Hogan and Sting at next year's Bound for Glory?

EDIT: A hospital bed match is where wrestlers start out in seperate beds in the same room and in order to win you must crawl out of your bed and pin your opponent in his bed.

Sin Cara

Mistico was a international wrestling icon and a star in Mexico. But this isn't Mistico. Not even close. Sin Cara garnered gradual heat throughout this year. First by botching his entrance, then for botching moves, then for failing to provide the WWE with what drug he's taking, and set up interviews during his absense which weren't approved by WWE. After his 30 month suspension they decide to being him back, where he put on a lackluster feud with future talent Hunico. His last botch of the year was catastrophic, and now he's on the shelf for a while. "Even his shirts botch". He also thought he could work for WWE and CMLL at the same time.


It's not that I don't like Sting, let alone saw him wrestle, but what in the world was he thinking very early in the year? He had a very great offer on the table to wrestle the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. One match, he would be set for life, and he leaves TNA to build on new talent and save their money. But no. Sadly, he signed with TNA, making him him one of their oldest and most overpaid guys, foreshadowing a few catastrophic "matches" to boot. I'm sure he had a great career in WCW, but please. I did not care at all when they wanted him to face Hogan at Bound for Glory. What did they think it would be as big as The Rock vs. John Cena? And which is John Cena?

Vince McMahon

Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie. Why are you put on this list this year? Is it because of the way Wrestlemania was booked? Was it because of how Christian lost his World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton so soon? Is it because he is madly obsessed with Eve? Or perhaps the Bellas Twins, and how they became the Divas Champion(s)? Is it because of breaking promises to guys like Alby or Drew McIntyre (despite his incident with Tiffany was fair to say the least)? Was it because he went off on a tangent when Alby said his name on RAW, where he himself gave it away that he was coming back for one short promo? Was it because of how the walkout ended? These are some mistakes that should have been avoided, and it's no surprise we will see more this year. As he ages even more, I don't worry that he's getting senile, but I worry that he's still in charge of what goes on at RAW every Monday.

The Young Bucks

Max and Jeremy Buck were released this year by TNA. With Beer Money getting pushed, Sabin on the shelf, Neal quitting, and much more, they could use "Generation Me" about now. Too bad they have to pay them so little or else they would probably stay. Eventually they had a tryout with WWE, in what sources claim was a poor show of class from the two and breaking their etiquette, notably not shaking hands with their scouters. This eventually turned into a Twitter feud between the Bucks vs. Booker T and Goldust which later gotten Velvet Sky and a relative involved, used as their last ditch effort to get picked up by the WWE. Let's see if it worked!

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