Picking This Year's Wrestling Observer Awards (WWE)

*Asterisk*'s brutal attack on Michael Cole has opened my eyes to the fact that it is the time of year where we celebrate all that is good, and bad, in the world of professional wrestling. Throughout the years, few publications have done this better than the Wrestling Observer, well known for having some of the most prestigious awards in the business. Now while it's safe to say I do not have near the credibility of anyone at the Observer (the lack of RoH in my daily life might kill it off), it's always fun to project just who or what will earn these awards is it not? Let's do a quick rundown of the WWE and see what kind of candidates they've got running around.

Wrestler of the Year: Randy Orton

No joke. Despite having a fair lack of charisma, Orton has stunned me (one of his biggest critics) with perhaps the most captivating year of his career. Orton spent much of the last few years snoozing his way through feuds with guys like John Cena and sleepwalking through matches. No more in 2011. Orton quickly made a statement with an inspired fued with CM Punk, leading to two stellar matches at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules. He then had a dazzling series of matches with Christian that lasted much of the summer, many of which are legitimate match of the year candidates. Since then, Orton's made a habit of having great TV matches with guys like Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, and Wade Barrett, and has even given each of those guys at least one win against him. Not only were all of the matches good, but he's giving the rub to talent in ways a guy like John Cena just does not do. Add a nice little World Title reign in there, and Orton's had one hell of a 2011. Runner-Up: CM Punk

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Dolph Ziggler

Last year's winner Daniel Bryan didn't have quite enough TV time to properly defend his title this year. Instead it's Dolph Ziggler who has bloomed on the midcard as a serious US Champ and a guy who can be called on for a great match week in and week out. With stellar TV matches with CM Punk, Randy Orton and more, as well as some great curtain jerkers on PPV, Ziggler is easily the best up and coming wrestler on the roster. Runner-Up: CM Punk

Feud of the Year: John Cena vs. CM Punk

Really the only thing this feud didn't have going for it was longevity. Despite being settled in just two months, the opening weeks of this one created a barnburner the likes of which the WWE hadn't seen in years. Starting with CM Punk's famous shoot promo, hitting it's stride with great promo work from Vince McMahon and John Cena of all people, and capping with two stellar matches from Punk and Cena, this was the biggest feud WWE has had in years. Shame they burned it out so quick. Runner-Up: Christian vs. Randy Orton

Tag Team of the Year: Some guys in ROH, Probably

I'm not gonna look at you guys seriously and say any major league tag team deserves this award. Surely some RoH watchers have seen much better tag matches this year. Runner-Up: Some guys in CHIKARA, Probably

Most Improved: Cody Rhodes

Cody has been stellar in all of 2011, since adopting his "Dashing" gimmick in late 2010. His feud with Mysterio ramped his character up to supervillain levels, and he's spent much of this year cutting excellent promos and putting on great matches with great guys. He just beats out the strangely appealing R-Truth on this one. Runner-Up: R-Truth

Most Charismatic: CM Punk

Cena's held this award for the last five years, but at last someone has usurped his crown. Punk exploded into the public eye with his shoot promo in June, and has since continued to spit some of the most inspired, or at least interesting, promos in the biz. While Cena continues to go back to his usual wells of cliches and raised voice promos, CM Punk has reminded WWE fans what a real charisma machine can do with a mic. Hopefully this will be his award for the next five years. Runner-Up: R-Truth

Best Technical Wrestler: Daniel Bryan

Who are we kidding here? Runner-Up: CM Punk

Most Overrated: Alberto Del Rio

The man won a Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank, and two WWE Championships in 2011. So where's his standout moment? Where's his legendary promo? Where is his MOTY candidate? Nowhere to be found. While Del Rio is still nice in the ring, he needs a bit more work before he starts living up to his resume. Runner-Up: Big Show

Most Underrated: Dolph Ziggler

I know he spent the majority of the year as a midcard champ, but he's got the potential to be so much more! Runner-Up: Wade Barrett

Match of the Year: CM Punk vs. John Cena - Money In The Bank

This one really doesn't need explained does it? Runner-Up: Christian vs. Randy Orton - Over The Limit

There's plenty more awards you can look up, as well as past winners, on the WON Wikipedia page! Who do you think should win these awards, WWE or otherwise?

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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