Ring of Honor: Final Battle 2011 results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Dec. 23) from New York City

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Ring of Honor (ROH): Final Battle 2011 is set to go down tonight (Fri., Dec. 23, 2011) from the historic Hammerstein Ballroom in the Big Apple, New York City live on internet pay-per-view (iPPV) start 7:30 p.m. ET.

CagesideSeats.com will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Final Battle below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature every single title being defended. Jay Lethal puts his TV strap on the line against both "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett and El Generico while The World's Greatest Tag Team collide with six-time ROH tag champs The Briscoe Brothers. In the main event, Davey Richards defends against former tag team partner and former champ himself Eddie Edwards.

In addition to that, Roderick Strong has issued an open challenge... who will answer it? Michael Elgin also sees single action against TJ Perkins plus much, much more. Oh, and Kevin Steen is back.

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Full results and match coverage after the jump.

ROH World Championship match: Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards
ROH World Tag Team Championship match: The Briscoe Brothers def. The World's Greatest Tag Team
ROH World Television Championship match: Jay Lethal def. Mike Bennett and El Generico
Grudge match: Kevin Steen def. Steve Corino
Open Challenge match: Roderick Strong def. Chris Hero
Tag Team Gauntlet match: The Young Bucks def. The All Night Express vs. The Bravados vs. Future Shock vs. Cedric Alexander/Caprice Coleman
Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini def. TJ Perkins
Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Embassy def. Jimmy Rave

Before the show gets started, whet your appetite with these videos...

Sergio here, folks. Let's do this mess. We're just minutes away now.

We've got audio only of the announcer pumping the crowd up. They seem excited, this is good. Nigel McGuinness is introduced to a thunderous reaction. Jim Cornette gets a mixed reaction from the crowd.


Already a technical snafu as we now have video but no audio. Kevin Kelly, McGuinness and Cornette are in the ring saying something. Ah, there's the sound. Cornette says that this event will be watched live by more people than other show in ROH history.

Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini vs. TJ Perkins

Martini's outfits just getting crazier and crazier. I love it. "Perkins" chant early. A bit surprising considering he seems to have internet beef with a number of people.

Elgin overpowers the smaller Perkins to start. Perkins begins to use his speed to gain the advantage. Ducking and diving, he ends up clotheslining Elgin over the top rope. He goes for a splash but Elgin sees it coming and moves out of the way. Perkins swings through the ropes, ends up on the apron and tries to splash his opponent. Elgin catches him mid-air and drives him stomach first into the guard rail. Gets a two count. Awesome.

Elgin counters a headscissors into a reverse powerbomb and begins to wear him down. Perkins tries to gain some momentum but Martini grabs his boot. It's not enough as Perkins is able to score a headscissors and then a splash to the outside. Back inside the ring, he gets a two count.

Sunset flip from Perkins but he can't pull Elgin over and down. Elgin leaps up to squash his opponent the Perkins is too nimble and moves out of the way. A standing Phoenix splash gets him two. Perkins to the top rope but Elgin follows him up. Perkins is able to shove him off and leaps and Elgin CATCHES HIM INTO A SUPLEX! WOW! Elgin slams him down for two.

"Unbreakable" hits an Argentine back breaker for two but Perkins is able to slow Elgin down with a neckbreaker. Double knees from Perkins is countered into a turnbuckle powerbomb and then goes for his spinning powerbomb. Perkins is able to flip around on Elgin's shoulders and nails a SICK reverse hurricanrana for two.

They're back and forth but Elgin gets the upper hand and nails another bucklebomb and follows it up with his spinning powerbomb. Stick a fork in Perkins, he's done.

Winner: Elgins via pinfall

Weird glitch in the audio after the match. It's the commentary from the end of the match but slowed down so it sounds like the devil is calling Elgin's powerbomb on Perkins. I didn't know the dark prince was a HOSS~! fan.

Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Embassy vs. Jimmy Rave

Love me some Barrister R.D. Evans. He compares Rave to an unwanted ex-girlfriend crashing a family Christmas dinner. Says it's going to be a "very silent night forJimmy Rave."

The two jaw before the bell rings. They lock up, Rave with a wristlock, Ciampa breaks it and gets a headlock. They go back and forth with that for a while.

Chop from Rave, Ciampa piefaces him and Rave spits in his face. Headlock from Rave, sent against the rope and he eats a huge lariat. Rave rolls to the outside but Ciampa is in hot pursuit. They trade chops until Rave rolls his opponent back in. Rave jaws with Nana and Ciampa is able to hit a jawbreaker once Rave steps back inside the ring. Rave gets dropped in the corner and eats two huge running knees from The Embassy member.

Ciampa is firm control now. Crowd is dead, though.

Rave is able to regain control momentarily but a boot in the corner nearly takes him out. Rave is able to secure a heel hook but his opponent grabs the bottom rope. Ciampa out to the apron and he's knocked off to the floor. Rave to the other side of the ring and attempts a baseball slide. So what does Ciampa do? Catches him and swings him like a baseball bat into the guard rail!

Ciampa rolls him back in but Rave is able to recover. He hits the Rave Clash for two. Moments later, Nana is on the apron with Rave's old Embassy robe. Rave knocks him off and then sends Evans crashing into the guard rail as well. Ernesto Osiris grabs Rave so Princess Mia can attack but he ends up eating a Yakuza kick from the lady. She's sent to the outside by Rave but due to all the distractions, Ciampa is able to take the advantage and "The Dominant Male" hits his opponent with Project Ciampa II which is a powerbomb into a double knee backbreaker. Three count.

Winner: Ciampa via pinfall

Crowd chants "Thank you, Jimmy" post-match. What a bunch of swell guys.

ROH World Television Title match: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Mike Bennett vs. El Generico

Real-life girlfriend Maria Kanellis is out with "The Prodigy." Lucky bastard. Haha, audience starts chanting, "CM Punk." Well played.

It's an elimination-style three-way dance. Bennett leaves the ring so Lethal and Generico look to get started. Bennett sneaks back in and hits the champ before ducking back out. Bennett does it again only except the luchador is the victim.

The fan favorites have had enough of it and begin to double team "The Prodigy." Double clothesline to the outside and Bennet is staggered on the floor. Generico and Lethal then argue over who gets to splash him before deciding to both do it! OLE!

Generico and Lethal back inside. Head scissors from the champ gets a one count. Lethal in control and heads out to the apron and teases a springboard move but Bennett pops up and pulls him down, slamming Lethal's face on the mat. Bennett then takes over inside the ring.

Bodyslam from Bennett gets a two count but Generico begins to fight back. Bennett bounces off the ropes and charges towards the luchador who pulls the top rope down, spilling "The Prodigy" to the outside. Generico begins to set up a splash but is met by a top rope dropkick from the recovered Lethal.

Modified surfboard from Lethal but Generico refuses to tap. Two count for Lethal who nails his opponent with a few European uppercuts. Lethal off the ropes and is met with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Just as he looks to take control, Bennett is back in. Generico spills to the outside and Bennett takes the fight to the champ.

Lethal regains the upper hand and is able to knock Bennett off the apron and to the outside. From behind, Generico flies more than halfway across the ring and hits Lethal with a double axe-handle to the back. Forearms from the "Generic Luchador" daze Lethal and Bennett tries to sneak back in but eats a deep armdrag as well.

Spanish 10 count in the corner but it only gets to nueve when Bennett hits an atomic drop! Lethal puts the boots to Bennett for a two count before "The Prodigy" is able to reap the rewards, though. Generico hits an Exploder suplex on Lethal into the corner and goes for a Yakuza kick but Bennett grabs his boots.

Generico to the outside where Brutal Bob gets between him and Bennett. Generico shoves him aside and Bennett puts Maria in between them before shoving her into the luchador. Bennett is then able to deliver a huge punch to Generico before laying him and Lethal out inside the ring.

He takes too much time showing off and eats a Yakuza kick from Generico. Lethal then hits a superkick on Generico! They're all down!

Lethal back to his feet and gets a two count on Generico. Bennett hits Lethal with a spinebuster for two. Bennett blocks another Yakuza kick attempt. He ends up rolling to the outside. Lethal back in the mix and he starts to climb the rope. Generico knocks him off with a Yakuza kick! Splash onto Lethal!


Back inside! Yakuza kick! Full nelson suplex! TWO COUNT!

Lethal back in and gets the upper hand. Savage Elbow Drop onto Generico for a two count. Lethal climbs the rope to go for another but Generico jumps up and goes for the top rope brainbuster! Bennett from behind with an axe-handle and rolls up the luchador with a handful of tights for three! Generico eliminated!

Lethal Injection! Backspring cutter! Bennett eliminated! Lethal retains!

Winner and STILL TV champion: Lethal via pinfall

Lethal and Generico shake hands post-match.

Grudge match: Steve Corino vs. Kevin Steen

Jimmy Jacobs is the special guest referee. Corino out first. I'm freakin' pumped for this.

Punching back and forth to start. Dropkick from Corino sends Steen to the outside. He follows "Mr. Wrestling" but is slammed against the rail and then agains the ringpost. Steen props him up on the apron and hits him an a cannonball from the apron. Steen struts around and gets hit with a splash from Corino.

Steen is whipped against the rail a couple of times. Corino with a rake to the eyes, sends Steen back to the inside and throws some chairs inside. Running splash with a chair into the turnbuckle but Steen is able to block a second with a superkick.

Steen takes him to the outside and hits a powerbomb onto the apron and then squashes him with a frogsplash off the apron. Steen takes apart the guard rail and nails Corino with it. Steen sets up a chair in the corner of the guard rail and powerbombs Corino on it. Brutal.

"Mr. Wrestling" pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up from apron to guard rail. Corino is able to get the upper hand after a stiff lariat. "Mr. Old School" heads to the outside and starts throwing chairs inside the ring and onto Steen. Corino back inside with the lid of a trash can but Steen ducks it and nails Corino with it. Flipping leg drop and Corino is busted open.

Steen jaws with Jim Cornette who is ringside before turning his attention back to his opponent. He bites Corino's face but the ECW veteran lands a low blow and takes advantage. Top rope splash gets a two count for Corino. He grabs the guard rail and brings it inside, setting it up across four chairs.

Steen hits a forearm and heads to the top but Corino attacks and joins him. No way... OH MY GOD! SUPERPLEX ONTO THE GUARD RAIL!!!

Somehow Steen kicks out! He's staggered but is able to nail Corino across the back with a chair. Steen sets up two chairs on top of the table he had set up previously and goes back to the attack. Steen gets Corino inside the ring and climbs to the top. Corino nails him with the garbage can lin and Steen crashes through the table!

Corino takes way too long to pin and only gets a two count. "Mr. Old School" hit a chair shot, two count. Steen mounts a comeback and hits a suplex on Corino. Then another onto the chair! OH MAN, THAT HAD TO HURT! Two counts!

Steen grabs a chair and Corino on his knees, holds his arms out. Corino spits on Steen and gets killed with a chair shot. Two count! Steen goes for another but Jacobs grabs the chair. Steen goads Jacobs into swinging but Corino is able to nail Steen on the jaw with something before Jacobs is able to. Two count!

Corino sets up four chair, facing each other and gets on top with Steen. Corino tries to lift him up but NO! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE CHAIRS!

Pin and Jacobs counts slowly to two and then looks to Cornette. Cornette is screaming not to count but Jacobs has no other choice. Three.

Winner: Steen via pinfall

"Merry Christmas, the devil is back!" Steen said he came back to do three things. Number one was beat Corino and get his job back. "Number two was..." and Steen grabs Jacobs and nails a package piledriver.



"Welcome back" chant from the New York crowd. That was awesome.

Intermission time. Woo, baby.

Tag Team Gauntlet match: The Bravados vs. C&C Wrestle Factory vs. The All Night Express vs. Future Shock vs. The Young Bucks

Bravados and the team of Coleman and Alexander are out first. The Bravados waste no time with their attack. Coleman and Alexander fight back and Alexander hits a splash to the outside. Double team moves from C&C but Bravados are able to regain the advantage. They keep Alexander cut off and double up on him. Coleman runs in but is stopped by the referee. He's hit from behind by Harlem, I believe and is sent to the outside.

From there, he's able to pull a Bravado over with a headscissors. Some action and Alexander is able to get the pin, eliminating the Bravados.

Future Shock now out.

Alexander and Kyle O'Reilly go toe to toe. The "Team Richards" member gets the advantage and tags out. Future Shock puts the boots to Alexander. Suplex from Adam Cole. Tag out to O'Reilly and he takes over. Coleman gets a blind tag and takes O'Reilly by surprise. Coleman then falls victim to a blind tag himself and eats a northern lights suplex from Cole.

Knee drop to the back from O'Reilly. He yanks down his kneepad and does it again. Tag out to Cole. Future Shock attempts a double team move but Coleman hits a split-legged dropkick and tags out to Alexander. Enziguri to O'Reilly.

Double stop to double knee backbreaker tag team move from C&C and Future Shock is in trouble. More action and Richards and Cole are able to get control. Double tree of woe to Alexander. Ride the Lightning -- a take off of Total Elimination -- and C&C Wrestle Factory is eliminated!

The Young Bucks are out!

Bucks take the early advantage. Nick Jackson and Cole are in the ring. Matt tagged back in and they hit some double team moves. Bucks doing a good job of cutting the ring off and keeping Cole away from his partner. Matt drapes Cole across the second rope and Nick hits a double stomp and then runs across the ring and nails O'Reilly with a suicide dive.

Cole then begins to mount a comeback, flipping out of back suplexes and finally tags out to O'Reilly who clears house. He hits EIGHT butterfly suplexes! Cole KILLS Nick by dropping him across the apron! Nick makes his way to the chair in the corner and O'Reilly BUSTS ASS when he jumps from the apron and Nick moves.

Double superkick to Cole and More Bang For Your Buck hits! Future Shock is out.

Out come The All Night Express! I think it's Matt and misses a splash to the outside and the ANX start attacking. King nails some splashes off the rail. Tough to keep up with all the action. It slows down and Matt Jackson is in the ring with King. Nick chokes King from the outside and Matt hits a bodyslam followed by a couple of elbow drops.

The Bucks batter King for a while until he's able to tag Titus in. Titus is nursing a knee injury from an attack at the hands of the Bucks a few weeks ago. He's able to swing the momentum for a while but his knee gives out. King is back in to assist and he scoop Nick up and slams him down. Matt is able to nearly decapitate him with a DDT on the apron.

Back inside the ring, Titus is getting the advantage over Nick but Matt is in to tilt the odds. The Bucks are working over the knee something fierce. Some has Titus' knee twisted around and the other hits a 450 splash off the top! The referee calls for the bell! The Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks via referee stoppage

After the bell, Nick hits another 450 splash for good measure.

Roderick Strong vs. ???

Strong and Truth Martini are out. Strong talking smack. Martini starts a 10 count. He's solid on the mic.

Who will answer?


Hero gets the early advantage. Senton splash from the former tag champ, chops, and a clothesline in the corner. Strong tries to come back with a chop but Hero sends him over the top rope with a boot. Hero follows him out and gets nailed by Martini with the Book of Truth! Devious!

Back drop onto the apron! Strong rolls him back in and begins the attack. He's really taking it to Hero, the King of Wrestling isn't getting any offense for a while. Finally, Hero is able to get some chops in and opens up the opportunity to regain some momentum. A dropkick from Hero puts Strong on his back.

Hero off the ropes and takes a chop from Strong and totally no-sells it. Huge forearm and a power slam force Strong to roll to the outside. He avoids a splash but gets hit with a dropkick. Back inside the ring and Hero is unable to keep up his attack. Strong lands a big knee and regains control.

Strong sets Hero up top and nails a backbreaker on the top turnbuckle! Ouch! Strong with his Strong Hold but Hero is able to get out of it. Suplex from Hero and both men are dazed. Strong starts to pour it on and even hits a Gibson Driver but only gets two!

Both men are exhausted and exchanging chops. Forearm from Hero. Knee to the guy from Strong. Spinning elbow from Hero! ANOTHER! SPINNING KNEE! Each of those was cringe-inducing. Two count for Hero!

Another strike from the former tag champ and the subsequent pin attempt is broken up by Martini. Hero gives chase and grabs a hold of him but Strong tries to sneak up behind him but Hero dodges him. He bounces off the ropes and goes for a Yakuza kick but Strong also dodges and Martini eats it. Strong with a Sick Kick and gets the three count! If Hero is really headed for the WWE in the next couple of months, I can understand this booking.

Winner: Strong via pinfall

ROH World Tag Team Championships match: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (c) vs. The Briscoe Brothers

WGTT start the match off by whipping their opponents with the belts! They're brawling and Benjamin hits Mark with a suplex on the ramp! Haas hits a back suplex across the guard rail on Jay! Chair shot! WGTT is absolutely killing Dem Boys with chairs. We haven't even had a bell yet.

Seriously, this is an all-out beatdown. This isn't even a match, it's legal assault.

Jay with a straight chair shot to the dome and he's bleeding all over. Ugh.

WGTT slightly botches a Leap of Faith. Mark inside the ring and finally the bell rings? Huh? The dazed Briscoe tries to fight back but the champs overpower him. They set up another Leap of Faith but Jay comes in and nails Benjamin with a superkick. Covered in blood, Jay and Haas stand face to face. They strike back and forth and Haas ends up getting the advantage but only momentarily.

Benjamin hits a Stinger Splash on Mark but it hurts his already weakened ribs. Spear from Mark and Dem Boys take over. Huge double arm drag and chops in the corner from Jay. Benjamin starts to come back with a back body drop and Haas helps out with a handful of clotheslines.

Knee lift, boot, suplex from Haas. Atomic drop, superkick, roll up combination from WGTT. But a reverse STO from Jay into the turnbuckle puts the Briscoes back on top. Dropkick in the corner from Mark and an Alabama Slam gets two. Jay Driller gets countered while Mark and Benjamin clothesline each other on the outside. A trio of German suplexes from Haas has Jay reeling.

Haas of Pain is locked in but Mark climbs to the top! He jumps and Benjamin covers his partner to save him from the splash! He grabs his ribs and rolls to the outside and the referee calls for help from the back. Inside the ring, the Briscoes are taking it to Haas while his partner is helped to the backstage area.

Haas is whipped to the ropes and Dem Boys duck down for a double back body drop. He boots one and slams the other, taking the referee out in the process. Benjamin heads back out and pulls a wooden board from the under the ring and waylays the former champs with it.

They set up Jay for the Doomsday Device but Mark grabs a piece of broken table and hits Benjamin with it. Jay floats over and lifts Haas up ... DOOMSDAY DEVICE! New champs!

Winners and NEW tag team champions: The Briscoe Brothers via pinfall

Seven-time champs. Soak it in.

ROH World Championship match: Davey Richards (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Oh, damn, they're going at it. Punches, forearms, kicks aaaaand my stream freezes.

Alright, I reloaded and Richards has Edwards in a leg submission but lets go. They go back and forth, Edwards in the corner and takes a hard kick. A modified Texas Cloverleaf from Richards. Action spills to the outside and Edwards whips him to the rail. Richards answers back with a chop and Edwards responds. The chop back and forth, Richards whips to the rail and nails him with a Yakuza kick.

Edwards is rolled back inside the ring. Richards is taken down with a huge chop and gets stuck inside a weird leg submission. He punches his way out of it and gets the challenger to the outside. Edwards ducks under a running punt but eats a back heel and then a running punt anyway.

Back inside the ring and Richards hits a double stomp from the top. Forearms a plenty from from the champ. Jumping forearm is followed up by a belly-to-belly for two. Running knee in the corner, Edwards blocks the German suplex and ends up getting into an ankle lock. He's able to reverse it into a single leg crab, though. Richards counters with a roll up for two.

Edwards scoops Richards up and slams him down. Back to their feet and they start trading shots again. Richards bounces off the ropes and goes for a Muta backhand spring but is caught by Edwards who tosses him to the outside. An Asai moonsault flattens the champ who gets rolled back in. Edwards goes up top but misses a double stomp. Richards up top but the challenger is able to hit a backpack DDT.

A couple of pin attempts only get two but the second is transitioned into an STF. Nice. Edwards then KILLS Richards with some stomps. Somehow Richards is back up and they start slapping the hell out of each other. Richards goes for a spinning backfist but eats a superkick! He comes back with a STIFF lariat!

Richards up top and a double stomp across Edwards' back and then ANOTHER in the chest. The former champ kicks out at two! The champ sets his opponent on the top and they freakin' start headbutting each other! Superplex off the top rope! Richards hangs on for another but Edwards reverses and suplexes his opponent to the outside!!!

Back inside the ring ... double Yakuza kicks! Chop from Edwards, kick from Richards, chop from Edwards, kick from Richards ... they're barely standing. Kobashi Chops from Edwards in the corner. The champ backs him up with kicks and offers up some retribution.

Some asshole throws a streamer. Die in a gutter.

Both men are in the center of the ring. They start exchanging strikes again. Back drop suplexes from each wrestler! My friend brings up the point that Richards is selling them better, acting woozy before he nails his own. He has a point. HUGE knee from Edwards and Richards looks to be out!

Roderick Strong is out! He takes out Team Richards but Dan Severn makes him back up! Michael Elgin is out! Truth Martini is out! Team Richards has recovered! They all brawl to the outside. Only Edwards and Richards remain!

They're back up and exchange forearms then kicks. Double underhooked suplex from the challenger. He sets Richards up on top but Richards elbows his way out. He starts to turn around but Edwards nails him with a huge boot. Super hurricanrana from Edwards!

Powerbomb, sitdown powerbomb ... TWO COUNT!

Richards on his knees and eats a superkick and a chop. Two count! Edwards sinks in the Dragon Sleeper! Richards is able to reverse out and get a pin attempt but the former champ kicks out at two! Edwards with another choke and transitions into a tombstone! Two count! Die Hard! Two count!

Back on the top and Richards is able to regain the advantage! Full nelson suplex off the top rope! Two count! Edwards out to the apron and the champ follows. Full nelson from Richards but Edwards fights back. They chop back and forth and Edwards is scooped up and over onto the floor. Oh, geez, they are killing themselves.


Richards nails his former partner with stiff kicks for a two count. Ankle lock from the champ and it's nearly countered into a pin but Richards kicks out. Another ankle lock but Edwards escapes. Richards then absolutely kills the challenger with kicks. Edwards finally goes out.

Winner and STILL champion: Richards via pinfall

Richards is handed the belt and throws it down. He grabs the mic and puts over how tough Edwards is.


Says Richards is spouting "ass kissing horse $##&" and says the champ should take his "little MMA group" and finish the circle jerk in the back. He says he will take the belt in 2012.



That's it for tonight, folks! Take care!

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