1/3/11 Monday night Raw

Tonight's show starts off with a recap of Nexus being taken over by CM Punk. Cole said that Cena will be out for a while due to the Nexus attack and his house match with Wade Barrett. Also Up first Miz vs Morrison  Falls count anywhere match. It appears that Micheal Cole is by himself.

Michael Cole is Joined by Josh Matthews. The King will be out a while due to Miz's attack last night. I can't Believe Morrison wont drop the stupid gimmick entrance slow-mo thing.  To start the match Morrison is taking it to the Miz.  A big spot early on climbs on a WWE sign and hits Miz and Alex Riley with cross body block. Once they get back in the ring Mix takes control. This is weird, with the WWE belt on the line in the first match, a falls count anywhere match. Weird. Morrison gained control of the match and went for a pin. Alex Riley pulls him off. then spends a large amount of time fighting Alex Riley. He does hit a pretty nice move on Morrison outside the ring.  Commercial. Coming back from break. They are fighting on the ramp area. Miz gets a couple of near falls and gets frustrated. I am beginning to think the Miz is not gonna pull this one out. goes from frustrated to Over confident.  Now Morrison is on a roll. Nice back and forth match we have here. Both guys are evenly match and their styles match. Star-Ship Pain... Only a 2 count. Morrison Goes for another Star-Ship pain onto a table but the Miz moves. Miz covers and only get a 2 count.  A few moments later Skull Crushing Finale. All over. Nice match. Probably will be the best one all night.  Winner: The Miz.

Tonight there will be a steel cage match to determine the No. 1 contender. And there will be an update on John Cena's injury.

Some new guy Scott Stanford interviewing the Miz. Nice promo, he let Riley say "Awesome" for him.

Now they are recapping Diva action Natalya and Melina. Now it is Maryse Alicia Fox and Melina vs Eve, Brie Bella and Natalya Nice spot early on where Nicki and Brie Bella pull a switcheroo from under the ring. Winner : Eve, Melina, and Bella.

Uso Brothers vs Santino and Kozlov with Tamina.  I am really hoping for a good match here. This is the most offense I think I have seen from the Uso's on Raw. No way they actually win though.  oops was wrong they did win. But are beat up by Kozlov and Santino and Tamina even helps. Truly turning her back on her cousins, her family.

Out Comes CM Punt to Open Hour Number 2.  He says he was looking for John Cena all night. But he can't see John Cena. Funny. He is the New leader of Nexus, Said they begged him to lead them. He said he lives his life by Hustle Loyalty and Respect. To Cena it is Only a saying. Out Comes Barrett to say he Put Cena out. and he is the Leader of Nexus. They are fighting over who the Leader is and the call Nexus out here to decide. Interruption from GM. Damn I am so sick of this. steel cage match will be Barret vs Orton vs King Seamus. This is to be the Number one contender to face the Miz at Royal Rumble. CM Punk set the stipulation that if Wade Wins he leads Nexus and Punk will Follow him. If he loses He is out of Nexus.

Alberto Del Rio is coming out. I do really like his entrance. There really is no need for him to be introducing himself. R- Truth interrupts during his speech. Good to see Truth healthy again. Good match starting things out. but they go to commercial pretty quickly. We they get back from break, Truth is in control.  The pace is a lot slower now and Alberto  is in control. R Truth's arm is hurt and Del Rio appears to be setting Truth for his Finisher.  Cross arm-breaker. Told you so.  Alberto Del Rio:  Winner  He is my favorite Smackdown wrestler right now.

First Segment. Nexus, Wade is tell all the guys that he knows he is the leader and they are better off with him as leader. CM Punk Comes in and stops him and wishes him luck tonight. After Barrett leaves he shake the hand of each member of Nexus.

Next Segment.  Orton interview. Orton said he regrets last year. Lost to Miz. Will not be nice this year. Nice guys finish last.

 Main Event. Three Man Steel Cage No. 1 Contender Match. Orton vs King Sheamus vs Barrett. Pretty decent match so far. lots of attempts at climbing out of the cage. Never have been sure of why more people do not try to go out of the door. I don't think it should be allowed but if it is allowed why not use it. Barret takes controll of the match, He is climbing out and out comes CM Punk. Baret cannot climb out because his arm is damaged. Punk offers to help him out and says what choice you do you have. He crosses him and snatches his Nexus Armband. Sheamus  takes advantage. get the door open and goes to leave. Out of no where,  Orton hits RKO. He walks out and will get the rematch he never had.

Nice RAW tonight. seem to be building toward Royal Rumble pretty well.

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